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PFPX - Professional Flight Planner X - is a new and innovative flight planning tool developed by real-world pilots and dispatchers. It’s a valuable and realistic addition to your flight simulation experience enabling you to create professional quality flight plans similar to those used by real-world airlines.

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Do you find that sometimes your flights can be a little bit hazardous and tough to manage? Then you will absolutely love this video of the Professional Flight Planner X mod being put into use. Professional Flight Planner X is a well-loved mod for FSX that allows people to start making sure they are flying and preparing like a real pilot.

This is an innovative piece of hardware designed to make sure that you can start flying with a high-quality plan in place, detailing all of the little factors that can come into play when you’re flying an aircraft professionally.

Why does this matter? Because, in this video, you’ll get to see just how much easier a flight is with a bit of planning. Whilst you can always just hop into the simulation and see what happens as you fly, this offers a far more engaging way to get around the world and enjoy a different kind of engagement with the world around you.

Indeed, this offers something which is far more similar to real-world aviation than you would get if you were using any normal simulator. In this 11:38 video, then, you get to see the preview of the program being used and its multitude of features.

With such an advanced overlay you can manage everything about your flight, from where you are going to what you might potentially run into along the way, from potential weather to other flights. It’s a simple tool, but one you can easily make the most of if you are willing to learn how to use this advanced software.

Watch the video above and see why so many people are turning to Professional Flight Planner X today. 

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