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SimFlight3D Released Spirit of Texas Sea Fury

Posted on Tue, 13 Nov 2012 17:50:00 GMT

Air racers which participate in Reno National Championship Air Races are considered to be the best in prop driven aircrafts. The release of Spirit of Texas Sea Fury by SimFlight3D means FSX pilots – can now fly one of these planes.


The Spirit of Texas Sea Fury (NX24SF) was designed for racing by Ezell Aviation. However, the plane is owned and flown by Stewart Dawson who performs aerobatics routines and races at the Reno National Championship Air Races.

The plane has a Wright 3350-26WD 18-cylinder radial engine which replaces the Bristol Centarus 2,500 hp and five-blade propeller with a 3,100 hp and four-blade propeller with maximum speeds of 450 KTS. Several modifications have been done to the plane, including an extended rudder and a bigger spinner and induction scoop.

Main Features

  • A very detailed virtual cockpit
  • Canopy crank works in virtual cockpit
  • Genuine FSX aircraft
  • Full 3D panel IFR ready for day and night
  • High resolution and photo-realistic textures for interior or exterior
  • Realistic shadows and lighting, reflection mapping
  • Optimized for smooth frame rates
  • Checklist and performance information is included
  • Fully operational rudder and elevator trim wheels
  • Available in two paint schemes: racing and military
  • Comes with click chart for map screen and mike button for ATC window

Spirit of Texas Sea Fury is generally considered to be a fun aircraft to play with. Users of this plane are of the view that its price and performance are good, and they like the addition of the Royal Navy textures.

SimFlight3D designs very detailed 3D aircraft for use in Flight Simulation. The company’s aircrafts have detailed virtual cockpits and animated control surfaces, all in modern 3D graphics.

In addition to the Spirit of Texas Sea Fury, SimFlight3D recently released 1947 C140, a two-seater, single-engine, light utility airplane with a maximum speed of 109 knots (125 mph). 

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smstachwickSun, 15 Nov 2015 20:46:47 GMT

Isn't that aircraft included as a static scenery object at the Reno Air Race Practice mission?

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