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Ely Airport/Yelland Field

Nevada (NV), USA. AFCAD for default/stock FSX airport only. Made with ADE 9X. KELY is currently served by Great Lakes Airlines with daily service to Las Vegas. This updates all taxiways and runways according to FAA data and Google satellite images. Adds the terminal with Jim Dhaenen's lights, parking lot, Ely Jet Center FBO, parking, and much more around the field. By Matthew Hollcraft. Screenshot of Ely Airport/Yelland Field. Take the two BGL files (KELY_ADEX_MH and...

File size: 10.78 MB | Download hits: 81

Kunkuru Game Lodge Airstrip

Located north of Gauteng in the Waterberg mountains, South Africa. It is a popular fly away destination for aviators from Gauteng. This is freeware and made with custom designed buildings and a photoreal base. Also includes some nice features like wildlife. By Philip Schall, PSDS. Screenshot of Kunkuru Game Lodge Airstrip.   ...

File size: 11.14 MB | Download hits: 117

Hanmer Springs Airfield

New Zealand (NZHR). Welcome to Hanmer Springs Airfield, located 2 nautical miles south of Hanmer Springs Village in the Northern Canterbury region of the South Island of New Zealand. The area is a tourist attraction featuring such winter activities as skiing and snowboarding among other things, and is famous for its spas and health resorts. By Lawrie Roache. Screenshot of Hanmer Springs Airfield. This scenery was made for FSX SP2, without Acceleration, and with VECTOR...

File size: 3.8 MB | Download hits: 97


Queenstown is a small GA airfield in South Africa's Eastern Cape region. FSX Acceleration will give the best results (also SP2 compatible). Acceleration users will have more eye candy. By Jacques Botha. Aerial view of Queenstown scenery. Windows 7 users follow the following instructions: Unzip "" to a temp folder. Copy the "FAQT_Queenstown" folder to your "FSX/scenery" folder. Copy the...

File size: 7.06 MB | Download hits: 222

Hawes AOF

Hawes Aerial Operations Facility is a reimagined version of an abandoned World War II auxiliary airstrip formerly known as Hawes AAF Aux #1. It was built in the Mojave Desert, just east of Edwards AFB (then Muroc AAF) during WWII as one of four satellite fields for Victorville AAF. After the war, Hawes was used as a private civilian airfield until its closure in the early 1960's. It is now reborn in FSX as a UAV base by Nevada Systems. Due to its location in the Mojave Desert and the...

File size: 6.16 MB | Download hits: 98

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

(KAUS), Texas (TX), USA. AFCAD for default/stock airport only. Made with ADE 9X. Updates all ramps, taxiways, runways according to latest charts and Google satellite imagery and adds the FBOs. Updates terminal with correctly numbered and positioned gates, jetways, assigned parking, overflow parking, and lights. Uses Jim Dhaenen's lights and t-hangars. By Matthew Hollcraft. Screenshot of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Take the two BGL files (KAUS_ADEX_MH and...

File size: 11.35 MB | Download hits: 97

Mesh For St-Eustatius

Requires photo scenery of St. Eustatius (Statia) in the Caribbean with the airport F.D. Roosevelt (TNCE) (FSX_ST_EUSTATIUS_CARIBB_PHOTO_SCENERY.ZIP). Also optional FSX_ST-EUSTATIUS_CARIBB_PHOTO_SCENERY_ADITIONAL_TANKS2_OBX.ZIP. By Harald Sandvik. Screenshot of St-Eustatius scenery. INSTALLATION: The directory located in this archive root, is to be copied to the root directory of FSX, with its content. The folder "St-Eustatius Mesh" located in the directory,...

File size: 128.99 KB | Download hits: 184

Margarita Airport (SVMG)

Venezuela. This scenery includes terminal building with realistic textures from images obtained from Internet. In addition, corrects the erroneous position of the runway to the real-life coordinates. With photo-terrain scenery from satellite imagery of Google Earth. Also includes a friendly auto-install. Requires installation of FSX-SP2 or FSX-Acceleration. By David Maldonado and Gustavo La Cruz. Screenshot of Margarita Airport scenery. This scenario has a friendly...

File size: 80.6 MB | Download hits: 2189

Naval Air Station Argentia

Presented here is NAS Argentia, a former base of the United States Navy that operated from 1941-1994. It was established in the community of Argentia in what was then the Dominion of Newfoundland. This scenery package was designed and built as best as could be portrayed of the air station as it last appeared before being closed down by BRAC in 1994. Included is both the airfield as well as associated scenery. By Marshall Carter. Hello and thank you for downloading my scenery for NAS...

File size: 2.9 MB | Download hits: 94

Cat Island - The Bahamas

(MYCB). This scenery adds runway and taxi paths and parking to accommodate AI traffic. It also includes custom scenery objects; placement of library objects and landclass changes. It is based on Google Earth imagery and photos taken by Harrington Mallory and is optimized for use with UTX-TAC. By Art Poole. Aerial view of Bahamas scenery. Installation: Extract the zip file and move the MYCB folder to the "Flight Simulator XAddon Scenery" folder and then...

File size: 1.18 MB | Download hits: 241

Bemidji Regional Airport

(KBJI), Minnesota (MN), USA. AFCAD for default/stock FSX airport only. Made with ADE 9X. Bemidji RGNL is located in northern MN, and is currently served by Delta with daily roundtrip flights to KMSP. Updates all taxiways and extends runways according to the most recent FAA data and Google satellite imagery. Adds the airline terminal with the gate, the FBO, hangars, a fuel truck, Jim Dhaenen's lights, parking lot, and other "eye candy" around the field. By Matthew...

File size: 13.44 MB | Download hits: 132

Grand Junction Regional Airport

(KGJT), Colorado (CO), USA. AFCAD for default/stock FSX airport only. Made with ADE 9X. Updates KGJT using the latest charts and Google satellite imagery. Updates runways, taxiways, adds passenger terminal with gates, overflow, adds the Fedex Cargo facility and cargo spots, FBO, etc. Uses Jim Dhaenen's T-hangars and light scenery objects. By Matthew Hollcraft. Screenshot of Grand Junction Regional Airport. Installation: Take the two BGL files (KGJT_ADEX_MH and...

File size: 14.01 MB | Download hits: 435

Detailed Terrain Features For Southern Africa Update 3

Scenery consist of updated terrain vector data concerning coastlines, rivers, dams, streams, roads, traffic, railroads, power lines and extrusion bridges for southern Africa countries south of the equator. The Bree River, Robertson, Arnot, Witbank, Middelburg (South Africa) and areas around Beira (Mozambique) were updated by utilizing satellite image backgrounds. This scenery is important and will be needed with release of future scenery by Aeroworx. Please install the previous release...

File size: 8.17 MB | Download hits: 252

St. Eustatius Photo

(TNCE). Scenery of St. Eustatius (Statia) in the Caribbean with the airport FD Roosevelt (TNCE). Tools used are SbuilderX, Autogen Annotation and Airport Design Editor 9x. Some boat traffic can appear if models are available on your system, these can be found in source traffic files in doc folder. There are no complete night texture. Scenery is made by Harald Sandvik. Aerial view of St. Eustatius scenery.   ...

File size: 60.15 MB | Download hits: 464

Portuguese Small Airfields

Set of 51 small airfields located from north to south of Portugal, the vast majority used by ultralight aviation. Built in ADE9X. By Jorge Ferreira. Built in ADE9X. To install, unzip the .bgl files in Addon Scenery/scenery folder. ...

File size: 51.72 KB | Download hits: 246

San Diego Buildings Part 1

California (CA), USA. Scenery includes buildings for the downtown, Balboa Park, and Little Italy areas. Designed for use with Megascenery. Tested with Glenn Johnson's KSAN. By Brian N. Winton. Screenshot of San Diego buildings, taken from the air.   ...

File size: 398.83 MB | Download hits: 905

Journey International Airport

This is the Journey Ar And Hotel airport. This airport is operated by the VA airline, Journey. ICAO is KJOU. Name is Journey International Airport. Airport includes: ILS landings, fully functional ATC, working jetways (if the aircraft allows), night lighting, assigned parking, taxiways, aprons, and runways are made out of bricks, 111 gates, nine cargo spots, six fuel trucks, six ful stations, and more. For use with all Journey Air And Hotel Aircraft. By Brenden...

File size: 316.36 KB | Download hits: 50

LFNV Airstrip

A small airstrip in l'Enclave des Papes, south of France between a vineyard and olive trees. By Jean-Pierre Kozerawski. Installation: Unzip the file on your desktop. Move the file 'LFNV' in > C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XAddon SceneryProvence Start FSX, then in addon library, Provence add the new scenery LFNV Have a good flight. ...

File size: 14.32 MB | Download hits: 121

Fort Worth Alliance Airport KAFW

Texas, USA. Fort Worth Alliance Airport was constructed as the world's first purely industrial airport. It is located 14 miles north of Ft. Worth, TX and in close proximity to DFW International Airport. The airport is home to American Airlines Maintenance Base, Bell-Helicopter, FedEx Southwest Hub, and more. Scenery was designed for FSX Acceleration and features custom 3d buildings and models. By Brandon Thetford. Screenshot of JC Penny at Fort Worth Alliance...

File size: 439.72 MB | Download hits: 2013


A rendition of the beautiful airport of Busselton located in Western Australia. By Harry Patten. To make it as easy as possible for you we have placed our files into an easy "Auto Install". If you wish to install manually then just place the bgl file(s) into the scenery directory of your addon scenery folder. ...

File size: 130.25 KB | Download hits: 54