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FSX Missions

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Mission--Ozzie Air Show

Ozzie Air Show. You are one member of a crack air show demonstration team from the USA flying a show on Australia Day in Sydney, Australia (January 26, 2007). Your call sign is "Airshow 2" with Airshow Leader being the leader in this mission. Airshow 3 and Airshow 4 are already doing low passes and stunt flying in the Sydney downtown area while you and Airshow Leader (leader) are ready to depart and meet up with them in the air. Your departure airport is Bankstown using runway 11L on...

File size: 31.68 MB | Download hits: 1694

Mission--Skyroad to Kamura Tok

Skyroad to Kamura-tok. Orlacko Faustin comes to Panama to search the jungles for the Kamura Tok temple. You as pilot will take a small autogyro in the Darien jungle to search... By Gera Godoy C. ...

File size: 321.02 kB | Download hits: 824

Mission--SkyRoad to Kamura-Tok Episode 2

SkyRoad to Kamura-Tok Episode 2. Dr. Faustin again asks Mickey and you to join him in his search for Kamura-Tok. The mystery is getting solved in his University study but further information is needed. The Mountains of New Guinea seem to be the best search area so he moved there to continue the adventure. Treacherous mountains, lakes and bad weather await you. This time you will used a helicopter, the tiny autogyro and an amphibian. Much danger ahead! That is if you deside to join the search...

File size: 427.84 kB | Download hits: 664

Mission--Jump To Danger

Jump To Danger. Yesterday at 4:03:43 AM the oil rig "Watuzzi-II" in the Caribbean ocean was attacked and captured by, what it is beleived, a group of terrorists or drug lords. Since the event no communication has been possible with said location. Set up a team of top elite paratroopers to jump on the the oil rig, capture the goons and make it secure, no later than 6:30 PM tomorrow... Note jump must be at dusk. By Gera Godoy C. ...

File size: 352.85 kB | Download hits: 1863

Mission--Find The Lady

Find The Lady, an adventure in Guatemala. Last night you had dinner with Ivana Ifrosky, the Russian woman aviator. This morning you waved good-by to the beautiful lady as she took off for Coban. You are now flying the same route, in your bush plane. Only half an hour after take off you receive the horrible news that Ivana is overdue. Two helicopters are already searching. You call the SAR authorities in Bananera and they accept your offer to search the route. By Gera Godoy C. ...

File size: 176.46 kB | Download hits: 1347


SimCopter. This is a remake of a popular emergency flight simulator game called SimCopter by Maxis. Each city will increase in difficulty as you advance to different levels. A library list is provided with all the objects made for this level. By David J. Crandall. (See also SIMWSTRP.ZIP) ...

File size: 28.08 MB | Download hits: 2081

Mission--Lindbergh Flight

Lindbergh Flight across the Atlantic. Includes updates to the FS2004 "Spirit of St. Louis" aircraft. Requires Roosevelt Field scenery (RVELTGA.ZIP). By William K. Jibby. ...

File size: 1.45 MB | Download hits: 1203

White Mountains Rescue Mission (Update)

FSX White Mountains Rescue Mission (updated). Two inexperience hikers decide to do some winter backpacking on a trail in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and get lost in a snowstorm. You have been called to help search for them. This mission is rated expert. There are no pointers in the mission, you must be able to understand a sectional chart and know how to navigate using VORs to locate both the hiker and the hospital. You must be experienced in flying a helicopter and be able to hover...

File size: 22.73 MB | Download hits: 1992

Mission--Restricted Airspace

Restricted Airspace. A simple mission following ATC instructions, but you must be able to read a map and identify your location visually. By William Rayer....

File size: 2.44 MB | Download hits: 1517

Stranded Passengers Mission

FSX Stranded Passengers Mission. By Drew Hosick....

File size: 29.87 MB | Download hits: 4633

Toronto Island Yacht Club Ferry Mission

FSX Toronto Island Yacht Club Air Ferry Mission. By Jules Koifman....

File size: 1.10 MB | Download hits: 1802

Mission--Ski Trip

Ski Trip. You've been chartered to fly two skiers from Pto. Montt, Chile to a lodge near S.C. de Bariloche, Argentina. You take the long way around to include your normal deliveries. A winter storm is interfering with what could be a pleasant sightseeing trip for your charter. By Owen Graham....

File size: 518.41 kB | Download hits: 1984

Mission--Deer Valley Grand Canyon Flight

Deer Valley Grand Canyon Flight. This is an intermediate level flight with a reward for a successful completion. By Bob Caparoula....

File size: 4.25 MB | Download hits: 2547

Mission--African Safari Animal Search

African Safari Animal Search. You're in Kenya and there's tons of animals around where you're staying - you would like to see as many as possible. So, you have rented an ultralight to see them all from above! By Jules Koifman....

File size: 1.31 MB | Download hits: 2365

Mission--Kuala Air Taxi

Kuala Air Taxi. Be a Kuala Air Taxi helicopter pilot and fly VIP and executive passengers around Singapore, including landings on the Petronas Towers. By Thorsten Reichert....

File size: 25.82 MB | Download hits: 1651

Mission--San Antonio IFR Approach

San Antonio IFR Approach. This mission is based on an actual accident report in San Antonio in November 2004. A Piper Navajo, returning to San Antonio from Dodge City with four passengers and a dog, missed the approach to runway 3 and crashed while going around. It was assumed that the pilot became spatially disoriented in the clouds. By Owen Graham....

File size: 434.49 kB | Download hits: 3039


Valhalla. An FSX mission based on an Air Transport Command flight from Goose Bay to Greenland in 1942. Based on the book "Fate is the Hunter" by Ernest K. Gann. Uses the default DC-3. By Owen Graham....

File size: 759.21 kB | Download hits: 1475

Mission de Noel Manual

FSX Mission de Noel (Christmas Mission) Manual, for use with MISNOEL.ZIP. On the day before Christmas you must make a delivery of mail flying the Grumman Goose G21A towards Tuque (northwest of Quebec) because the roads are blocked by a snowstorm. By Sylvain Tremblay....

File size: 12.28 MB | Download hits: 837

Mission de Noel

FSX Mission de Noel (Christmas Mission). On the day before Christmas you must make a delivery of mail flying the Grumman Goose G21A towards Tuque (northwest of Quebec) because the roads are blocked by a snowstorm. By Sylvain Tremblay. See also MISNOELM.ZIP for docs. See CHMSTORY.ZIP for English language version....

File size: 5.16 MB | Download hits: 702

Mission--Patrol Chopper Pursuit

Patrol Chopper Pursuit. A fast-paced police chase mission. By Jules Koifman....

File size: 2.39 MB | Download hits: 3351

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