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This short video tutorial explains how to install add-on aircraft into your copy of FSX.  This tutorial is only for add-on aircraft designed for FSX and not FS2004.

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Hey guys, it's DNthenumber10, and today we're going to go over how to install aircraft into FSX. Please note that this tutorial will focus on aircraft that were made for FSX. So if you want to install aircraft that were not made for FSX, please click on the link to go to my other tutorial.

Okay. So here we have an aircraft, freeware, that I downloaded from the Internet, and we're going to go ahead and install it. So we're going to go to My Computer, hard drive, Program Files. If you're on a 64-bit system, you want to go to the x86 version. Microsoft Games, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Sim Objects, Airplanes. Okay, and we're going to go get the Airplane folder.

You want to get the folder that contains all of these files or folders in it - Panel, Sound, Texture - but you want to get the innermost folder that has those. For example, you don't want to get this folder, the one that has the other folder in it. You want to get this folder because it has all of these things in it. Okay?

So we're going to grab this folder, and we're going to put it in the Airplanes folder. Continue. Okay, and we're going to go ahead and open FSX.

And it should be there. There we go. That's pretty much it.

If you want to install aircraft that are not made for FSX, there are a couple more steps you need to follow, but I explain all of that in my other tutorial. Thanks for watching.

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