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Fua'amotu International Airport

Fua'amotu International Airport, Tonga (NFTF). Welcome to Fua'amotu International Airport, in the beautiful Pacific island paradise of the Kingdom of Tonga. This scenery contains detailed representations of both the international terminal area, and the domestic terminal area. There is also some added detail outside the airport, but it's been kept simple in the interests of conserving FPS on slower or less powerful computers. By Lawrie Roache. Screenshot of...

File size: 1.77 MB | Download hits: 380

RAF Marham Scenery Update

RAF Marham in the UK for the period circa 1993. Missing North Sea waypoint for use with the hose-equipped AI Victor referred to in EGYM_1993_X_1.ZIP. By John Young, Airfield Construction Group. Screenshot of RAF Jets in flight. The file is "AF2_EGZ5.bgl" and needs to be placed in your FSX addon sceneryscenery folder. The file is not missing from the FS9 version of the Marham scenery. ...

File size: 7.2 KB | Download hits: 295

Tokachi Obihiro Airport

(RJCB), Hokkaido, Japan. By Shigeru Tomino - Lets Fly Association. Aerial view of Tokachi Obihiro Airport and surrounding scenery.   ...

File size: 12.78 MB | Download hits: 437

Taiki Multi-Purpose Aerospace Park

(RJEZ), Hokkaido, Japan. By Shigeru Tomino - Lets Fly Association. Screenshot of Aerospace Park buildings and scenery.   ...

File size: 12.1 MB | Download hits: 219

RAF Marham 1993

RAF Marham in the UK for the period circa 1993. Designed for use with the Victor and Canberra AI packs (JY_VICTORS_AI_FSX_1.ZIP, JY_CANBERRAS_AI_FSX_1.ZIP). A very detailed, but frame rate efficient scenery of this airfield set in the Victor K2/Tornado GR1 era. By John Young, Airfield Construction Group. Screenshot of RAF Marham scenery.   ...

File size: 76.1 MB | Download hits: 1822

Kelly-Lackland AFB

Scenery for Kelly-Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas (TX), USA. Includes custom built hangars, buildings, facilities for C-5's, Boeing building, Wilford Hall Medical Center, and more. Added fuel trucks and GSE. AFCAD parking coded for MAIW C-5 and F-16 packages. EZ scenery, Dan French Core LibrariesVol2_FSX or higher, GGSE_J3.ZIP by John Stinstrom, and Loney's Hangars and Buildings required. By Dan French. Screenshot of Kelly-Lackland AFB scenery. The...

File size: 2.16 MB | Download hits: 649

Update 6 for Ghost Airports - PA

The Ghost Airport - Pennsylvania Collection is a collection of forty-seven Pennsylvania airports for FSX that used to exist but now are gone or virtually gone. The main thrust of this update is to install a newly found airport, Rodgers Field, near Pittsburgh. See the Readme file for more details. The update also contains some minor fixes on a few airports. By Richard O. Finley. Aerial view of Pennsylvania airport scenery. Here is a list of the airports in this...

File size: 19.53 MB | Download hits: 157

Sarakhs Airport

(OIMC) and Sarakhs South (Z14H) in Iran, v1. Includes hangars, buildings, lights added, improved airport appearance, photoreal scenery with winter and night, traffic added. By Usof Kalantari. Screenshot of Sarakhs Airport scenery. Copy both folders to ...Program FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XAddon Scenery and enjoy.   ...

File size: 313.84 MB | Download hits: 203

Blackburn Wind Farms

Blackburn Wind Farms for users of Neil's Microlight's. Eight new wind generators in and around the town of Blackburn, Lancashire, UK. By Neil Birch. Screenshot of Blackburn Wind Farm.   ...

File size: 219.19 KB | Download hits: 108

The Knoxville Municipal Airport

(KOXV) renamed Jim Bellamy Field, serves the greater Knoxville community and the surrounding areas of Marion County, Iowa (IA), USA. The airport is comprised of 120 acres, and is located at the southern edge of Knoxville, adjacent to the Highway 14 and Highway 5/92 interchange. The 4000 foot (by 75 foot) single runway is constructed of concrete, with parallel taxiway. The facility is at an elevation of 928 feet at a distance of about 2 miles from Knoxville. Created for your flying pleasure...

File size: 31.45 MB | Download hits: 184

Rebun Airport

(RJCR), Hokkaido, Japan for FSX Acceleration. By Shigeru Tomino - Lets Fly Association. Screenshot of Rebun Airport scenery.   ...

File size: 9.95 MB | Download hits: 277

Wakkanai Airport

(RJCW), Hokkaido, Japan for FSX Acceleration. By Shigeru Tomino - Lets Fly Association. Screenshot of Wakkanai Airport and the surrounding scenery.   ...

File size: 12.12 MB | Download hits: 728

Rishiri Airport

(RJER), Hokkaido, Japan for FSX Acceleration. By Shigeru Tomino - Lets Fly Association. Screenshot of Rishiri Airport.   ...

File size: 13 MB | Download hits: 451

Erie International Airport (KERI)

(KERI) Tom Ridge Field, Pennsylvania (PA), USA. This is an update to fully incorporate the KERI 2012 runway extension project. The first R.O. Finley KERI scenery release depicted the stock FSX KERI with the runway extension construction depicted but not connected to the existing runway. The first update to that simulation connected the construction to the runway enabling use of full extended length of the KERI runway but depicted the construction still in progress. KERI air traffic...

File size: 7.44 MB | Download hits: 205

Carnarvon Airport

(YCAR). Photo scenery and AFX of Carnarvon, west Australia, with night textures. Autogen from different libraries required. By Uwe Schweitzer. Screenshot of Carnarvon Airport scenery. For autogen you need different libraries from OzX and ORBX as well as Ez_terminals ss and GA_Hangars from from Sydney Schwartz and maybe other objects from Rw12 and stock. These are not real local but hopefully as near as possible by Google Earth. Thanks to the authors and for the...

File size: 20.6 MB | Download hits: 180

Manjimup Scenery Update

For use with MANJIMUP.ZIP. Update for photo scenery of Manjimup, West Australia. Now with night textures. By Uwe Schweitzer. View of Manjimup scenery at night. Installation: Unzip the scenery folder to your Manjimup Scenery and let it overwrite. That's all. If flying at night time everything will be light and dark as the normal program. You use this scenery on your own risk, I am not responsible for any damage or what so ever, though I have no problems...

File size: 2.92 MB | Download hits: 32

Alfs UK Airfields Volume 25

Sywell update (version 2), UK. Version 2 of EGBK includes new concrete runway and improved buildings. This was compiled using aerial views from Google Earth, Pooleys UK Flight Guide, and the FSX SDK Object Placement Tool and Airport Design Editor v1.50. Extra items were produced using Instant Object Studio from Flight 1. By Alfred Denham. Screenshot of plane flying over Sywell scenery. NOTE: Now I am using Instant Object Studio from Flight 1, the diurnal illumination on...

File size: 8.42 MB | Download hits: 398

Kunduz Airport

(OAUZ), Afghanistan. Features custom models with photo base that changes with the seasons. By Jacques Botha. Screenshot of Kunduz Airport scenery. FSX Acceleration will give the best results.(Also SP2 compatible). Acceleration users will have more eye candy! Windows 7 users follow the following instructions: Unzip "" to a temp folder. Copy the "Kunduz_Afghanistan" folder to your "FSX/scenery" folder. Copy...

File size: 11.34 MB | Download hits: 162

Sabzevar Airport

(OIMS), Iran, version 1. Includes hangars, buildings, lights added, photoreal scenery with winter and night, traffic in city. By Usof Kalantari. Aerial view of Sabzevar scenery. Copy both folders to ...Program FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XAddon Scenery and enjoy. ...

File size: 213.03 MB | Download hits: 217

NL2000 Installer

This is the NL2000 v4.0.32 Installer for the NL2000 scenery version 4. It contains the NL2000 v4.0.32 package installer needed to install the NL2000 V4.03 scenery packages. The Netherlands 2000 v4 Scenery is a modular free FSX scenery covering the Netherlands. Visit our website for available packages. By The Netherlands 2000 Scenery Design Team. ...

File size: 6.16 MB | Download hits: 468