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FSX Scenery

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Scenery--Greek Coastlines

FSX Greek Coastlines. Revised, highly detailed coast lines of Greece, including the mainland and all the islands. Also includes the western coast of Turkey. By Yiannis Dermitzakis. ...

File size: 2.83 MB | Download hits: 2746

Lexington Kentucky Photoreal

FSX Lexington Kentucky Photoreal Scenery. This photoreal terrain scenery performs in daytime and nightime and for any season using USGS photography taken April 2002, encompassing an area bounded by 14.5 E-W and 17 N-S miles (about 245 square miles). No new objects have been added and none have been removed. Places of interest include the center of the City of Lexington, KY, the University of Kentucky Campus, Bluegrass Airport, Keeneland Racetrack, horse farms, lakes, Interstate systems, and the...

File size: 50.59 MB | Download hits: 1032

Scenery--Liverpool John Lennon

FSX Liverpool John Lennon (Speke) Airport (EGGP), UK, v5.0. An all new version designed specifically to fit with the default FSX airport layout. By Paul Derbyshire. (See also EGGP50UP.ZIP) ...

File size: 3.68 MB | Download hits: 1956

Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport Scenery Update

FSX Minneapolis/St. Paul (KMSP) Update. An updated Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota (MN) that adds runway 17/35 including taxiways, signs, ILS/LOC equipment and programmed approaches for AI traffic. By Eric J. Olson. ...

File size: 629.9 KB | Download hits: 1362

Scenery--Raleigh-Durham International

FSX Raleigh-Durham International Airport (KRDU), North Carolina (NC). KRDU2010 is meant to represent Raleigh-Durham International Airport, as it will exist around 2010. The scenery includes custom Gmax models of terminals, hangars, and the FAA tower as well as plenty of eye candy. By Ignacio Villegas. ...

File size: 7.53 MB | Download hits: 1863

Scenery--Midway Carrier Patch

FSX Midway Carrier Patch. A patch for Yanco San's WWII Midway Carrier Battle scenery (BC_CARR2.ZIP) to make it compatible with Flight Sim X. It will also work with FS2004 if you are accessing the scenery from both versions of Flight Sim. By Robert A. Baum. ...

File size: 175 KB | Download hits: 868

Scenery--Inegi Mexico 38 M Terrains (Part B)

FSX Inegi Mexico 38 M Terrains. Includes complete coverage of FSX terrain mesh in 38 m resolution for the whole of Mexico. Designed using the Inegi Elevation Model. The scenery is split into two files, INEGI38X.ZIP and INE38GI2.ZIP. By Raimondo Taburet. ...

File size: 102 MB | Download hits: 866

Scenery--Inegi Mexico 38 M Terrains (Part A)

FSX Inegi Mexico 38 M Terrains. Includes complete coverage of FSX terrain mesh in 38 m resolution for the whole of Mexico. Designed using the Inegi Elevation Model. The scenery is split into two files, INEGI38X.ZIP and INE38GI2.ZIP. By Raimondo Taburet. ...

File size: 134.84 MB | Download hits: 1095

Scenery--Lawton Airport

FSX Lawton Airport (KLAW), Oklahoma (OK). Requires library of Rwy12 - EZ Scenery objects. By Jimmy R. Martin. ...

File size: 579.4 KB | Download hits: 319

Scenery--Cole Landling Area

FSX Cole Landling Area. Scenery for Cole Landling Area (2OK7) Newcastle, Oklahoma (OK), a small private strip with residential aircraft parking for residents and a couple of small businesses. Requires Rwy12 and EZ Scenery libraries. See special FSX readme instructions inside. By Jimmy R. Martin and Paul J. Scally. ...

File size: 360.88 KB | Download hits: 178


FSX Balears. Primarily, this scenery is for VFR and tourist flights and represents as accurately as possible 100% of the details of the Balearic Islands of Spain. Included are 230 town and seven old monuments including Cartuja of Valldemosa, Monastery of Lluc, old castle Son Vivot, Castle of Capdepedra, Hermitages of St Elm and much more. Airports designed to 100% precision. By Toni Agramont. (Updated from the FS04 version which had 17,208 downloads.) ...

File size: 18.4 MB | Download hits: 1366

Scenery--Alps 38m Terrains

FSX Alps 38 m Terrains. Terrain mesh covering the Alps at 38 m resolution. Designed with the FSX SDK, including multi-LOD, and is frame rate friendly. Public Domain. By Raimondo Taburet. ...

File size: 37.75 MB | Download hits: 1241

Hawaii 10m Terrains

FSX Hawaii 10 m Terrains. Terrain mesh covering the islands of Hawaii, at 10 m resolution. Designed with the FSX SDK, including multi-LOD, and it is frame rate friendly. By Raimondo Taburet Public Domain. ...

File size: 62.27 MB | Download hits: 984

BSG Galactica at PHNL

This scenery adds: - 1 stock aircraft carrier offshore at Honolulu ( the same type carrier as at San Diego ) - Landable BSG Galactica above the carrier at 27,500 feet , use port landing bay * Battlestar Galactica Mesh and Textures by Coxxon * conversions for MS-FSX By Bruce Fitzgerald....

File size: 1.46 MB | Download hits: 2374

Morocco and Sahara

MarocFsX Version I. An adaptation to FSX of the scenery of the kingdom of Morocco and Sahara. It embraces the whole territory from Nouadhibou in Mauritania, to Cebta to the north and Oujda to the east near Algery. It contains 36 airports, totally reworked, and 246 cities with all their harbors, monuments, kasbahs palaces and mesquitas in Morocco, and 184 towns in Sahara plus six airports. This scenery to be flown VFR to enjoy their cities. It contains all necessary navaids for professional...

File size: 32.83 MB | Download hits: 2681

Enhanced Trees

Only for FSX.  Friends and Friendly simmers, here the first version of TreeX.  It is a set of vegetable textures photorealist for FSX.  They are based on true photographs of trees of at least 1024x768 pixels.  The trees were routed with the hand and reprocess chromatically so as to keep a certain temperature of constant color.  Separately the snag trees, there are no naked trees (e.g. winter). You will keep textures of origin for these trees but without canopy*....

File size: 10.89 MB | Download hits: 44602

Bella Coola Valley, British Columbia

Landscape enhancements of the Bella Coola area (N51*45'-52*40' W125*35'-127*25'). FSX multi-LOD 38-m mesh, local landclass, water class, and seasons files, as well as accurate placements of lakes, rivers, roads, and streams. Also added are the glaciers of the Monarch Mtn. Icefield and several forest roads and clearcuts along the side valleys. With FSX road traffic. By Holger Sandmann. ...

File size: 15.68 MB | Download hits: 1849

Puerto Rico East Package

This package contains photo-scenery for the eastern part of Puerto Rico. The scenery in standard FS2004-resolution of 4.7m/pixel. By Gottfried Razek /

File size: 95.91 MB | Download hits: 2461

Kermanshah Airport OICC Iran Scenery Package

Including : airport Vehicles & stairs / Chopper Trailers / new airport Navaids Acuair Static Hangers / airport Trees / new taxiway & runway / airport Water Tower & beacon towers and more.. Design By Ehsan Moradi. ...

File size: 90.27 MB | Download hits: 1159

Spain FsX Version I

Whole scenery of the Iberian Peninsula (except Portugal). an adaptation of the existent scenery Spain FS9 to FSX. This adaptation redraws the entire coasts, sea ports, and cities. By Toni Agramont....

File size: 66.6 MB | Download hits: 5057