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Lago Announces G91

Last updated Wed, 29 Aug 2012 11:47:41 GMT
Originally posted on Wed, 15 Sep 2004 17:59:20 GMT

Coming soon from Lago is the Light Tactical Fighter G91, developed in collaboration with Cloud9. For more information, click on Read More.

Lago G91

We are proud to announce the new product from Lago: Light Tactical Fighter G91. Developed in collaboration with Cloud9, this aircraft was planned to be released bundled with the upcoming F104, but during the development of the product, the G91 has grown so much to become worth as a single produce thanks to the exclusive features have been introduced into G91.

Get ready to fly a powerful striker plane that promises a true sense of flying. Lago in collaboration with Cloud9 brings you an amazing simulation of the light tactical fighter G91.

The G91 is a single seater jet aircraft conceived and developed by the Italian air force. It is thirteen feet tall and has a wingspan of 28 feet. It can fly up to a service ceiling of 43000 feet at a maximum cruising speed of 668 mph. It can carry a wide variety of ammunitions including rockets, machine guns, and iron bombs. This G91 flight simulator features a highly accurate three dimensional version of the aircraft with quality animated components.

The virtual cockpit is interactive and come with realistic flight dynamics. A wide range of liveries from multiple countries have been adopted in this aircraft with detailed textures. The drag chute breaking system, parking equipments and the incredible sound quality makes this simulation a real experience. There is also a special emphasis on emergency management for in-flight engine failures, electrical system failures and hydraulic failures.

The 2D sub panels are authentic and give a clear picture of the frequency tuner, fuel gauge, altimeter, vertical speed indicator, radio magnetic indicator, magnetic compass, course deviation indicator, and air speed indicator.

The virtual cockpit is divided into three sections namely front panel, overhead panel and flight engineer’s panel. The G91 also uses an innovative communication system in which text messages can be sent through a VHF link and ground network.

A video graphic card, 1 GB memory, audio card, pedals, joystick, 2 GHz processor and Microsoft flight simulator are the minimum requirements. This package also comes with a detailed manual for installation and reference.

There are enough superbly detailed textures to keep you going for a long time. The powerful lighting effects, outrageous colour schemes and precision modeling make this simulation a very enjoyable experience for all flying enthusiasts.

Release date and further info will be provided soon.

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens is a flight simulation industry expert with over 20 years of experience and also has a keen interest in aviation and technology.  Ian spends a lot of his time experimenting with various simulator packages but has a love for Microsoft Flight Simulator X because of the huge selection of add-ons available.  However, Ian also has copies of Prepar3D and X-Plane installed. 

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Dirk-Lutz FischerThu, 11 Feb 2016 14:50:44 GMT

Hello, I need the PDF Manual for the LAGO Fiat G91, (I cant start it)

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