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FS2004 Propeller Aircraft

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Antonov An-30Complete with Base Model

FS2004 Antonov An-30. Model traditional An-30 D. Samborskogo, with small amendments in aircraft.cfg. Includes three liveries, traditional "Aeroflot", polar from Sergey Lutsenko and "Lukiaviatrans" Vantezina Maxim. The panel is made on the basis of D. Samborskogo's An-24 and other authors. By Karnizov Michael....

File size: 48.19 MB | Download hits: 545

Antonov Airlines An-26Complete with Base Model

A fictional repaint of Antonov's only An-26. Currently their An-26 is unpainted, but this what it might look like if painted in house colors. Model by Dimitri Samborski, Interior painting by M.Mysin, Panel by V.Bocharnikov, repaint by Ray Brower. ...

File size: 9.95 MB | Download hits: 942

Red Bull Extra 300LComplete with Base Model

Extra 300L Red Bull HA-PET by Hans-Juergen Lieberich . The HA-PET is one of the various planes flown by Peter Besenyei, a two time World Aerobatic Champion and participant of the Red bull Air Race 2006. While Peter Besenyei uses the Extra 300S, the Velox Revolution II and the Zivko Edge 540X in the Air Race, he is doing Air Shows with the Extra 300L HA-PET. Updated version with full set of gauges and improved VC for FS2004.Special thanks to Flight Factory Simulations for the wonderful Extra...

File size: 7.31 MB | Download hits: 2043

SAAB 2000

FS2004 SAAB 2000. BSMP is proud to present the SAAB 2000 v1.1. This version includes wing views, high quality 32 bit textures, realistic flight dynamics, 3D flight crew, accurate dimensions, dynamic shine, a custom panel, many animations, a HUD, push-back truck, airstairs and much more! This is the base package which includes both wing view and non-wingview models. This package also includes the liveries of Swelink, Air France, Crossair, Darwin, Swiss, and the Crossair Phantom of the Opera...

File size: 34.23 MB | Download hits: 3695

Lockheed L188 ElectraComplete with Base Model

FS2004 Lockheed L188 Electra The elegant Electra was plagued by mechanical problems early on. They were quickly corrected, but the damage was already done, and orders dried up. It went on to become the basis for the highly successful P-3 Orion Maritime Patrol aircraft, which is stil in service. By Mike Stone. ...

File size: 718.4 KB | Download hits: 1318

Sukhoi Su-31, Silver & GoldComplete with Base Model

Russian built aerobatic plane. This plane quite possibly has the highest performance envelope of any prop plane in the world. If it can be done in a prop plane, this plane can do it....

File size: 8.17 MB | Download hits: 2364

FS2002/FS2004 RCMP Pilatus PC-12, University of Utah, Air MedComplete with Base Model

AirMed was established in the early 1970's as the 8th air medical transport program in the nation. AirMed's main base is The University of Utah Hospital, an academic medical center, a Level I Trauma Center, a Regional Burn Center and a major tertiary referral site. This REPAINT is of Brian Gladden's Combi PC-12 and based on N399AM, the older of the two PC-12's owned by the University. No prior downloads required. Custom panel and VC as well as full moving parts....

File size: 3.85 MB | Download hits: 4151

FS2002/FS2004 Aerotec A-122B Uirapuru, PP-KBRComplete with Base Model

This is an aircraft file for Microsoft Flight Simulator that contains the Aerotec A-122B Uirapuru. The A-122 is a low wing monoplane designed by Aerotec. This file is safe to use and is compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. The version of the plane pictured in this file is the A122B PP-KBR. The plane is colored yellow, green, and white, with a blue nose. This file comes with easy to use installation instructions. The Aerotec A-122 was designed as a military trainer aircraft....

File size: 1.2 MB | Download hits: 1380

FS2002/FS2004 Aerotec A-122B Uirapuru, PP-KBR, Acrobatic VersionComplete with Base Model

 "FS2002/FS2004 Aerotec A-122B Uirapuru, PP-KBR, Acrobatic Version" is a freeware add-on for the popular computer program "Microsoft Flight Simulator" that gives players the chance to pilot an all-new aircraft: the A-122B Uirapuru, the civilian version of a Brazilian low-wing monoplane originally commissioned in the 1960s for its military air force. The 3D model added into the game is exquisitely and accurately modeled after its real life counterpart, which comes...

File size: 1.34 MB | Download hits: 794

FS2002/FS2004 Aerotec A-122B Uirapuru, PP-GYMComplete with Base Model

As World War II came to an end, Brazil realized the aircraft industry was underdeveloped and in need of an expansion. Several officers with the help of MIT founded an aeronautics engineering school, Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica (Aeronautical Institute of Technology) in 1950 and the Centro Técnico de Aeronáutica (Aeronautical Technical Center), in 1953. These two initiatives accomplished the goal of expanding the aircraft industry in Brazil, and from them,...

File size: 935.21 KB | Download hits: 795

BAE Jetstream 31, PIA, Version 1.0Complete with Base Model

The Jetstream 31 and the Jetstream 32EP are 19-seat turboprop airliners in operation worldwide. The Jetstream 31 entered service in 1982 and the increased power Jetstream 32 in 1988. BAE Systems completed an upgrade programme for the Jetstream 32 resulting in the Jetstream 32EP "enhanced performance" aircraft, certificated in 1997, which has short field capability and hot and high operational performance. Over 400 Jetstream 31/32 aircraft have been delivere...

File size: 1.2 MB | Download hits: 1949

JetStream 31 FS-AmbulanceComplete with Base Model

The Jetstream 31 and the Jetstream 32EP are 19-seat turboprop airliners in operation worldwide. The Jetstream 31 entered service in 1982 and the increased power Jetstream 32 in 1988. BAE Systems completed an upgrade programme for the Jetstream 32 resulting in the Jetstream 32EP enhanced performance aircraft, certificated in 1997, which has short field capability and hot and high operational performance. Over 400 Jetstream 31/32 aircraft have been delivered....

File size: 1.06 MB | Download hits: 1493

Diamond HK-36 Motor GliderComplete with Base Model

TTC115 Super Dimona Day Flyer. Reg_ID: OK-ANU, Czech Republic and Reg_ID: OE-KHK, Austria. A complete package with panels, VC, Sound, HTML Check & Ref List. Designed in FSDS 2.24 with complete animation. Features flexing wings, opening canopy etc. Design by Pavel Toman, Barry Blaisdell and Bob May - Premier Aircraft Design....

File size: 10.65 MB | Download hits: 6153

Expo Aviation Ilyushin Il-18D(F)Complete with Base Model

Ilyushin IL-18 for AI traffic, based on original model by Pavel Hvatkin and Alex Novik, converted for AI use by Tom Gibson, replacement FDEs by John Hinson. Retro repaints available at California Classics and present-day liveries by Billy Rutherford....

File size: 2.68 MB | Download hits: 2677

Aerocaribbean Ilyushin Il-18D(F)Complete with Base Model

Aerocaribbean still operate 4 pax and 1 cargo Il-18 aircraft on charter flights from Cuba to points in the Caribbean, Central, North and South America. You may choose the texture you prefer, either 32bit or compressed....

File size: 4.67 MB | Download hits: 2839

Rico EMB-120 Complete with Base Model

Of the several models rolled out by the Family 12X, it's the EMB-120 Brasilia, originally EMB-120 Araguaia, which gained immense popularity as an aircraft with modular concept designs. Coming into being in 1974, the EMB-120 Brasilia had an enhanced seating capacity - 24 to 30 - compared to the other aircraft belonging to the 12X family. Notwithstanding the fact that the EMB-120 Brasilia was meant to make use of the new 1500SHP Pratt & Whitney Canada PW115 turboprop, soon it underwent...

File size: 161.63 KB | Download hits: 3232

FS2002/FS2004 Piaggio P-166CL2Complete with Base Model

Animted gears, dampers, propellers, doors, and control surfaces, Dynamic Clickable VC. The fifth of the coming P-166 aircraft series. An Exotic two-engined prop that sold all over the world including America, UK, and Australia. he P-166CL2 was developed to take advantage of the cabin spaciousness of the P-166 series: a new landing gear that retracts under the fuselage into two small blisters lets expand the internal useful area more bakwards between the wings, as there is no central section....

File size: 7.23 MB | Download hits: 5586

De Havilland Dash-8-Q200, Canadian Forces Navigator TrainingComplete with Base Model

De Havilland Dash8-Q200 in the livery of the Canadian Forces Navigator Training School aircraft. In real life, there is an elongated radar nose cone fitted to the aircraft which houses the radar systems.All navigator traing aircraft are Dash 8-100s, however for flyability I have used FS Painters Dash 8-Q200 for this repaint.The airfile has also been tweaked so that the model flies as realistically as possible....

File size: 421.24 KB | Download hits: 5182

Zlin Z-526F, 3rd Edition

Zlin Z-526F for MS Flight Simulator features animated moving parts: ailerons, elevator, rudder, gears, pilot's arm and head and flaps. 2D panel has a background based on real photo. This version was completed in FS Design Studio and contains 5168 polygons....

File size: 3.99 MB | Download hits: 3382

DeHavilland CC-138 Twin Sea OtterComplete with Base Model

Canadian Forces 440 Transport Squadron based at Yellowknife, NW Territories. The file (FS2004) must be installed in FS2004 before using this aircraft. Model made in Gmax with wing views, dynamic shine, opening doors with sounds etc. Project by Udo Lemmob, Barry Blaisdell and Bob May....

File size: 8.73 MB | Download hits: 7461