Free FSX ATC Mission

Perfect Flight announces new free FSX missions section on their web site.

The first work is Live ATC - LFPG Approach. The mission features real ATC sound recorded in the cockpit of an Alitalia MD-80. You will fly an approach to Paris Charles De Gaulle International Airport. Package includes charts, maps, flight briefing and adds a new mission in the "Airline Pilot" Category of FSX Missions Menu.

One of the most enjoyable parts of taking on flight simulation is that it allows you to see things from a more specific perspective via missions. This particular range of new missions from Perfect Flight provide you with all the assistance needed in really getting to understand how specific flights can turn out and how you are supposed to handle specific approaches.

For example, one of the most challenging parts of taking on any kind of flight simulation is the fact that you need to take it on like a professional, and follow the right objectives along with expectations. With these mission packs, though, it becomes a whole lot easier to start following professional orders thanks to the whole range of ATC sound recordings that have been included throughout.

Naturally, this makes arriving so much easier as you’ll have legitimate commands to fall back on, and have a genuinely professional set of commands to go along with.

This takes the sounds recorded from an actual flight so you will be getting some genuinely authentic audio here. This sounds tremendous and really captures the feeling and the attention absolutely brilliantly! All of this comes together and makes the whole approach in these missions so much more enjoyable to take on.

In one of the missions, you will be undertaking the Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport approach, using a range of charts, maps and a detailed briefing to help keep you up to date with the aim of the flight.

You’ll be expected to handle this immaculately, giving you all the help that you need in really putting yourself in the professional pilots mindset. Given the fact that this is one of the most commonly used airports in the whole of the world – the second in Europe, for example – this is a bustling metropolis that manages to really capture the unique feeling that comes with flying into such a grand airport.

By having to navigate around the huge amounts of traffic bringing in more passengers and shipments or cargo, this becomes a really interesting ride in as you will see a lively, bustling airport unfold in front of you. Naturally, this takes a lot of navigating and planning as you need to make sure that you are coming in at the right time so that you have a clear and free pathway to take.

This package does a great job of capturing the challenges that come with landing in the airport, and also give you a good idea of just how busy this place can be! If you want to try and complete the approach to such a busy and massive airport without making a mistake, living up to the challenging standards of the mission, this is a great place to start.

Many other missions – covering all manner of jobs and scenarios – exist on the Perfect Flight page, so if you are looking for a way to take on unique and interesting flights with a specific purpose you should start here.

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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