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FSX Scenery

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NL2000 V4.03 Woensdrecht Air Base

This is the NL2000 v4.03 EHWO Woensdrecht Air Base package for the NL2000 scenery version 4. You need the NL2000 v4.0.32 installer to install this package. The Netherlands 2000 v4 Scenery is a modular free FSX scenery covering the Netherlands. Visit our website for other available packages. By The Netherlands 2000 Scenery Design Team. Plane on the ground at Woensdrecht Air Base.   ...

File size: 54.25 MB | Download hits: 130

NL2000 V4.03 Library Package

This is the NL2000 v4.03 libraries package for the NL2000 scenery version 4. Mandatory objects used by most airports of NL2000, including effect files and AI airplanes. You need the NL2000 v4.0.32 installer to install this package. The Netherlands 2000 v4 Scenery is a modular free FSX scenery covering the Netherlands. Visit our website for other available packages. By The Netherlands 2000 Scenery Design Team. Screenshot of NL2000 Library Package objects.   ...

File size: 266.21 MB | Download hits: 212

NL2000 V4.03 Tree Upgrade

This is the NL2000 v4.03 tree upgrade package for the NL2000 scenery version 4. A tree replacement package for all NL2000 v4 resample packages. You need the NL2000 v4.0.32 installer to install this package. The Netherlands 2000 v4 Scenery is a modular free FSX scenery covering the Netherlands. Visit our website for other available packages. By The Netherlands 2000 Scenery Design Team. A calm river with upgraded trees beyond one of the banks.   ...

File size: 181.9 MB | Download hits: 246

Pitcairn Islands Photoreal

Pitcairn Islands is a small group of islands in the South Pacific, made famous by the Bounty mutineers in the 18th century. Today the islands are British Oversees Territory. This package includes all four islands: Pitcairn, Henderson, and the two atolls of Ducie and Oeno. Texture resolution 1m/pixel. Includes four fictional airports as starting points to explore the islands. By Tiberius Kowalski. How to install: Close FSX. Extract zip file to your hard drive, this will...

File size: 32.27 MB | Download hits: 204

VILH Scenery V1.3

Leh Kushok Bakula Rinpoche Airport Leh, Jammu & Kashmir, India. A GPS approach has been added plus some minor fixes. An airbase and aerodrome, it is one of the highest airports in the world at 3,256 m (10,682 feet) above sea level. Due to the presence of mountain winds in the afternoon, all flights in Leh take off and land in the morning. By Tony Vienonen. Aerial view, looking up runway 25. There is no rotating beacon and nighttime lights are at a minimum. The...

File size: 5.24 MB | Download hits: 428

Disneyland CA Monorail

(Unanimated). A 3D model of the monorail system at Disneyland, California (CA). To be used with Aerosoft's US Cities - Los Angeles. 3D SketchUp model used with permission from Peter Olsen. By Kevin R Wynn. Screenshot of Disneyland CA Monorail scenery. This scenery should be used with Aerosoft's US Cities - Los Angeles. I have no idea what it will look like if you don't. Installation: Unzip the contents of the zip file. Create a folder under...

File size: 828.54 KB | Download hits: 307

Photo Scenery Of Manjimup

Manjimup, West Australia. Needs different libraries for autogen from FSX stock, Rwy12, Ez, Orbx and OzX. These were inserted by Instant Scenery. By Uwe Schweitzer. (See also MANJMUP_LT.ZIP). Aerial shot of Manjimup scenery. Installation: Unzip the folder to your Addon Scenery, then register the folder in your simulator scenery library before flying. Then choose Manjimup or YMJM for airport. You use this scenery on your own risk, I am not reponsible for any...

File size: 12.81 MB | Download hits: 60

Sivrihisar Airport

Sivrihisar Airport (AB) (LTAV), Turkey. By Haluk Alpat. ...

File size: 824.19 KB | Download hits: 122

Igdir Airport

Igdir Airport (LTCT), Turkey, 2012. By Haluk Alpat. ...

File size: 5.83 MB | Download hits: 629

Fictional Port Fourchon

Created because most of the seaplane and helicopter traffic that goes to the Gulf Coast rigs in Louisiana uses this location. This location is also used extensively by crew boats that take workers to the offshore Oil Platforms. ...

File size: 1.99 KB | Download hits: 72

Shahid Hasheminejad Airport

(OIMM), Iran, v3. Features hangars and buildings upgraded, lights added, airport's appearance has been better, runway numbers changed to new, heli site added. By Usof Kalantari. Copy both folders to ...Program FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XAddon Scenery and enjoy. ...

File size: 6.66 MB | Download hits: 178

Warszawa Modlin Airport

(EPMO), Poland, v1.0. New airport for the Polish capital, with low cost airlines aiming to provide a cheap alternative to services from Warsaw's Chopin International Airport. Modlin Airport, located 35 kilometres north of the city center, was erected on a former military airfield and it is hoped that 3 million customers will make use of the airport each year. Ultimate Traffic 2 powerpack files included for Ryanair and Wizzair ready to export to UT2. By Marcin Palasek....

File size: 5.25 MB | Download hits: 1974

George International Airport

(FAGG), Western Cape, South Africe. Some scenery made using Sketchup, ADE and Sbuilderx for the photos. By Reben Niemand. ...

File size: 10.39 MB | Download hits: 353

Telluride Regional Airport

Colorado (CO), USA. Telluride Regional is the highest commercial airport in America at 9078 feet msl. You get photoreal with seasons, custom ground poly rumways, custom buildings and effects. FSX Acceleration will give the best results (also SP2 compatable). Acceleration users will have more eye candy. By Frits Beyer. Screenshot of Telluride Regional Airport scenery. Windows 7 users follow the following instructions: Unzip "" to a temp...

File size: 31.59 MB | Download hits: 1583

Reigle Field

(58N), Palmyra, Pennsylvania (PA). Features corrected parking and general airport scenery using ADE, added local roads, landmarks, and more using FSX and Rwy12 objects, fairly frame rate friendly. Screenshot of Reigle Field scenery. Corrected parking and general airport scenery using ADE. Added local roads, landmarks, and more using FSX and RWY12 objects. Fairly Frame-Rate-Friendly. Installation: Open ZIP to a temporary location. Place...

File size: 171.68 KB | Download hits: 56

Watson Lake Airport

(CYQH), Yukon, Canada, v2.00, for FSX Acceleration. By Lets Fly Association / Shigeru Tomino (TONO). Screenshot of Watson Lake Airport scenery.   ...

File size: 13.48 MB | Download hits: 316


AFCAD file and OzX/Orbx scenery lib for Devonport (YDPO), Tasmania, Australia, for a more realistic view. By Uwe Schweitzer. Overview of Devonport scenery. You will need the ORBX and OzX libraries for autogen, AI traffic with AU Traffic freeware from ORBX. Installation: Unzip and put the AFX_YDPO.bgl and YDPO_Lib.bgl into the scenery file of OzX_AUS. Of course you can only use the Afcad file without FTX in your Addon Scenery but you will then have no buildings. ...

File size: 2.59 MB | Download hits: 230

West Sale

(YWSL). Photo scenery of West Sale, Victoria, Australia for Orbx and OzX. You need these libraries for autogen. By Uwe Schweitzer. Aerial view of West Sale scenery. Done with AFX, SBuilderX, Virtual Earth, InstantScenery and PhotoShop. Installation: In the zipfile you'll find the folder West Sale which contains a scenery folder, a txt folder and some images. Unzip the West Sale folder to your def. FSX...\Addon Scenery. Activate inside the sim, and...

File size: 2.67 MB | Download hits: 94

Colorado Springs-Peterson AFB

(KCOS), CO. Custom built detailed terminal, hangars, nearby buildings, hotels, AFCAD includes parking for C-17s, C-130's, and is parking coded for military AI. Added fuel trucks and GSE. EZ Scenery, Rwy12, GGSE, and Dan French Core Libraries Vol 2 FSX or higher required (DLFCORELIBRARIES2FSX.ZIP). By Dan French. Screenshot of Colorado Springs scenery. Fairly up to date (2012) rendering of Colorado Springs Municipal Airport/ Peterson AFB for FSX only. The two share...

File size: 3.28 MB | Download hits: 738

Canaima National Park Venezuela

This package includes Canaima Airport-SVCN, Angel Falls (created by Jean St-Cyr) and camp Kavak-SVKV (new in FSX). With photo-terrain scenery from satellite imagery of Google Earth. This scenery includes terminal building with realistic textures from images obtained from Internet. Also includes a friendly auto-install. By David Maldonado. Screenshot of Canaima National Park Venezuela scenery. Follow these steps for a successful installation: Install this package...

File size: 50.02 MB | Download hits: 697