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Cherokee County Regional Airport

Cherokee County Regional Airport (KCKP), Cherokee, Iowa (IA), USA. Includes people, objects, adjustment of buildings grass runway and pads to accomodate UTX. By Jimmy R. Martin. Screenshot of Cherokee County Regional Airport Scenery during the day. ADDED ATIS. Had to adjust buildings to accomodate Ultimate Terrain X roads, etc. Adjusted grass runway to location showed on map and google earth. Place both folders into your addon scenery folder or the contents into...

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Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock Rock Resort and airport, NT, Australia (Uluru). By Roger Leupold. Plane flying past Ayers Rock Scenery. Ayres Rock Uluru NT Note: this Scenery will be updated from time to time. Please note scenery and hangars at some airports may not be identical to the actual ones in use, but are placed as close to the existing ones to give an overall feel of that Airport. INSTALLATION:Note only Tested in XP and using FSX Acceleration. For those unfamiliar with...

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Kearney Regional Airport

Kearney Regional Airport (KEAR), Kearney, Nebraska (NE). Includes objects, lighting, drag strip. FSX Acceleration required for dragstrip items to show. By Jimmy R. Martin. Screenshot of Kearney Regional Airport Scenery. The drag strip and some items will not show unless you have FSX acceleration installed. PLACE THE TWO FOLDERS: SCENERY & TEXTURE into your addon scenery folder. Screenshot of Kearney Regional Airport runway at night.   ...

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47 Creek

47 Creek. As seen in episode 2 of "Flying Wild Alaska", made with custom models and objects. By Jacques Botha and Frits Beyer. Screenshot of 47 Creek Scenery. Windows 7 users follow the following instructions: 1.Unzip "" to a temp folder. 2.Copy the "47_creek" folder to your "FSX/scenery" folder. 3.Copy the "AFX_PAFS_ALT.bgl" file to your "FSX/scenery/world/scenery" folder. 4.Run...

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RPMD - Francisco Bangoy International

RPMD - Francisco Bangoy International Airport, Davao, Philippines v2. This is part of the eleventh round of airports issued by Alpha India Group. AIG Ground creates high quality AFCADs for both default and add on scenery airports. Airports are created drawing on the best available resources and aim to simulate the real world airport as closely as possible but also to ensure good levels of traffic with realistic parking and good flow of traffic around the airport. This version adds approach...

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Benson Municipal Airport

Benson Municipal Airport (E95), Arizona (AZ). Simple airport, simple addon. Lighting, people, objects, placement of buildings. By Jimmy R. Martin, John B. Loney. Screenshot of Benson Municipal Airport Scenery during the day. Place the two folders into your addon scenery folder OR the contents into a folder of your choice. CREATED WITH: ADE by Scruffy Duck Screenshot of Benson Municipal Airport Scenery at night.   ...

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Henri Coanda Airport

Henri Coanda Airport (LROP), Bucharest, Romania. This airport update was designed with the latest version of ADE (Airport Design Editor) and made only for the FSX default airport. The terminal rebuild includes the new terminal extension with 18 gates all with animated jetways, assigned parking with extra parking, taxiways and taxi signs updated, extra fuel trucks, support vehicle roads rebuilt and many other improvements. Airport views are from the roof of the control tower (when in tower...

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Sedona Airport

Sedona Airport (KSEZ), Sedona, Arizona (AZ). Features accurate building placement, objects, lighting. By Jimmy R. Martin. Screenshot of Sedona Airport runway. MY TRAFFIC X WILL ADD MOVING AIRCRAFT TO THIS AIRPORT and fill up SW parking area. Not sure about other traffic programs. DOWNLOAD if you do not already have this for static aircraft. For search enter "" for file name... PLACE THE FILES INTO YOUR STATIC OBJECTS FOLDER.

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BC PNW Whistler

BC PNW Whistler. Welcome to Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. Included in this scenery enhancement: Whistler-Green Lake Water Aerodrome (CAE5), Whistler (Hospital) Heliport (CAW4) and Whistler (Municipal) Heliport (CBE9). Several custom objects were created for this project. This scenery was designed for Orbx's FTX NA Blue Pacific Northwest (PNW). By Mike Mann. Screenshot of BC PNW Whistler Scenery. This scenery will provide you with a float plane base as well as...

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Morgan County Airport

Morgan County Airport (42U), Morgan, Utah (UT). Includes vehicles, aircraft people, lighting. By Jimmy R. Martin. Screenshot of Morgan County Airport Scenery. Place the two folders into your addon scenery folder or any folder of your choice. Screenshot of Morgan County Airport Scenery.   ...

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Guapi Airport

Guapi Airport, Colombia. By Andres Ramirez. Plane taking off from Guapi Airport. Screenshot of Guapi Airport Scenery.   ...

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Kavik Rivier Camp

Kavik Rivier Camp, Alaska (AK). Kavik airstrip is part of the "Dew Line" set up as a defensive radar line in Alaska to counter the threat of a U.S.S.R. attack. Made famous by the TV series "Flying Wild Alaska" and with a population of one. Completely custom built airport and objects, and even comes with a outhouse! By Frits Beyer and Jacques Botha. Screenshot of Kavik Rivier Camp Scenery. Windows 7 users follow the following instructions: 1.Unzip...

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Skypark Airport

Skypark Airport (KBTF), Bountiful, Utah (UT). Adds vehicles, aircraft people, lighting. By Jimmy R. Martin. Screenshot of Skypark Airport Scenery during the day. Place the two folders into your addon scenery folder or any folder of your choice. Screenshot of Skypark Airport Scenery at night.   ...

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Persian Gulf Airports

Persian Gulf Airports. This package contains six airports in the Persian Gulf; parking has been fixed. Includes Abumusa-Bandar Lengeh-Khark-Lavan-Sirri+Jask. By Peyman Javanbakht. Aerial shot of Persian Gulf Airports Scenery. INSTALLATION: Just put the files in your Microsoft Flight Simulator XAddon Sceneryscenery. ...

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San Fernando Airport

San Fernando Airport (SVSR), Venezuela. A Venezuelan air terminal located in San Fernando, Apure State. With photo-terrain scenery from satellite imagery in Google Earth. This scenery includes terminal building, control tower, fire station, heliports, all with realistic textures. Also includes a friendly auto-install. By David Maldonado. Screenshot of San Fernando Airport Scenery.   ...

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FlightZone02 Portland Scenery Patch

FlightZone02 Portland Patch. This is a patch file with complete, detailed instructions on how to install FlightZone02 Portland FS2004 into FSX. There are still some texture blending issues but the AF1 airport files have been reworked, exclusions added, and FS2004 tree files replaced with FSX autogen trees. Works great with Orbx NA Blue PNW. You must have an original copy of FlightZone 02: Portland to install on your system. By Larry Robbins. Screenshot of FlightZone02 Portland...

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R&M's Songlo Vista Scenery Update

R&M's Songlo Vista Update. Version 2 changes: tiny position changes of objects, added night finding light and other objects, allow scenery to be shown in very_sparse setting, huge improvement on frame rate for slower computers, improvements of runway trees, replace tall trees too shorter for a natural approach. Built for SP2 (Minimum requirements is to set your setting to very sparse, autogen can be turned off). Use at your own risk Know Bugs: AI traffic will not work, gate...

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Bellefonte Airport

Bellefonte Airport (N96), Pennsylvania (PA), serves Bellefonte and Centre County and is owned by John and Marina Elnitski. The paved runway extends for 3600 feet. The facility is at an elevation of 1080 feet at a distance of about 3 miles from Bellefonte. By John B. Loney, Jr. Screenshot of Bellefonte Airport Scenery. You may be able to save download time by installing the following two files. If you are still missing textures or objects, then you will have to download...

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Cape Girardeau Regional Airport

Cape Girardeau Regional Airport (IATA: CGI, ICAO: KCGI) is a public airport located five miles (8 km) southwest of the central business district (CBD) of Cape Girardeau, a city in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri (NO), USA. The airport covers 557 acres (225 ha) and has two runways. It is used for general aviation. Created using Instant Scenery. Libraries listed. Created with assistance from David "Opa" Marshall, by John B. Loney, Jr. Screenshot of Cape Girardeau...

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Ron And Mollys Airport

Ron And Mollys Airport (3AK3) Songlo, Alaska (AK). Built for SP2. Know bugs: AI traffic will not work, gate 4 spawn you one inch (real life) in the ground. Screenshot of Ron And Mollys Airport Scenery. Use at your own risk. Know Bugs: AI traffic will not work, gate 4 spawn you 1 inch (real life) in the ground. Airport ID 3AK3, Alaska. How to install? Place the 3.bgl files into, C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XAddon...

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