How to Install Full Aircraft Addons in FS2004

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This will show the user of Flight Simulator FS2004/FS9 how to install a new aircraft file to flight simulator so you can use it in the program. Video by Bruce Bouley.

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This tutorial is made, to show the person that is new to Flight Simulator how to manually install, downloaded or third-party aircraft into Flight Simulator 2004, or Flight Simulator FS9. In this tutorial, I have to assume that even though you might be new to Flight Simulator, that you know how to download third-party, or freeware aircraft from some of the fine flight simulator websites that are out there on the internet today.

So, on that note, we're going to be starting off the tutorial knowing where the file is located in your computer, and we'll go from there in showing you how to install it into Flight Simulator 2004 and FS9.

As you can seen on this screen here, which is my screen on my computer, I'm going to go to the upper left-hand corner and click on my computer. I'm not sure if you have that on yours, but that's what I click on to get to my drives. Now, I'm going to to go he drive where I stored the file, which is the D drive. At that point I find the folder where I stored it in, and it was FS2004 Aircraft.

From there, I have to turn around and see if I can locate the file. The file I'm looking for is OS738chinasouthern. I find it, and now I want to turn around and look at on here into the folder of that file, and I want to locate in here the panel folder. You'll see the panel folder as we open it up. The panel folder should be the third folder down on the left. We'll click on it, and I want open it up and take a look at it. Here you can see, this is going to the default 730, 7400 aircraft.

That's what we'll be using as a panel in this aircraft. So, now we'll back out of that, and we'll go back out to the regular folder. So, we'll go up and hit the back button, and the back button takes us back to where we want to be. On this here we'll highlight the file again, or the file folder, click on files, go down and say copy to folder. Now we go in and we locate where our Flight Simulator is located, the actual program. I know it's on D. It should be in program files, so I'll scroll down until I find program files.

Here, we find it, and then we go to Microsoft Games. I'll find it there, flight simulator, and then aircraft. Now in here, all you have to do is click copy. This will now copy the file over to that directory. At this point in time, really, the file is in there. The file is actually in your flight simulator. So, let's go out and take a look at it. I'll double click on my icon on my desktop, to load Flight Simulator.

It takes a second to load, so, just bare with me and we'll wait a minute here. My computer is a little slow at this time. But, just remember that, the main thing to remember when you're downloading a file, is where you download it to. Where you're storing the file. That is really, really important to know that information, because when you start going out there searching for it, you've got to know where to find it.

You could really search forever. Especially, as you probably could see when I was in the area of my computer showing all my drives on there. I have roughly about eight different drives that I'm operating off of at this time. So, it could really be lost any place out there, if I don't remember where I'm really storing the file to. One of the other things that I'd like to mention here, which is I think something that's very important, is that what I try to do before I start downloading any of the freeware files that are on the computer for my Flight Simulator, I go and I actually start making my directory folders.

I make a folder, FS2004 aircraft, FS2004 scenery, etc, etc. That way, when I download the file I actually store it into those folders, so I know right where to go to look for it and it makes it much easier, very simple, and a lot quicker to look around at it. Now we see that this is taking a really long time to load. We'll just... There we go. Okay. So, now we're in the computer, and we're going to go and look, and go up to create a flight.

As we click on that, we're going to go up to the aircraft folder up there where it shows the aircraft. Select aircraft, so you want to click on that, and then we're going to go up to manufacturer. The one thing that you want to remember, this was a Project Open Sky plane. So, it's going to be stored under Project Open Sky, so you don't have to worry about looking all over the place for it. So, we'll scroll down until we find Project Open Sky, there it is.

We'll click on it, and here now you can see, there is our China Southern 737-800 aircraft, and we can go in and take a look. Sure it is, there it is right there. So, all you have to do is click okay, and then click okay, again, which will load the aircraft, so that you'll be able to use it in your flight. One thing I'd like to mention to you too, is that if you want to really see what the aircraft looks like, in the next screen, and again this is taking while to load because my computer is a little slow.

You can actually rotate the aircraft around, and actually look at the aircraft top to bottom, back, left to right, up to down, or whatever it is like that there. So, as long as we are waiting for the aircraft to load, again, I really stress it a lot... Here we go. Okay. So, now as you can see the aircraft rotates on its own. But if you really want rotate it around, and see the aircraft a little bit more from all different angles, you can actually do that, by going over and then just putting your cursor actually on the aircraft itself, and I'll go down and do that.

Here we go, and now holding the left mouse button down, drag it to any angle you want. As you can see I can rotate it around and look at the plane any way I want to look at it. Then what I'll do is that I'll just let it go, and I want it like that to make it look like it's climbing at this point in time on takeoff. Now I'm ready to go out and fly. So the main thing I would do at this point in time is just click on fly now and go out and test fly the airplane and see how I like it.

[inaudible 00:06:30] test flying the aircraft, you just close out Flight Simulator too and the program. If you would like to see more free video instructional tutorials like this one, please go to and send an email to me. Bruce Bouley, the author of the complete visual tutorial to flying the Boeing 737 and tell me what you would like to see as the next video tutorial, and thank you.

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mefistoFri, 11 Jan 2013 16:49:17 GMT

Ok, i get it. but....the question is...Why if a put an Airbus, i still have the Boeing panel? How can i change it?


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