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FSX Missions

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Rescue Mission

FSX Rescue Mission. You must pilot a helicopter at night to a multi-vehicle accident on Interstate 95 in Foxboro, Mass. There is no mission briefing included in the mission. A read me document provides installation instructions and the mission breifing. There are no pointers in the mission, you must be able to understand a sectional chart to locate both the accident scene and the hospital. This mission is rated Advanced. By David J. Crandall....

File size: 15.27 MB | Download hits: 1740

Mission Creation Tutorial

FSX Mission Creation Tutorial. This is the tutorial mission from the SDK ready to use, but primarily for learning purposes. By William K. Jibby....

File size: 6.76 MB | Download hits: 1380

Mission--Backcountry - The Hump

Backcountry - The Hump. Fly the India, Burma, China Hump, v1.0 in the Douglas DC-3. Estimate time is 45 minutes with optional +60 minute. Includes: briefings, graphics, map, audio and a reward. By Dave Gundlach....

File size: 989.28 KB | Download hits: 1840

Flight--Land The Space Shuttle

Land The Space Shuttle at NASA's Shuttle Landing Facility in Titusville. Flight starts about fifty miles out. Intended to be flown in FSX, requires SHUTXAJ.ZIP; also can be flown in FS2004, requires SHUTTAJ.ZIP. By Andy Johnston....

File size: 110.76 KB | Download hits: 7310

Sequim Valley Emergency Rescue Mission

FSX Sequim Valley Emergency Rescue Mission. Fly from Port Angeles CGAS (KNOW) to Tacoma Narrows (KTIW) in severe IMC conditions to pick up medicine from a delivery van and return to KNOW. KNOW does not have an ILS navigation guidance system for landing. Use the fs2x_WAASv2.0 GPS unit (FSWAASV2.ZIP). By Don Kuhn....

File size: 4.88 MB | Download hits: 2237

Mission--Madagascar Mission

Madagascar Mission. The Madagascarian Military pays you for a transport flight you don't really know much about. As you fly an old, heavily loaded DC-3 in a cirital military situation, be prepared for the unexpected. As the previous KAT-mission this is no one-option-mission. You'll need to decide for yourself what to do. Have fun with this expert-level mission. (V. O. English) Thorsten Reichert, (V. F.) Remi Marier....

File size: 20.64 MB | Download hits: 2439

White Mountains Rescue Mission

FSX White Mountains Rescue Mission. Two inexperience hikers decide to do some winter backpacking on a trail in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and get lost in a snowstorm. You have been called to help search for them. This mission is rated expert. There are no pointers in the mission, you must be able to understand a sectional chart and know how to navigate using VORs to locate both the hiker and the hospital. You must be experienced in flying a helicopter and be able to hover over an...

File size: 22.73 MB | Download hits: 1682

Mission - Lost Treasure

Lost Treasure, v1.1: Cairo 1938. Fly an action adventure in search of the Lost Treasure. Aircraft: Douglas DC-3 Cargo. Estimated time: 45 minutes. Includes: intro, cut scenes, music, briefings, graphics, map, audio and a reward. By Dave Gundlach....

File size: 1.24 MB | Download hits: 4368

Mission Fly The Doctor To MVY

Fly The Doctor to his summer home on Martha's Vinyard. By Andy Johnston....

File size: 924.32 KB | Download hits: 3117

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