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FSX Scenery

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Carora Airport

Carora Airport (SVCO), Venezuela. A regional airport located in the city of Carora, the second city of the Lara state, in western Venezuela. With photo-terrain scenery from satellite imagery in Google Earth. Not compatible with versions prior to FSX. This scenery includes terminal building and hangars with realistic textures from images obtained from Internet. Also includes a friendly auto-install. By David Maldonado. Screenshot of Carora Airport...

File size: 80.71 MB | Download hits: 287

Bazaruto (Vilanculos)

Bazaruto (Vilanculos), a small but busy airport in Mozambique. It is a very popular holiday destination. Vilanculos is the Mozambican capital of water sports. It's a popular beach resort area. The gateway to the Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique's only underwater national park. FSX Acceleration will give the best results (also SP2 compatable). Acceleration users will have more eye candy. By Jacques Botha. Screenshot of Bazaruto (Vilanculos) Scenery. Instructions...

File size: 278.15 kB | Download hits: 135

Kish Airport

Kish Airport v2 (OIBK), Iran. Fixed AFCAD file and fixed more details in airport. Adds landclass, new control towe all hangars, parking for cars, taxiway signs, apron lights, complete and accurate taxiway and runway details, all freeways and moving cars in freeways, move cars in some streets. Compatible with standard AI traffic and AI traffic add-ons (for example MyTraffic X). By Meysam Goloumjani. Screenshot of Kish Airport Scenery. KISH AIRPORT(OIBK) version 2, FOR...

File size: 4.47 MB | Download hits: 543

Puerto Rico Airports

Puerto Rico Airports v2. This work updates the previous version of two of Puerto Rico's airports: TJIG, Isla Grande or Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci airport and ABO or Antonio Gery Juarbe Pol airport and adds five more to the collection: Adjuntas PR20, Vieques Island's Antonio Rivera Rodriguez, TJVQ, Culebra's Benjamin Rivera Noriega, CPX, Patillas X64 and Fajardo's Diego Jimenez Torres, TJFA. Scenery is mostly stock but includes objects from various libaries. Also requires...

File size: 4.07 MB | Download hits: 755

California Missions Pack 2

California Missions Pack 2. Eleven of the twenty-two Spanish Missions, including: San Diego, Carmel, san Antonio, San Juan Capistrano, Santa Barbara, Soledad, San Juan Bastista, San Miguel, San Fernando, San Luis Rey, and DePala. By Ron Ezra. Screenshot of California Missions Pack Scenery. Screenshot of California Missions Pack Scenery.   ...

File size: 95.23 MB | Download hits: 794

Kadena AB And Okinawa Islands

Kadena AB And Okinawa Islands airstrips, southern Japan. This package contains scenery for Kadena AB (RODN), as well scenery for five airstrips located within the Okinawa Islands. Included are: Yoron Island (RORY), Iejima (RORE), Aguni (RORA), and Kerama (ROKR). This scenery enhances the stock airports, using default scenery objects, as well as a few objects from FSX Acceleration. A flight plan has been included which begins at Yoron Island and ends at Kadena AB. Screenshot of...

File size: 1.27 MB | Download hits: 1457

KERI 2012 Runway Extension

KERI 2012 Runway Extension. Scenery of Erie, Pennsylvania (PA), Erie International Airport / Tom Ridge Field (KERI). This simulation is a little out of character for the Richard O. Finley Ghost Airports Collection that depicts airports that no longer exist. This simulation is not a ghost airport. It improves on the stock simulation of KERI in that it is more accurate and depicts the ongoing runway extension construction at Erie International Airport. By Richard O....

File size: 2.11 MB | Download hits: 88

KSAN Photo Real

KSAN Photo Real Scenery and AFCAD update, San Diego International Airport, California (CA). This AFCAD is an update to the KSAN Photo Real scenery (KSAN_RR_V1.ZIP) using the latest version of ADE. It updates the runway 9 ILS frequency to the real world frequency of 111.55. This BGL file updates the vehicle paths to keep the ground vehicles off of the taxiways. It also updates some of the parking spots and changes the palm trees to the reflect real life ones you see at KSAN. Note: This update...

File size: 907.21 kB | Download hits: 1236

Noarlunga Private Airport

Noarlunga Private Airport, South Australia, v1. By Roger Leupold. Screenshot of Noarlunga Private Airport Scenery. For FSX(only) Noarlunga private Airport South Australia V1 Dec 2010. Noarlunga private Airport SA Note: this Scenery will be updated from time to time. Please note scenery and hangars at some airports may not be identical to the actual ones in use, but are placed as close to the existing ones to give an overall feel of that...

File size: 2.10 MB | Download hits: 99

Kingscote Airport

Kingscote Kangaroo Island Airport, South Australia. By Roger Leupold. Screenshot of Kingscote Airport Scenery. For FSX(only) Kingcscote Kangaroo Island SA Airport South Australia V1. Kingcscote Kangaroo Island SA Airport Note: this Scenery will be updated from time to time. Please note scenery and hangars at some airports may not be identical to the actual ones in use, but are placed as close to the existing ones to give an overall feel of that...

File size: 1.36 MB | Download hits: 171

Nether-Huntleywood Scenery Update

Update For Nether-Huntleywood, UK (NH.ZIP). Updates Nether-Huntleywood for Neil's Microlights. A better ground texture more accurately representing the new runway at Nether Huntley Wood. By Neil Birch. Screenshot of Nether-Huntleywood Scenery. Simply place the .bgl into Neil's Microlights Scenery. By Neil Birch ...

File size: 10.78 MB | Download hits: 42

Parafield Airport

Parafield Airport, South Australia by Roger Leupold. Screenshot of Parafield Airport Scenery. Parafield airport SA Note: this Scenery will be updated from time to time. Please note scenery and hangars at some airports may not be identical to the actual ones in use, but are placed as close to the existing ones to give an overall feel of that Airport. INSTALLATION:Note only Tested in XP and using FSX Acceleration. For those unfamiliar with adding scenery to...

File size: 347.46 kB | Download hits: 332

Campo Arenal

Campo Arenal (ICAO SA11), Argentina. By Andrea Deplano. ...

File size: 1.68 MB | Download hits: 78

Calden Airport V2.2

Calden Airport, Germany. This is the second in a series of planned updates and improvements of the Calden scenery. The update adds representations of an office building and hotel in Kassel's West-end and St.John's church in Calden. All built from library objects. Although intended as an upgrade of the existing scenery (CALDEN2.ZIP) it should also work without it. By Christian Grimsel. Screenshot of Calden Airport scenery.   ...

File size: 206.34 kB | Download hits: 268

Iwo Jima Scenery 1945 Scenery Update

Iwo Jima Scenery 1945 Update. This is a complete scenery with added effects and a corrections. The scenery is a complete new Iwo Jima landclass and terrain. It includes the aircraft found on Iwo Jima including the P-51D, P-61 Black Widow, B-29, B-25, PBY and C-47. The P-51D's are in authentic colors with several options. There are many effects included. By Tom Stovall. FSX poster for Iwo Jima Scenery 1945 Scenery. To use this texture replacement, save your current...

File size: 52.27 MB | Download hits: 900

Further Midlem Scenery Update

Further Midlem Update UK. Midlem update for users of Neil's Microlights FSX. A further update for Midlem grass strip for Playsim's new Scotland scenery. You need to download the earlier file for this to work. By Neil Birch. Screenshot of Midlem Scenery. I have used VFRUK scenery objects and FSX Acceleration objects. Simply place the .bgl's into Neil's Microlights Scenery. By Neil Birch ...

File size: 493.58 kB | Download hits: 80

Nether-Huntleywood For Neil's Microlights

Nether-Huntleywood For Neil's Microlights UK. Nether-Huntleywood grass strip 07/25 400 x 45m taken from Bryan Lockyear's Guide Book. Situated in Berwickshire in the Scottish Borders and has been designed for use with Playsim's Scottish Scenery. By Neil Birch. (See also NH2.ZIP). Screenshot of Nether-Huntleywood Scenery. A small grass strip situated in Berwickshire in the Scottish Borders and Has been designed for use with Playsims Scottish VFR Scenery. I...

File size: 641.48 kB | Download hits: 53

Nancy V2

Nancy, France, version 2. Major update of v1 of LFSN airport landclass redraw, extended to the whole urban area and beyond. Two helipads added on top of city hospitals, town has more than 150 custom buildings, VFR flight should be familiar to local real pilots. Airport has 80 custom models and 300 library objects, static planes, cars, etc. Animated objects: flags, vehicles, peoples, birds, windsocks. Four VAC charts included. Works with FSX and FSXA. By D. Bur. Screenshot of...

File size: 20.50 MB | Download hits: 1724

New Jersey Airports

New Jersey Airports Five south Jersey (NJ) airports with all new scenery objects and AFCAD files. Scenery objects and complete readme included. By Ed Wells. Screenshot of Red Lion Airport Scenery. I have taken each of these airports and completely redone them from top to bottom to include: New Airport Boundary ground texture.. New AFCAD based on satellite imagery All new scenery objects placed per the satellite images. Miscellaneous scenery objects as filler in...

File size: 38.07 MB | Download hits: 488

Furstenfeldbruck Air Base

Furstenfeldbruck Air Base v1. Furstenfeldbruck AB (ETSF) called Fursty is located in southern Germany near the city of Munich/Bavaria. Fursty AB was the home of the Luftwaffe wing Waffenschule 50 (Weapon school 50). In 1978 the wing was renamed into Jagdbombergeschwader 49 (FBW 49). Flewn aircraft were the FIAT G-91 until 1982 and thereafter the Alphajet until closure of the wing in 1997. 2003 the base was closed. There were also Piaggio P-149 aircraft based at Fursty because of the training...

File size: 3.63 MB | Download hits: 376


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