World & Mosaic Scenery Enhancement for FSX (AFS-Design)

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Global scenery enhancement for FSX.

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Sometimes, a bit of extra realism can go a long way – especially in flight simulation!

With this world mosaic scenery enhancement mod for FSX by AFS Design, you can enjoy a much more comprehensive take on how the world should have looked in the first place in your simulator!

Thanks to the changes that this introduces to the table, from new ultra-sharp mosaic textures for everything from large fields to busy towns, right through to new targeted improvements to textures in general, you’ll see a huge boost in realism. No longer do you need to fly around and see a world which has limited graphical output and realism, instead replacing it with a sharp and exciting range of new autogen buildings and textures.

Now, the world looks far more like it was supposed to in the first place. With over 200 new minor additions for things like parks and more than 2,000 mosaic textures included throughout, you are left with one of the most comprehensive add-ons of this kind that you are likely to need.

So, if you spend too long looking at your simulation and wondering how you can improve the overall take and the excitement, then this is just what you need. It removes the challenge of having to try and force realism, instead making sure that minor changes to everything from tunnels to fields and residential blocks can be taken care of in the right way.

Take control of realism in your simulations once again and make simulations as exciting as they should be!

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Fri, 15 Apr 2016 13:58:36 GMT
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