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Historic Jetliners Group website Update

Last updated Sun, 24 Feb 2013 11:37:25 GMT
Originally posted on Mon, 09 Nov 2009 02:25:35 GMT

HJGHistoric Jetliners Group (HJG) has pleasure announcing its first web site update for the 2009 year...a flightline full of fabulous new freeware featuring classic/nostalgic B727-100 & B727-200 aircraft for FS2004/FSX.

New additions to HJG's existing classic B727-100 theme include textures for 5 historic liveries of the 1960's representing both of Australia's domestic service providers; The 2nd installment of colorful 1960's/1970's fleet liveries for a famous US airline; A selection of some 22 liveries representing US operators from the 1960's through 1990's era...among which are included the earliest variation of Piedmont Airlines livery from 1967; The mega-rare Continental Airlines "Golden Jet" livery from 1967; The Alaska Airlines "Gold Nugget Jet" livery of the early 1970's; The Delta Air Lines "We The People" US bicentennial livery of 1976; And a lesser known freighter from the early 1990's... to name but a few. North America is also represented by the 1990's livery for a major tourist/charter operator from Canada.

And ... HJG's the classic B727-100 magic doesn't end there...

Also featured among new textures for these aircraft are 4 variations of 1960's/1970's era livery for a major South African airline; An Icelandic livery of the late 1960's. 2 variations of 1970's/80's livery representing a lesser known Pacific based airline who's services were operated by a major US carrier; 4 classic Colombian liveries of the 1980's and 1990's...among which includes the civil wing of the Fuerza Aerea Colombiana; 3 variations of early 1980's livery representing the national carrier of Uruguay. And a rare aircraft of Middle Eastern origin and more recent time.

But... that's not all...

HJG also has pleasure announcing the launching of its new classic B727-200 theme...representing standard/early -200, Advanced -200, and modernized -200 RE Super 27 aircraft.

Early B727-200's are represented by a selection of 5 classic/historic US airlines of the 1960's/70's era...and a colorful Colombian freighter from 2003. B727-200 ADVC liveries include 5 major US carriers of the 1970's through 1990's era...among which includes the classic yellow and blue scheme for a San Francisco based operator who's aircraft were affectionately known as "the fastest bananas in the west"; The 1990's liveries of 2 classic Australian domestic operators; 3 British liveries from the 1980's/90's era...including that of a famous IT specialist. The early 1990's livery of an independent Danish carrier. 2 attractive liveries from Colombia and the late 1990's...and 3 freighters featuring the striking 2003 identity of a major Colombian cargo specialist; A rare Canadian operator from 2003; And an aircraft operated by a major US international air freight force during 2004. Modernized B727-200 RE Super 27...with their upgraded/hybrid powerplants... are represented by both a PAX and Freight aircraft featuring the livery of a lesser known British carrier from more recent time.

But still... there's more...

New/updated B727-100 Aircraft Base Pack files have also been released...featuring FDE improvements resulting in better flight performance. HJG's B727-200 aircraft also feature new FDE revisions ...for each of the 6 variations of aircraft represented.

And last but by no means least of all...

A new B727-200 RE Super 27 soundpack has also been added to the HJG Boeing sounds inventory.

HJG acknowledges with gratitude the kind co-operation of Erick CANTU for approval to host Vistaliners B727 models!

All this and a whole lot more classic/historic jetliner nostalgia is available for your "FREE" FS enjoyment from the following web site address:

Historic Jetliners Group

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