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FSX Scenery

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Kikai Airport

(RJKI), Kagoshima, Japan. By Shigeru Tomino - Lets Fly Association. Aerial view of Kikai Airport scenery.   ...

File size: 13.88 MB | Download hits: 366

Leverkusen-Kurtekotten Airport

EDKL (Leverkusen-Kurtekotten), v0.4. Created with Airport Design Editor (ADE) of Jon Masterson. Mainly uses standard FSX library objects, so that the exact look, the color of buildings and other objects will differ. Important: In order to function properly, this scenery necessarily needs a free, third-party library By Dirk Cremer. This is the first airfield, that I've created with Airport Design Editor (ADE) of Jon Masterson. I've tried to do the job as close as possible to...

File size: 3.29 MB | Download hits: 305

Rock Sound - The Bahamas

(MYER). This scenery includes rework of the runway, taxiways, aprons and parking; custom scenery objects; placement of library objects and landclass changes compatible with UTX-TAC in the vicinity of MYER. It is based on Google Earth imagery and photos taken by Harrington Mallory. By Art Poole. Screenshot of Bahamas scenery. Installation: Extract the zip file and move the MYER folder to the "Flight Simulator XAddon Scenery" folder and then add this folder...

File size: 1.19 MB | Download hits: 230

Stellenbosch Airport

(FASH), South Africa. Stellenbosch Airport in the Western Cape, South Africa. Highly detailed airport containing photorealistic ground textures, hangars and buildings. By Johan van Wyk, Andre Steyn, Aeroworx. Screenshot of Stellenbosch Airport scenery. IMPORTANT NOTES: This scenery will work best with the Aeroworx mesh. Mesh for Southern Africa 0604,0605,0704 and 0705 and Detailed Terrain features for South Africa by Aeroworx (Be sure do download all...

File size: 2.76 MB | Download hits: 443

Raron Airport

(LSMN), Visp, Valais/Wallis, Switzerland. The scenery is located in the valley of Valais in Switzerland. The airport is placed with images of Google maps, Skyguide and Ourairport. Full runway made usable, sorry for the fictional scenery, but wanted to make it usable with jets. By Michael Bruttel. Screenshot of Raron Airport scenery. Credits: ADE (Airport Design Editor) by Jon Masterson is a freeware utility for developing airport sceneries. Dennis Waggoner dwag...

File size: 3.88 MB | Download hits: 317

Fricktal Schupfart

(LSZI). The scenery is located in the hills of the eastern Jura in Switzerland near Basel. The airport is placed with images of Google Maps and Skyguide chart. By Michael Bruttel. Screenshot of Fricktal Schupfart scenery. Credits: ADE (Airport Design Editor) by Jon Masterson is a freeware utility for developing airport sceneries. Google Sketchup for the Hangar and Restaurant building. ...

File size: 1.74 MB | Download hits: 170

Flugplatz Sankt Stephan

Bern, Switzerland (LSTS). The scenery is located in the Obersimmental in the Bernese Alps Switzerland. The runway is only opened for the hunters and old timers once a year. The airport is placed with images of Google Maps. Added the main hangar; needs Raron scenery (RARON.ZIP) for the textures. By Michael Bruttel. Screenshot of runway 32. Credits: ADE (Airport Design Editor) by Jon Masterson is a freeware utility for developing airport sceneries. Dennis Waggoner dwag...

File size: 502.66 KB | Download hits: 221

Robben Island Airstrip

(AX78), South Africa. Robben Island is an island in Table Bay, some seven kilometers off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa. The name is Dutch for "Seal Island". Robben Island is roughly oval shaped with a disused gravel airstrip. It is of particular note as it was here that former South African President and Nobel Laureate Nelson Mandela and former South African President Kgalema Motlanthe, alongside many other political prisoners were imprisoned. During the Second World War,...

File size: 19.16 MB | Download hits: 295

Omarama Airfield

New Zealand (NZOA). Welcome to Omarama Airfield, situated 10 nautical miles west-northwest of the Benmore Hydro Dam, in the beautiful McKenzie Country region of the South Island of New Zealand. Situated about 1km fom the small township of Omarama, the airfield is also known as the Glider Capitol of New Zealand. By Lawrie Roache. Screenshot of Omarama Airfield scenery. This scenery was made for FSX SP2, without Acceleration, and with VECTOR LANDCLASS (VLC) (Payware)...

File size: 2.87 MB | Download hits: 130

Haltikon Airport

(LSXR), a heliport used by Heli Gotthard and Heliswiss International located in Haltikon (Kussnacht am Rigi, SZ). Reproduced square landing, two hangars, residential buildings, warehouses, sawmill Schilliger Holz AG. By Quanchi Alex. Screenshot of Haltikon Airport scenery. Required files: Scenery Switzerland Pro X (Flylogicsoftware) Scenery VF-AIR Installation: Unpack the "Haltikon LSXR 1.0" zip files to a folder of your...

File size: 12.25 MB | Download hits: 167

Centennial Park Airfield

New Zealand (NZCG). Welcome to Centennial Park Airfield, located in the central North Island of New Zealand, just outside the small city of Taupo. It is a small general aviation airfield, and is very popular for glider operations, being home to the Taupo Gliding Club. Beside the airfield is the Taupo Horse Racing Track, and also the Taupo Motorsport Park. By Lawrie Roache and Godfrey Tier. Screenshot of Centennial Park Airfield scenery. This scenery was made for FSX SP2,...

File size: 3.89 MB | Download hits: 96

Skyros Photoreal

Greece. Skyros, Skyropoula Erinia Valaxa, Sarakino photoreal scenery for FSX, both day and night. By Dimitris Ntaskas. Satellite view of Skyros/Photoreal scenery.   ...

File size: 73.57 MB | Download hits: 565

Non-Airport Scenery For Southern Africa

Non airport scenery consists of all previous released scenery concerning Kruger National Park, South African Harbors, Overvaal resorts and all the rest. Added to this are a few more individual scenery enhancements, power stations and revamped photo background scenery, done with default objects and own designed models to act as reference points when flying VFR and enhance your southern Africa scenery. Please install FSXWORX01.ZIP, FSXWORX02.ZIP, and the updates before this scenery. By Hannes...

File size: 110.92 MB | Download hits: 478

Erie International (Tom Ridge Field) Update 3

Pennsylvania (PA), USA. This update to the KERI 2012 runway extension project scenery resolves issues and omissions that have surfaced since Update #2 (KERI_RUNWAY_EXTENSION_UPDATE_2.ZIP) was released. One issue resolved involves moving traffic that shows up at the old approach end of runway 24 for users of certain third party scenery enhancements. This update adds several changes and enhancements including runway 6 displaced threshold and taxiway B parallel to 2-20 drawn to the correct...

File size: 288.66 KB | Download hits: 119

Ha'apai Lifuka Airport

Tonga (NFTL). Welcome to Ha'apai Lifuka Airport, (also known as Salote Pilolevu Airport), in the beautiful Pacific Island paradise of the Kingdom of Tonga. The airport has a 3,937 x 98 foot (1200 x 30m) bituminous/asphalt mixed runway and is subject to frequent cross-winds. By Lawrie Roache. Screenshot of Ha'apai Lifuka Airport scenery. This scenery was made for FSX SP2, without Acceleration, and with VECTOR LANDCLASS (VLC) (Payware) installed. Flight1...

File size: 2.76 MB | Download hits: 113

Detailed Terrain Features For Southern Africa Update 2

Scenery consist of updated terrain vector data concerning coastlines, rivers, dams, streams, roads, traffic, railroads, power lines and extrusion bridges for southern Africa countries South of the equator. The scenery was updated by utilizing satellite image backgrounds. This scenery is important and will be needed with release of future scenery by Aeroworx. Please install the previous release FSXWORX01.ZIP and updates before this file. By Hannes Steyn, Aeroworx. Overview of...

File size: 10.98 MB | Download hits: 259


Palma de Mallorca with two more airports on the island. This package includes Es Pont d'Inca (Son Bonet), Palma de Mallorca and Peurto Pollensa seaplane base. By Harry Patten. Screenshot of Mallorca scenery. You may of downloaded my other Palma airport addon, if so, remove that one prior to installing this one. This addon includes: Pollensa seaplane base Es pont d;Inca (Son Bonet) Palma de Mallorca Place all of the "bgl" files into...

File size: 40.1 MB | Download hits: 801

Islamabad International Airport

A remake of the basic FSX scenery of Islamabad Airport (ISB/OPRN) in Pakistan. Highly detailed airport with altered landclass, roads and buildings immediately surrounding it. Chaklala International Airport (more recently named after the late Benazir Bhutto) is a cramped and overcrowded airport, shared with the Pakistan Air Force and with no room to expand. Aerial shot of runway 30 at Islamabad International Airport. The main runway is 11,000 feet, served by just three...

File size: 2.08 MB | Download hits: 1728

Palma De Mallorca (LEPA)

This add-on for Palma Airport (LEPA) gives you all of these new features: new carpark, static aircraft, Palma Airport's military base, new roads, some buildings surrounding the airport, animated people and airline cargo terminal. By Harry Patten. Screenshot of Palma De Mallorca scenery. This is a great rendition of Palma de Mallorca airport located in the Spanish island of Mallorca (LEPA) don't get the wrong idea because there's only one bgl file. You'd...

File size: 18.51 MB | Download hits: 4385

Pompeii Italy

Sixteen 3D models of the ruins and photoreal scenery for both the ruins and Mount Vesuvius. Pompeii ruin models used with permission from Peter Olsen. Scenery package by Kevin R. Wynn. Screenshot of Pompeii Italy scenery. Unzip the contents of the zip file into your FSX addon Scenery folder. Remember to activate the scenery inside of FSX. To Uninstall simply deactivate the scenery inside of FSX and then delete the Pompeii folder under the FSX addon scenery folder. ...

File size: 315.08 MB | Download hits: 1488