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FS2004 Propeller Aircraft

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Texas Air Douglas DC-3Repaint

Textures only; a repaint of the default DC3. By Chris Gautier. Add this to your aircraft.cfg file in the DC 3 Aircraft folder. Change the X to the next number. [fltsim.X] title=Douglas DC-3 Texas Air sim=Douglas_DC3 model= panel= sound= texture=ta kb_checklists=Douglas_DC3_check kb_reference=Douglas_DC3_ref atc_id=N801TA ui_manufacturer=Douglas ui_type="DC-3" ui_variation="Texas Air" description="The Douglas DC-3 revolutionized air...

File size: 1.82 MB | Download hits: 14

United Airlines Ford TrimotorRepaint

A repaint of the default Ford Trimotor in United Airlines livery. Textures only. By Ed Knapp. Screenshot of United Airlines Ford Trimotor in flight. Did the best I could with the limited research material available. Some of the markings are missing or placed differently than on the real plane. This is due to limitations in the textures. Installation: Unzip the contents of this file to a temporary directory. Copy the folder "Texture.united" to...

File size: 2.46 MB | Download hits: 46

American Airways Ford TrimotorRepaint

A repaint of the default Ford Trimotor in American Airways livery. Textures only. By Ed Knapp. Screenshot of American Airways Ford Trimotor in flight. Installation: Unzip the contents of this file to a temporary directory. Copy the folder "Texture.american" to C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9AircraftFord_Trimotor. Copy the following text into your aircraft.cfg file located here C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator...

File size: 2.39 MB | Download hits: 52

Aeroposta Argentina Douglas DC-3Complete with Base Model

A repaint of the default Douglas DC3 in 1949 Aeroposta Argentina livery. By Raul A. Rodriguez. Screenshot of Aeroposta Argentina Douglas DC-3 on the ground. [fltsim.0] title=Douglas DC-3 Aeroposta Argentina sim=Douglas_DC3 model= panel= sound= texture= kb_checklists=Douglas_DC3_check kb_reference=Douglas_DC3_ref atc_id= ui_manufacturer=Douglas ui_type=DC-3 ui_variation=Aeroposta Argentina description="The Douglas DC-3 revolutionized air...

File size: 3.26 MB | Download hits: 74

Pakistan International Douglas DC-3Repaint

This is a repaint of the default DC-3 aircraft. Pakistan International Airlines operated these aircraft in the 50's. Before being converted to civilian variants, they were used as military aircraft during the first India-Pakistan war after independence. Painted by Ali Mujtaba (Flight Sim Pakistan). Screenshot of Pakistan International Douglas DC-3 on the ground.   ...

File size: 3.07 MB | Download hits: 70

Project Fokker 70/100 v2Complete with Base Model

This is the full Project Fokker 100/70 package for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.  This package comes with a complete stunning aircraft model and many repaints.  It also includes a realistic sound pack and panel for both aircraft. Thank you for choosing the new PF10070 v2 release as an addition to your flightsim entertainment. This v2 software pushes the Fokker-100 and -70 models further up to the next level of software development for aircraft modeling and panel design,...

File size: 54.34 MB | Download hits: 14384

Lake Turbo Renegade 270Complete with Base Model

FS2004 Lake Turbo Renegade 270. Based on previous work of John Woodward, Peter Ridge and the RSDG, this update for FS2004 includes the reflection of a modern general aviation cockpit (2D and VC), including custom XML gauges based on actual instruments. The panel was designed with accurate navigation in mind. Includes new repaint and splash screens. By RSDG. Uploaded by Lars Kornstaedt. RSDG Turbo Renegade 270 (Version 2.0, March 2004) You're free to make and distribute your own...

File size: 19.7 MB | Download hits: 2292

RV4 Spirit Of AmericaComplete with Base Model

This is a repaint of Felipe Belalcazar's Vans RV4 For Flight Simulator 2004 in a Red White and Blue paint scheme Aircraft entitled "Spirit Of America". Textures by Mark Rooks " Fireball " of RSDG Studio. Created by Mark "fire Ball" Rooks. To Install this aircraft file Unzip downloaded folder to the dest top remove the Vans RV 4 Spirit Of America folder and install in the main aircraft folder Aircraft folders are found in C:Program...

File size: 1.83 MB | Download hits: 255

PAC Airtrainer CT4Complete with Base Model

FS2004 PAC Airtrainer CT4 for AI. This aircraft has been constructed using Gmax v1.2. The aircraft is constructed with as few polygons as possible (1820 in total for main model) and with a single texture file to ensure the absolute minimum impact on your framerates. There are three other models incorporated to give a total of 4 LOD models. Includes paint kit. Aircraft and textures by Mike Cronin. ...

File size: 289.08 KB | Download hits: 564

Vans RV3Complete with Base Model

FS2004 Vans RV3. A high performance sports homebuilt aircraft. This model has a virtual cockpit, reflective textures, moving controls and working suspension. By Gilles Arlove. ...

File size: 2.36 MB | Download hits: 503

FS2002/FS2004 Vulcanair/Partenavia P68-CComplete with Base Model

FS2002/FS2004 Vulcanair P68-C (formerly Partenavia). The model shows the highly successful Italian light twin. This is an FSDS v2 model with all moving parts, rolling wheels, gear suspension and reflective textures. This model is made to be used with the panel developed by Arne Bartels and Jean-Pierre Langer (P68PNL02.ZIP and P68PNL04.ZIP). Original model by Massimo Taccoli, textures by Massimo and Gerardo Taccoli. ...

File size: 1.59 MB | Download hits: 1116

Fly Be DeHavilland Dash 8-Q400Complete with Base Model

FS2004 Fly Be DeHavilland Dash 8-Q400. All new model designed by Robert Versluys using Gmax. Model has moving parts, opening doors and visible prop pitch. Ideal for AI as well as for flying. FlyBe colors by Tony Madge. ...

File size: 533.18 KB | Download hits: 4709

US Airways Saab 340BComplete with Base Model

FS2004 US Airways Saab 340B. Model by Mike Stone. Repaint by Dan Milsop. ...

File size: 17.02 MB | Download hits: 2377

Spruce GooseComplete with Base Model

The Hughes "Spruce Goose" Flying Boat is legendary. This GMax version for FS2004 includes a gauge package, sound package, a VC and appropriate files to recreate her famous flight. Full GMax animations are also incorporated. By Dennis Simanaitis. ...

File size: 4.62 MB | Download hits: 2036

Vickers Viking Package (4 liveries)Complete with Base Model

As World War 2 drew to its close the designers at Vickers looked to the inevitable growth in postwar civil aviation. Using their experience with the Wellington bomber they designed a twin engined, 25 seat short haul aircraft. The Vikings entered service with BEA in September 1946, operating between Northolt & Copenhagen. They finally ventured all over the system as far as Cairo. Model by Rick Piper. ...

File size: 1.98 MB | Download hits: 455

Beechcraft Super King Air 300Complete with Base Model

Super King Air 300, v1.0 for FS2004. IncludesVC with full night lighting, smooth gauges and clikckable switches. Parked aircraft has streamers and wheel chocks. This is a complete aircraft containing sounds and effects. Manual included. Authors: Allied FS Group. ...

File size: 41.06 MB | Download hits: 7526

Grumman G-164A Ag-CatComplete with Base Model

FS2004 Grumman G-164A Ag-Cat. A Grumman Ag-Cat crop duster with detailed external model and full animations, custom spray effects, detailed virtual cockpit. By Marcel du Plessis. ...

File size: 3.39 MB | Download hits: 2084

Beechcraft Twin BonanzaComplete with Base Model

FS2004 Beechcraft Twin Bonanza by Eric Dantes. ...

File size: 9.02 MB | Download hits: 1435

Canadair CL-415

FS2004 Canadair CL-415 photorealistical textures pack. This package includes a new photorealistical livrery of the CL-415 no. 33 used by the French Securitie Civile. Original aircraft by Massimo Taccolli, repaint by Jonathan Hilaire. ...

File size: 1.32 MB | Download hits: 2007

Red Bull Edge 540Complete with Base Model

In addition to the advanced EDGE wing, the E-540 aircraft utilizes a computer optimized steel tube fuselage with a number of unique features. This results in a stronger, lighter fuselage that is designed to take over 15 G's of sustained loading. The E-540 aircraft has the highest aerobatic thrust to weight ratio of any competition aerobatic aircraft currently available. This is Kirby Chambliss' personal Edge. This FSDS design includes full moving parts, virtual cockpit, transparent...

File size: 717.43 KB | Download hits: 835