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Feature: Glass Simming Tutorial eBook by TopSkills

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Originally posted on Sun, 13 Dec 2015 12:07:15 GMT

Electronic instrumentation, commonly known as “glass cockpit,” is state of the art flight control and navigation. A flight simmer’s ability to operate an aircraft with glass cockpits places him among aviation’s most advanced pilots. 

Glass Simming book cover

In his self-instructional book, Glass Simming, flight-sim expert and author Bill Stack provides comprehensive and detailed instructions and information that enables flight simmers to maximize their challenge and enjoyment with glass cockpits.

Glass Simming focuses on the Garmin G1000® glass cockpit in Microsoft Flight Simulator’s ® Beechcraft Baron, Cessna Skyhawk and Mooney Bravo. The book simplifies the overall layout of the glass panel and specific functions of all instruments and controls. It explains all screens such as the primary flight, multifunction and aircraft-system displays in detail. It clearly describes all controls by type and function.  And it explains the fundamental differences between the G1000’s multifunction display and the Garmin GPS units available for other MSFS aircraft. 

Numerous full-color and annotated screen captures of the Garmin G1000® panel and its instruments and controls are used throughout the book to describe and explain everything seen and used in this advanced instrument panel.

Knowledge garnered from this book can be applied to glass cockpits in other MSFS aircraft such as the Airbus A321, with relevant adaptation.

Independent product reviewers have opined favorably about Bill Stack’s Glass Simming, including five-star ratings.

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Like all TopSkills’ instructional books, Glass Simming is designed and constructed for ease of use. It is organized into logical, numbered and titled chapters. Each page has a header with chapter number and name and page number.  The book is fully indexed so readers can find information easily and quickly. It is complete, detailed, independently verified for accuracy, and thoroughly edited and proofread for correctness. 

“My tutorial videos and instructional books are produced to enable my fellow flight simmers to enjoy realistic simulation as much as I do,” says author Bill Stack.

You can purchase this eBook over at SimShack.

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Chris SteeleFri, 18 Mar 2016 15:26:25 GMT

The Garmin G1000® in the FSX planes is a JOKE compared to a real life Garmin G1000® they really need to step up their game.

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