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Virgin Islands UpdatedPatch

This is an updated scenery of the Virgin Islands with some fixes. Also adds a new airport, St. Croix. These files include ILS approach for Princes Juliana runway 09 and others. Does not impact frame rates. By J. D. Starseed. Un- zip file to your desktop. Copy all individual BGL. files to your FSX Addon Scenery/ Scenery folder. NOT textures folder. For example: C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XAddon SceneryScenery. Overwrite any files if you have...

File size: 505.01 KB | Download hits: 476

Tyndall Air Force Base

Tyndall Air Force Base (KPAM), Panama City, Florida (FL). An improved version with added parking, apron, fire station with trucks, helipads, water tower and missing taxiways. By Jim Cook. Overview of Tyndall Air Force Base. MS didn't do much with military bases in FSX. Here is an improved version of the stock Tyndall AFB. I added many Military_Cargo and Military_Combat parking spaces. Added an apron to the fire station with fire trucks, added helipads, the water tower, and...

File size: 14.22 KB | Download hits: 610

Ellis Park Stadium Johannesburg

This is the Ellis Park Soccer/Rugby Stadium in Johannesburg. This stadium hosted some soccer matches during the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The stadium was also the grounds on which the Springboks won the 1995 IRB Rugby World Cup. This is freeware and made from a custom designed object and also has a photoreal base. By Philip Schall, PSDS. Aerial view of Ellis Park Stadium, Johannesburg.   ...

File size: 2.49 MB | Download hits: 933

Mbombela Soccer Stadium

This is the Mbombela Soccer Stadium in Nelspruit. This stadium was built for the 2010 FIFA World Cup hosted in South Africa. This is freeware and made from a custom designed object and also has a photoreal base. By Philip Schall, PSDS. Aerial view of Mbombela Soccer Stadium.   ...

File size: 10.42 MB | Download hits: 397

Bata International Airport

Bata International Airport (FGBT), Equatorial Guinea. This is scenery for the upgraded airport at Bata, Equatorial Guinea. It now has the new runway 03/21 and the old runway 04/22 has been shut down. By Juergen Martens. Screenshot of Bata International Airport. This is the revised scenery for Bata airport FGBT on the mainland of Equatorial Guinea. The default FSX airport is totally wrong because the mesh places it on top of very high cliffs which are not there in...

File size: 1.03 MB | Download hits: 515

OLBAX Patch V1.0.1

This patch fixes the following issues in OLBAX V1.0: Ground layout red spots and Minor trees positions correction on the airport ground. Requires OLBAX V1.0 by Lebor Simulations (LEBORSIM-OLBAX-V1_0.ZIP). OLBAX Patch V1.0.1 poster. Installing the scenery patch: Be sure FSX is not running. Unzip the content of this package in a temporary folder on your disk. Move or copy "OLBAX_Layout.bgl" and "OLBAX_TREES.BGL" to...

File size: 91.53 MB | Download hits: 1263

Worcester Airfield South Africa

Worcester is a small GA airfield about 110 km from Cape Town, South Africa. It is used for general aviation, PPL training and is one of the best gliding spots on earth. Surrounded by beautiful mountains and rivers. FSX Acceleration will give the best results (also SP2 compatible). Acceleration users will have more eye candy. By Jacques Botha. Screenshot of Worcester Airfield, South Africa. Windows 7 users follow the following instructions: Unzip...

File size: 6.59 MB | Download hits: 649

Raleigh Exec Jetport

Raleigh Exec Jetport at Sanford-Lee County, Sanford, North Carolina, United States. KTTA is a public use airport located northeast of Sanford, NC, USA. It is owned by the Sanford-Lee County Regional Airport Authority and was previously known as Sanford-Lee County Regional Airport. By Tony Vienonen. Screenshot of runway 3 at Raleigh Exec Jetport. Changes include: Added parking and aprons. Labeled taxiways. Added buildings. Changed Name to Raleigh...

File size: 1.45 MB | Download hits: 425

Glens Falls Floyd Bennett Memorial V3

Located in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York (NY), USA, this facility is owned by Warren County and run by RichAir. Although it has a 5000 foot main runway, KGFL is a non-controlled airfield catering to small engine aircraft up to a few private jet daily traffic serving 'The Northcountry' New York. KGFL recently received several upgrades including four new GA hangars large enough to accommodate the needs of business jets. All objects fully designed and...

File size: 144.41 MB | Download hits: 606

Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport, Florida (FL), USA. Update for the default KMIA. Created and edited with ADEX. Includes crosswind runways and objects. By Jake Benitez. Aerial view of Miami International Airport. This is an update to the default Miami International Airport for FSX using ADEX. It includes: Updated Taxiways Updated Terminals and Gates Updated Terminal D Updated Taxi Signs Crosswind Runways Assigned Gates/Parking Extra...

File size: 3.13 MB | Download hits: 5047

OLBAX V1.0 Beirut International

This is is the latest edition of Rafik Hariri International Airport, Beirut, Lebanon for FSX by Lebor Simulations. OLBAX v1.0 features a photorealistic ground layout courtesy of Bureau Stephan, detailed and accurate terminal, buildings and hangars as well as static 3D objects. This scenery requires Lebanon Terrain X v1.5. By Lebor Simulations (Jad Abizeid, Michel Karam). (See also OLBAX_PATCHV1_0_1.ZIP). OLBAX V1.0 poster. Installing the scenery package: If you...

File size: 130.94 MB | Download hits: 5828

Malatya Tulga Airport

Malatya Tulga Airport (LTAO), Turkey. By Haluk Alpat. Just unzip and copy folder "LTAO_TULGA_FSX" and paste it to the addon scenery folder which is located "...Microsoft Flight Simulator XAddon Scenery" Then add the scenery from the library of FSX. That's it, enjoy! ...

File size: 14.42 MB | Download hits: 316


(ENKG). Scenery of a small airport called Gullknapp, located in Arendal, Norway. By Marius Risan. Screenshot of Gullknapp scenery taken from the air. This is a freeware scenery for FSX only. Installation: Just put the file "Gullknapp ENGK" into your: Flight simulator X > Add on scenery Then start FSX > Settings > Scenery Libary > Add Area > Then locate the "Gullknapp ENGK" file > click on it ONE time > then click...

File size: 1.85 MB | Download hits: 204

Lebanon TerrainX

Improves the following landscape aspects of Lebanon: elevation, coastline, waterclass, region class / population, snow coverage in winter, vector class for towns around Beirut, etc. It also features the major roads of Lebanon with moving traffic. This scenery package is a MUST have for the scenery OLBAX v1.0. By Lebor Simulations (Jad Abizeid, Michel Karam). Lebanon TerrainX poster. Before installing the scenery, be sure that FSX is not running. Run the...

File size: 26.33 MB | Download hits: 819

Lukla V2

This is the second version of Lukla, located in the mountainous terrain of Nepal and one of the world's most demanding airports. This add-on gives you more realistic terminal building, realistic control tower, static plane with animated people, runway repositioned to maximize the realism and challenge in this airport (the default Lukla's runway is just about accessible via runway 12), surrounding houses, autogen and exclusions replaced, airport fences and vehicle paths and parking....

File size: 11.59 MB | Download hits: 14077

Refuge Du Gouter

Refuge Du Gouter, a mountain hut located in the French Alps next to the Mont Blanc. Included two versions: original hut, and with a helipad. By Manolo Dobrazil. Screenshot of a helicopter on the helipad at Refuge Du Gouter.   ...

File size: 3.2 MB | Download hits: 828

San Fernando International Airport

(SADF). The largest private international airport in Argentina, in Buenos Aires Province. Runways are 1800m (5910 feet) long. Includes many Gmax scenery objects. Custom night lighting. Comprehensive ADEX. Uses EZ-Scenery and Rwy12 objects (included). Three hangars have animated doors. By Julian Avisenis. Screenshot of San Fernando International Airport. Features: All of the buildings have been designed using gmax. Numerous photographs have been used as...

File size: 15.63 MB | Download hits: 712

Tonopah Test Range

(KTNX), Tonopha, Nevada (NV), USA. Tonopah Test Range Airport is located near the center of the Tonopah Test Range, 27 NM southeast of Tonopah, NV. It is a major airfield with a 12,000 foot runway, instrument approach facilities, and nighttime illumination. By Tony Vienonen. Screenshot of runway 32 at Tonopah Test Range. Add-on Scenery Instructions for FSX: Unzip the scenery in a temporary folder. I recommend making a folder on the desktop. Copy the scenery...

File size: 1.71 MB | Download hits: 841

Penzance Scenery V3

This add-on comes with extra effects, animated people, the proper runway used, the blast fences and a new car park. By Harry Patten. Simply run the auto install and bobs your uncle, you're done! ...

File size: 123.25 KB | Download hits: 415

Gibraltar X

This rendition of the stunning airport of Gibraltar gives you the road running through the runway with stopped traffic, animated people, realistic ground textures and taxiways, a new terminal building, built in AFCAD for AI and static aircraft. By Harry Patten. Screenshot of Gibraltar scenery. To make it as easy as possible for you we have placed our files into an easy "Auto Install". If you wish to install manually then just place the bgl file(s) into the...

File size: 8.61 MB | Download hits: 6707