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OFX Simulation Rouen Vallée de Seine Released for FSX/P3D

Last updated Mon, 17 Oct 2016 14:06:58 GMT
Originally posted on Sat, 29 Aug 2015 21:15:04 GMT

For fans of more rural parts of the world, it can be a bit dispiriting to use a flight simulator at times. You will usually find that you are taking on parts of the world that look dull and uninspiring, with a large range of the same things appearing over and over – variety is the spice of life in a simulator, and unfortunately it is found sorely lacking in some departments. However, modifications such as this recreation of the Rouen Vallée de Seine or Rouen Airport allows you to fly a more rural part of France and enjoy the sites and the views a little bit more than you may be used to doing.

This project was created to deliver a complete remake of the area, using intricate and realistic scenery designed from scratch. By using a fine blend of high-end design ideas and quality photorealistic scenery, this manages to take on the attributes of the real place and look much more like the real thing. Anyone from the area or who happens to frequent the Rouen Vallée de Seine will find that this can be one of the most dedicated recreations of the area that you will find in a flight simulator.


The project was created by the excellent OFX Simulation, who have created various other projects over the years that look to deliver the same level of detail and prominence of more minor areas that you ca get when you install this package. Everything in here has been made from scratch using a wide range of different references and resources, as well as hours of study and planning, to create the most authentic remake of the Rouen Vallée de Seine possible, capturing all of its minor and major features without any issues.

What’s Included?

A wide range of awesome photorealistic images were added into this package to give it added depth and control over the original airport that stands here in FSX. This makes recognizing landmarks and being able to spot where you need to go much easier thanks to the greater attention to detail throughout

Stunning textures have been made to be added into every possible part of the airport, making sure that it can capture the look and feel that you would expect from such an important venue. Even though this is a minor airport, it’s still relatively large in size and this is captured in the most eloquent manner possible

Straight design changes have been included to make sure that the airport fits the right dimensions and styles, as well as applying the entire design to ensure that it fits with the original shape and feeling of the airport itself, with accurate scaling and features added in at all times

Unique charts of the airport are included so that you can easily navigate your way to and from this location, so if you have never been here before you will be able to quickly understand the layout and format of the airport.


Key Features

  • Car animations are included so that the airport looks truly alive, carrying all of the hallmarks of the real thing and ensuring that it always manages to look the very best that it can and also to make sure that there is a bit of genuine vitality about the airport as you arrive and take-off

  • Bird animations are added above to make sure that the airport feels like it has more life to it than just you and the other aircraft that are here. Birds will soar above you, making it easy to really inject yourself into the overall atmosphere that is being generated around you

  • Aerial imagery to give you a better view of the airport and also to help you spot all of the little key landmarks and additions that have been put in place by the design team, making it easy to really master this place and get to grips with its layout and its style

  • Customized ground polygons are added in so that the textures on the ground look realistic and are able to carry the real look and feel of each texture that is being used in the grounds of the airport, ensuring that every last detail on the ground actually correlates with its real-life counterpart

  • Numerous static objects and aircraft have been built from scratch, ensuring that the airport has a regular fill of aircraft waiting to take off and leave as well as numerous famous aircraft models sitting in and around the place, emphasizing the length of detail that has been included throughout this package

  • Various hand-placed vegetation objects help to give the whole airport a bit more life and vitality, adding an extra blend of realism and making it much easier to be in and around the airport due to the depth of detail that is included throughout

  • Custom fence has been created to give the airport a safety perimeter and to also give you a clear guideline as to where and when the airport starts and ends

  • Very realistic AFCAD has also been added for detail

Airfield overview

About Rouen Vallée de Seine

The airport itself is situated in the Normandy region, and has been a minor international airport fixture within France for some time. It’s typically used for tasks such as aerial surveillance as well as pilot training, making it an extremely important part of the Normandy area for training and preparation of the next generation of pilots.

It’s also used for business flights and air ambulance take-off and drop-off, making the airport a very important part of the medical and business industries in the area, as well. In the summer, the airport tends to have connections with charter flights to parts of Spain, as well as trips to nearby Corsica. It’s the second busiest airport in the Normandy region, just beating the Deauville airport in terms of people coming and going on an annual basis.

The airport also offers various useful features such as free parking and easy boarding for domestic flights, making it a hugely popular take-off point for many people in the Normandy region. 

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