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G.A.L. Monospar ST.25 Air AmbulanceComplete with Base Model

The G.A.L. Monospar was a series of light utility aircraft built by General Aircraft Ltd in the 1930's. The ST.25 Universal was one of the last versions, with a twin tail and other improvements. This is a model of c/n 95, built in 1937 as an air ambulance. It served for two years or so in England as a company demonstrator registered G-AYEF, before it was sold to the 'Zonen' salvage corps in Denmark as OY-DAZ. The aircraft is preserved today in Denmark. Detailed interior, virtual cockpit....

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Fokker F VIIb/3m. V.2 Ala Littoria Textures onlyRepaint

The Fokker F.VII trimotor was one of the best airliners of the inter-war period. After 1930 Fokker F.VIIb/3m was licence-built by Italian I.M.A.M. (Industrie Meccaniche Aeronautiche Meridionali) that renamed it 'Ro-10'. Four 'Ro-10' were used by Italian 'Ala Littoria' (I-DUCE, I-AAXX, I-AAXY, I-AAXZ) on colonial routes. These textures require the NEW (FREEWARE) original aircraft package (FSX/FS2004 - KLM / Swissair version above) by Jens B. Kristensen . Installation instructions are included....

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Boeing 247DComplete with Base Model

The Boeing 247 was a trendsetter in the early 1930s. It was the first airliner to have an all-metal, stressed-skin, low-drag airframe and a retractable landing gear. Even when the bigger and better DC-2 and DC-3 arrived, the 247s continued to give excellent service over the next 20 years. Flight dynamics by FSAviator. Version 1.1, modified to work with FSX as well as FS2004.By Jens B. Kristensen. ...

File size: 7.29 MB | Download hits: 2368

Vultee V1AComplete with Base Model

The Vultee V1A was a fast, single-engined airliner of the mid 1930's. American Airlines was the main user. Version 1.1, modified to work with FSX as well as FS2004.By Jens B. Kristensen. ...

File size: 5.85 MB | Download hits: 1496

KNILM Fokker F.VIIb/3m PK-AFB Textures onlyRepaint

These textures represent the Fokker F.VIIb/3m PK-AFB, ex-H-NAFB, of KNILM (Royal Dutch Indian Airways; that was the 1931 translation of the airline's name) after its re-registration early in 1929. These are textures only. You will require Jens B. Kristensen's freeware FSX/FS2004 Fokker F.VIIb/3m ( Also included is a fix for the left side fuselage of the original textures for the KNILM F.VIIb3/m H-NAFB. Please read the instructions in the Read Me First file carefully. Requires Jens...

File size: 2.33 MB | Download hits: 372

Pan Am Fokker FVIIb/3mComplete with Base Model

Pan American had five Fokker FVII trimotors, and flew them connecting Key West with Havana and Miami. The Fokker FVII trimotor was one of the most successful airliners of 1925-1935. Version 2 model with a new panel and much-improved virtual cockpit. By Jens B. Kristensen ...

File size: 10.65 MB | Download hits: 2753

KLM/Swissair Fokker FVIIb/3mComplete with Base Model

The Fokker FVII trimotor was one of the most successful airliners of 1925-1935. This package includes aircraft of KLM, KNILM (Royal Dutch East-Indian Airlines) and Swissair. Version 2 model with a new panel and much-improved virtual cockpit. By Jens B. Kristensen. ...

File size: 19.23 MB | Download hits: 1946

DeHavilland Comet UpdateComplete with Base Model

This is an update for FSX of the default DeHavilland Comet from FS004 (aircraft from FS2004 required). You need the original for this to work. I have updated the flight dynamics and the panel so the aircraft flys better and works in FSX. This update will also work in FS9. Bob Chicilo...

File size: 40.25 KB | Download hits: 856

P 40B AVC Flying Tigers 3rd Squadron Hell's AngelsComplete with Base Model

Included are some historical pictures and history of the AVC aircraft this is a complete aircraft ... Modified and Created By RSDG Rooks Silva Design Group This is a first attempt at a aircraft with this new FSX so please be kind Textures By Mark Fireball Rooks....

File size: 7.46 MB | Download hits: 3200

SimTech Do 335 PackageComplete with Base Model

The Do 335 has been around for a few years now and has gone through a few transformations in its lifetime, this will be the final Transformation other then a complete new Do 335 for fsx. The old Do 335 had issues that were in need of getting fixed; This edition of the Do 335 from Simtech is set up especially for FS9 GW. The Do 335 will work well in FS2002 as well as FSX Although in FSX you will encounter a few errors for some of the older gauges will not run in FSX. Outside of that it runs well...

File size: 52.68 MB | Download hits: 3006

Bleriot XI PackageComplete with Base Model

The First Greek Aircraft Bleriot XI was a design of Louis Bleriot of 1909. The Bleriot XI was the aircraft of the first two Hellenic private aviators, Arniotis Karamanlakis. Karamanlakis also was the first victim of an air accident in Greece. Two Bleriot XI were also used by the Greek army during the first and the Second Balkan War. Features: cockpit, virtual cockpit, sounds, reworked flight dynamics, historical details. Authors: Thanasis Delizisis, Panagiotis Delizisis...

File size: 7.76 MB | Download hits: 3986

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