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FSX Scenery

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Jandakot Airport

Jandakot Airport, Western Australia, v1. Roger's Aussie Scenery. By Roger Leupold. Aerial view of Jandakot Airport. INSTALLATION: Tested in Win 7 64 bit and using FSX Acceleration. For those unfamiliar with adding scenery to your FSX, follow the installation steps below. ( Remove any previous Jandakot Scenery) then Extract the the Jandakot airport folder and place it in your ADDon Scenery Folder. Now start FSX Go to settings, click scenery library,...

File size: 4.55 MB | Download hits: 294

Aviation City

Aviation City, New Mexico (NM). Airport update for Aviation City created with ADEX. Requires KAVA-AJ.ZIP. By Andy Johnston. ...

File size: 12.44 kB | Download hits: 47


Ecury-sur-Coole, France, and airfield LFQK. Photoreal ground with seasonal and night variants, landclass re-design of Chalons city, custom photoreal hangars, animated windsock, static planes, cars, nearest village in 3D, fuel area, etc. VAC and doc included. Works with FSX and FSXA. By D. Bur. Aerial view of Ecury-sur-Coole scenery. This scenery has been designed with SketchUp, SceneryBuilder, Airport design Editor and ModelConverterX. Thanks to their authors for their...

File size: 15.45 MB | Download hits: 714

Rossfeld Glider Airfield

Rossfeld Glider Airfield, south of Stuttgart, Germany, on a hilltop. You will find this lovely airfield surrounded by woods. The Airfield is hosted by a soaring club, however there are all kinds of aircraft, up to 2000KG MTOW. By Andreas Jennerwein. Screenshot of Rossfeld Glider Airfield scenery. Copy the enclosed folders and its content in the FSX-main-folder and confirm "overwriting" when prompted. Then add the scenery to the FSX-scenery-library. Aerosoft...

File size: 17.65 MB | Download hits: 423

Saratoga County Airport V2

Saratoga County Airport, New York (5B2) v2.0 for FSX Acceleration. Located in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate NY, USA. This facility is owned by Saratoga County, formerly housed Rich Air and currently houses North American Aviation. 5B2 is a non-controlled airfield catering to small engine aircraft up to a few private jets, with daily traffic serving 'The Northcountry' and Saratoga Springs, New York. All objects fully designed and completely redone in Gmax using...

File size: 24.26 MB | Download hits: 301

Hetzleser Berg Airfield

Hetzleser Berg Airfield (EDQX), Germany. Located north of Nuernberg Airport on a hilltop, you will find this lovely airfield surrounded by woods. The airfield is hosted by soaring clubs, however there are all kinds of aircraft, up to 2000 KG MTOW. By Andreas Jennerwein. Screenshot of Hetzleser Berg Airfield scenery. It is easy to find when you track the VOR Erlangen 114.90 MHz. Its position is just 1 NM away from the center of the VOR. Copy the enclosed folders and...

File size: 26.72 MB | Download hits: 451

Static MXY7 OHKA Scenery Object

The file comes in a model (MDL) and as a library. The OHKA can be placed in any scenery by any object placement tool. The OHKA was made in Gmax by Guy Diotte. Image of MXY7 OHKA model.   ...

File size: 321.11 kB | Download hits: 79

Hay River - Merlyn Carter Airport

This scenery is of the Hay River (CYHY) NT, Canada airport located on the southern side of Great Slave Lake. This small busy airport is an important part of the moving of freight and passengers to the North. During the spring and fall when the ice roads are not passable and the waterways cannot be used these northern airports are vital to get the essential into northern communities. Buffalo Airways is a great user of this airport for moving freight and passengers as well as operating a fleet...

File size: 40.22 MB | Download hits: 609

04/12 Perth International Airport

Perth International Airport, Western Australia, April 2012. Roger's Aussie Scenery. By Roger Leupold. Screenshot of plane flying above Perth International Airport. This is a complete remake of Perth Terminals and Taxiways. INSTALLATION: Tested in Win 7 64 bit and using FSX Acceleration. For those unfamiliar with adding scenery to your FSX, follow the installation steps below. ( Remove any previous Perth Scenery) then Extract the the Perth Int airport...

File size: 3.25 MB | Download hits: 615

Scott Air Force Base

Scott Air Force Base (IATA: BLV, ICAO: KBLV, FAA LID: BLV) is a base of the United States Air Force in St. Clair County, Illinois (IL), near Belleville. The base is named after Corporal Frank S. Scott, the first enlisted person to be killed in an aviation crash. The base is operated by the 375th Air Mobility Wing (375 AMW) and is also home to the Air Force Reserve Command's 932d Airlift Wing (932 AW) and the Illinois Air National Guard's 126th Air Refueling Wing (126 ARW), the latter...

File size: 8.77 MB | Download hits: 615

Des Moines International Airport (KDSM)

Des Moines International Airport (KDSM), Iowa (IA). The entire terminal area has been redone, using buildings modelled in FSDS. The 132nd Fighter Wing of the Iowa Air National Guard is also represented, and a large cargo area is also included. Gates are correctly numbered and coded using Airport Design Editor 1.50.4402. New vehicle paths have been drawn so as to prevent airport vehicles from accessing the taxiways. There is also an option to have both runways utilized by AI traffic. There is...

File size: 2.35 MB | Download hits: 999

Santa Lucia Air Force Base

Santa Lucia Air Force Base vX.5 "Gral. de Div. P. A. Alfredo Lezama Alvarez" (Base Aerea Militar 1) Santa Lucia, Estado de Mexico (MMSM). This facility is located in the Mexico State and is the major air base in Mexico and is operated by Mexican Air Force. Contain Gmax objects, landclass and phototerrain scenery. This update contain more parking slots. BAM 1 Santa Lucia is a SEMARV Scenery Design. By Omar Eduardo Herrera Galindo. Screenshot of Santa Lucia Air Force...

File size: 33.43 MB | Download hits: 368

Aeropuerto de Chilecito Anguilan Update

(SANO), Chilecito, La Rioja, Argentina. Includes realistic control tower and added Argentina flag. By Andrea Deplano. Screenshot of Aeropuerto de Chilecito Anguilan. No warranty for hardware or software problems. Delete my Last SANO scenery. Unzip files on temporary folder. Move Sano's folder on addon scenery or scenery folder. Activate scenery on FSX. Enjoy! ...

File size: 1.52 MB | Download hits: 109

La Isabela International Airport

La Isabela International Airport (IATA: JBQ, ICAO: MDJB). The airport opened in February 2006 to replace Herrera International Airport. It serves mostly the Dominican Republic with domestic flights and some international flights to other Caribbean islands. This scenery is the Vol. 1 of a series of updates that you will make in the future, contains photoreal terrain in 5 km radius. By Luis Bobea. Aerial view of La Isabela International...

File size: 59.05 MB | Download hits: 614

Heydar Aliyev International Airport

Heydar Aliyev International Airport (UBBB), Baku, Azerbaijan. This is an updated version to resolve any problems with the disconnected jetways. This update also includes a straightened vehicle link system. By Abdalla Mahran. Aerial view of Heydar Aliyev International Airport scenery. As I discovered a while after I released the original file, the jetways seem to be disconnected. That was due to ADE not loading the jfk Jetway models prior to the compilation....

File size: 2.97 MB | Download hits: 791

Botswana Airports

This pack contains 115 airports for Botswana, including all the majors (with recent runway extensions and so forth, as per information available on the web, via NOTAM, etc.), plus many bush strips from across the country. It also contains various other features, such as details at some of the major mines, and minor roads around the airports. All were designed with ADE X v1.5, and tested in FSX SP2. The airports are also designed to go with Aeroworx's Southern Africa landclass and terrain...

File size: 271.47 kB | Download hits: 594

KEWR Scenery Update

This is a major remodeling of Newark Airport in New Jersey (NJ). It is modeled after Beijing Airport. It has three terminals, A, B, C. Terminal C is for Continental Airlines only with World of AI traffic. Also includes activated crosswind runway 11/29 for take off and landing. Overview of Newark Airport. I did a major remodeling of my home airport. Newark airport in new jersey. I modeled it after Beijing airport. Terminal A is for domestic carriers, Terminal B is for...

File size: 181.25 kB | Download hits: 1039

Namibia Airports

This pack contains 207 airports for Namibia, including all the majors (with recent runway extensions and so forth, as per information available on the web, via NOTAM, etc.), plus many bush strips from across the country. It also contains various other features, such as major ports, mines, and radio/TV towers. All were designed with ADE X v1.5, and tested in FSX SP2. The airports are also designed to go with Aeroworx's series of Southern Africa landclass and terrain features. By David...

File size: 523.94 kB | Download hits: 479

Landsberg AB (ETAS) V1

Landsberg Air Base is located in southern Germany near the city of Landsberg. This airbase hosts the Lufttransportgeschwader (LTG) 61 (Air Transportation Wing 61). This scenery is an updated stock scenery and done with ADE X 1.50 and objects from stock. Also included is the fire station made by Malte Deja and Wolfgang Schroeder. It has lots of parking spots. By Uwe Steenweg. Aerial view of Landsberg Air Base. Note: The Scenery has not been tested with any addon software...

File size: 3.75 MB | Download hits: 379

Qamdo Bamda Airport (ZUBD)

Fly from the world's highest airport, taking off from the longest public runway. Located in the vast wilderness of Tibet, Qamdo Bamda Aiport is one of the world's most remote airports, a two and a half hour drive from the nearest city. This is brought to you by DB FlightSim / David Birch. Instalation Extract the contents of this .zip folder. Run 'Qamdo Bamda Airport.exe' - Please Note that some users, such as those of newer versions of Windows, may need to...

File size: 8.03 MB | Download hits: 978


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