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FS2004 AFCAD Files

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Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport, California (CA). This AFCAD2 file has all the gates and is coded properly with all the information available. The amount of gates has been expanded to fit 22 aircraft. By Chris Miller. Overview of Bob Hope Airport, Burbank. Installation: Simply take the AF2_KBUR.bgl file and put it into Flight Simulator9/Addon Scenery/Scenery. Start up the simulator and the changes will be present. To uninstall, just delete the file and the default will then...

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EDDH, Hamburg, Germany. Intended for use with German Airports 3 scenery. By Max Adolph. You need: Flight Simulator 2004. German Airport 3 with Free 2004 update. Installation: Drop the .bgl file into your Flight Simulator 9/Addon Scenery/Scenery folder. Done! ...

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AFCAD2 Files For UK2000 EGTE

UK2000 EGTE and EGTU. Two AFCAD2 scenery files to improve the taxiing and parking at Exeter and Dunkeswell, UK. By Dale Oubridge. Overview of Exeter International Airport. These files are intended to augment the excellent UK2000 scenery for FS2004 by Gary Summons. It has not been tested with the default scenery. The two files, AF2_EGTE.bgl and AF2_EGTU.bgl are AFCAD files for the Airport of Exeter (EGTE) and the airfield of Dunkeswell (EGTU), both of which are in the County of...

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AFCAD2 Files For Germany

AFCAD2 files for use with the default scenery of Frankfurt, Hamburg, Bremen, Hannover, Duesseldorf, Cologne, and Munich (EDDF, EDDH, EDDW, EDDV, EDDL, EDDK, EDDM) with sufficient parking for extensive airliner traffic and mostly with parking codes. Munich limited to terminal one. By M. Lueckert. Installation: Copy BGL files to Addon Scenery/Scenery folder. Have fun! ...

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St. Louis Lambert International Airport, Missouri (MO). This AFCAD2 file shows all TWA and SWA gates. All other airline gates are coded properly. Gate information was taken from the Lambert Airport web page. Four F15 parking spaces are shown at the Boeing plant on the northwest side of the airport. Two military parking slots are also available at the Missouri Air National Guard on the Southwest side of the airport. Sufficient cargo spots are shown at the cargo ramps and over 20 general aviation...

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Portugal 2000

Portugal 2000 Lisbon International Airport (LPPT). This file changes the taxiways and gates on the scenery of Portugal 2000. Now the AI traffic never cross the grass. Also includes new gates according to the scenery and two more cargo ramps just in case you have AI cargo airlines. By Vitor Antunes. In order to give some real aspect to where the planes park, I forced some gates to some companies like the: A4, A5 for Portugalia Apron B for TAP J2, J3 for the big A340 from TAP I...

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Palm Springs Int'l Airport, California (CA). This AFCAD2 file has all the gates and is coded properly with all the information available. By Chris Miller. Overview of Palm Springs Int'l Airport. Installation: Simply take the AF2_KPSP.bgl file and put it into Flight Simulator9/Addon Scenery/Scenery. Start up the simulator and the changes will be present. To uninstall, just delete the file and the default will then be active. ...

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Brandon Municipal Airport, Manitoba, Canada. This file fixes the missing taxiway in front of the main building, modifies the main parking to handle larger GA aircraft, adds two parking spots, places closed runway X's on runway 14/32, adds taxiway designators (A and B) and moves the tower viewpoint. By Bret Wiebe. Unzip the AF2_CYBR.bgl file into the "scenery" folder in your FS9's "Addon Scenery" folder. This will not affect the default airport so you can just...

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Leipzig-Halle Airport, Germany, for use with German Airports 2 commercial scenery. By Jens Diether. Installation: Simply unzip to your FS9/Addon Scenery/scenery folder. That's it! Use this AFCAD-.bgl at your own risk. ...

File size: 8.18 KB | Download hits: 152


Johannesburg Int'l Airport, South Africa. This airport facility data file is designed for Aeroworx' FAJS Scenery. Installing on default scenery may lead to strange results. This file adds a total of 69 gates to the domestic and international terminals, hangar and cargo ramps. Most Gates have been assigned to airlines in order to create realistic traffic and parking patterns. By Jan Neuvians. Scenery Addon Required: Default Microsoft Scenery, Aeroworx FAJS Scenery (FREEWARE,...

File size: 9.24 KB | Download hits: 46

Reina Sofia Airport

Reina Sofia Airport (GCTS), Tenerife, Canary Islands. ...

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Los Rodeos Airport

Los Rodeos Airport (GCXO), Tenerife, Canary Islands. ...

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Oakland Int'l Airport, California (CA). By Anthony DiMaggio. All airlines correctly placed. T1 has all airlines. T2 has all SWA. Installation: Unzip file into your FS2004 add-on scenery folder. Open up AFCAD and it should have a modified version of OAK. ...

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San Jose Int'l Airport, California (CA). By George Hariman. Overview of San Jose Int'l Airport. Read manual for AFCAD2 on how to install airports. Then using TTOOLS2 (by Lee Swordy) simply add more airplanes and other flights to KSJC. Please be sure to backup your original files. Not responsible for any damage that occurs from misuse of this file. ...

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LIRF, Leonardo da Vinci Airport, Rome (Fiumicino), Italy. Adds 82 total gates to the stock Roma airport. By Alberto Enna. Overview of Leonardo da Vinci Airport. I've added Gates and Parkings to the stock LIRF Airport. Now they are 82 in Total. As well explained in the Documentation in the Lee Swordys AFCAD2, actually FS2004 doesn't permits to change the logic ATC uses in runway assignments for departing and/or arriving AI. I've changed, anyway, the base/reciprocal on...

File size: 224.6 KB | Download hits: 63

AFCAD2 Files For Mexican Airports

These are AFCADS for the following airports: Aerial view of MMAA Acapulco. MMAA Acapulco MMCZ Cozumel MMDO Durango MMGL Guadalajara MMMD Merida MMMX Mexico City (w/minor improvements) MMMY Monterrey MMPR Puerto Vallarta MMSD Cabos MMUN Cancun MMVR Veracruz MMZC Zacatecas Basically all I did was add gates and parking spaces where I could, made the taxi lines simple and easier to follow, improved runway lighting, fixed broken taxiways here and there and...

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VTBD, Bangkok Don Muang Airport, Thailand. More than 60 Airliners Gates partly with Parking codes (THA,PBA,BKP etc.) according my impressions from the past. By M. Lueckert. Copy BGL files to Addon Scenery/Scenery folder. Have fun! ...

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London City Airport, UK. This layout for EGLC has been re-worked to correct the runway length and offset at the '8' end, insert the missing taxiways and holding points at the '28' end, and to produce a realistic gate layout, despite the MS buildings. The refueling point has been left alone, as the MS scenery requires this to be present. By Stephen Dearne. Overview of London City Airport. Place the Afcad 2 type file (.BGL extension) in the scenery folder under the...

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Angola AFCAD2

A file intended to add some more parking and gates to two airports in Angola at Huambo and Luanda. By Leo Pardon. This is a basic AFCAD file intended to add parking and gates to two of Angola's airports, the only two which can support AI in FS2004. Huambo, Albano Machado: Adds as much parking as was possible to fit. (not actually very much) Luanda, 4th of February: Adds large amounts of parking plus a few more gates, including two heavy gates, as this airport acn be quite busy if...

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CAF AI AFCAD V2 Military Parking

Updates to the Canadian AF bases that came with the CAF AI file of Bagotville, Cold Lake and others. By Dave O'Brien. Overview of Cold Lake. Add these to your 2004 Airport text file: CYBG,N48* 19.83',W70* 59.78',522 CYMJ,N50* 19.79',W105* 33.48',1893 CYOD,N54* 24.29',W110* 16.76',1775 CYPG,N49* 54.16',W98* 16.48',886 CYQQ,N49* 42.64',W124* 53.19',85 CYTR,N44* 7.13',W77* 31.68',282 CYZX,N44* 59.06',W64*...

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