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Military AI Planes, Vol. 1

Last updated Mon, 13 Aug 2012 12:34:32 GMT
Originally posted on Wed, 18 Aug 2004 23:29:52 GMT

AI Flight Design is continuing their range of add-on AI aircraft for FS2004 with this latest title: Military Vol. 1. The first miltary volume consists of 6 aircraft used (past and present) by the South African air force. You may of course repaint the aircraft yourself without any restrictions. AI Flight Design's products only cost Euro 5.95 per volume.

If you are searching for some action packed military maneuvers in flight simulation, look no further than the Military Vol. 1 for FS2004.

Dassault Mirage, included in the pack.

The latest in the add-on AI aircraft by AI Flight Design, Military Vol. 1 series of simulation contains six aircrafts by the South African air force.

Military Volume 1 boasts of almost perfect simulation of custom cockpit, highly precise dynamics, clean textures and almost real-life flight patterns. Some of the features include slatted wing, hard wing, different paint schemes to choose from, animated engine trappe that automatically close during the supersonic flight, textures with dirt effects, shadows and reflections, flexing wings that reacts to turbulence, complete illumination of the aircraft, excellent flight graphics etcetera.

This version contains the combat aircraft with a substantial list of innovations like latest weapons with sophisticated fire control and radar suites. The simulator feels like a real battle space. The weapon simulation is dynamic with vivid simulations of radar and radar warning receiver. On triggering the weapons, there is an accurate simulation for the weapon itself and then all the radar warnings.

The simulation of flight paths and the controls during the battle is amazing, especially the supersonic speed of aircraft and the dispatch of the weapons. The flight works like a dream during the battle, allowing complicated maneuvers while maintaining the latitude of the aircraft. You feel like a real fighter pilot during this simulation.

The vivid fleet scheduling and dispatch center, superbly detailed objects, Full night illumination and personalized aircraft design makes this one of the best simulations ever. All in all, Military Vol. 1 is the answer to the prayers of all the warbird enthusiasts and stunt men.

For just Euro 5.95 per volume, this is a great buy. So gear up and fight out all those dream battles with the new Military Vol. 1 add-on for FS2004.

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