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Mission Creation Tutorial

FSX Mission Creation Tutorial. This is the tutorial mission from the SDK ready to use, but primarily for learning purposes. By William K. Jibby....

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Mission--Backcountry - The Hump

Backcountry - The Hump. Fly the India, Burma, China Hump, v1.0 in the Douglas DC-3. Estimate time is 45 minutes with optional +60 minute. Includes: briefings, graphics, map, audio and a reward. By Dave Gundlach....

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Flight--Land The Space Shuttle

Land The Space Shuttle at NASA's Shuttle Landing Facility in Titusville. Flight starts about fifty miles out. Intended to be flown in FSX, requires SHUTXAJ.ZIP; also can be flown in FS2004, requires SHUTTAJ.ZIP. By Andy Johnston....

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Sequim Valley Emergency Rescue

FSX Sequim Valley Emergency Rescue Mission. Fly from Port Angeles CGAS (KNOW) to Tacoma Narrows (KTIW) in severe IMC conditions to pick up medicine from a delivery van and return to KNOW. KNOW does not have an ILS navigation guidance system for landing. Use the fs2x_WAASv2.0 GPS unit (FSWAASV2.ZIP). By Don Kuhn....

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Madagascar Mission. The Madagascarian Military pays you for a transport flight you don't really know much about. As you fly an old, heavily loaded DC-3 in a cirital military situation, be prepared for the unexpected. As the previous KAT-mission this is no one-option-mission. You'll need to decide for yourself what to do. Have fun with this expert-level mission. (V. O. English) Thorsten Reichert, (V. F.) Remi Marier....

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White Mountains Rescue

FSX White Mountains Rescue Mission. Two inexperience hikers decide to do some winter backpacking on a trail in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and get lost in a snowstorm. You have been called to help search for them. This mission is rated expert. There are no pointers in the mission, you must be able to understand a sectional chart and know how to navigate using VORs to locate both the hiker and the hospital. You must be experienced in flying a helicopter and be able to hover over an...

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Mission - Lost Treasure

Lost Treasure, v1.1: Cairo 1938. Fly an action adventure in search of the Lost Treasure. Aircraft: Douglas DC-3 Cargo. Estimated time: 45 minutes. Includes: intro, cut scenes, music, briefings, graphics, map, audio and a reward. By Dave Gundlach....

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Mission Fly The Doctor To MVY

Fly The Doctor to his summer home on Martha's Vinyard. By Andy Johnston....

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