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FS2004 Propeller Aircraft

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American Airlines Douglas DC-3 NC21798Repaint for Payware Model

Texture only for the payware MAAM-Sim DC3. The base textures for repainting are by Mark Beaumont, original textures are by Jan Visser. This livery was painted by Dale DeLuca. Screenshot of American Airlines Douglas DC-3 on the ground. These textures are for American Airlines. The DC-3 was developed from the existing DC-2, which was developed by Douglas at the urging of TWA as a replacement for their Tri Motor fleet. The DC-2 was a success, but only had a capacity of 14...

File size: 1.71 MB | Download hits: 43

BEA Malta Viscount 802Repaint

One of the mainline BEA Viscount fleet wearing a slightly modified livery while in Malta operating services from the island. Requires the FSDS Viscount 800 model by Rick Piper. By Garry Russell/Fraser McKay. Screenshot of BEA Malta Viscount 802 in flight. Installation: Place the unzipped texture folder into the FSDS Viscount 800 folder and paste the above text into the aircraft config renumbering to the next available. [fltsim.xx] title=Vickers Viscount 802...

File size: 486.82 KB | Download hits: 14

Zambia Flying Doctor Service BN 2BComplete with Base Model

This aircraft is used by Zambia Flying Doctor Service for emergency medical and health services throughout Zambia. Model by Henry Tomkiewicz. Panel by Marcel Kuhnt. This repaint by Bashir Ismail. Screenshot of Zambia Flying Doctor Service BN 2B on runway. Just drop the "Aircraft" " Gauges ","Effects" Folders into your FS9 Root Folder and off you go. To include the model in your ATC traffic, you need to use utilities such as Lee...

File size: 6.01 MB | Download hits: 128

Eastern Air Lines DC-3 1930Repaint

1930's Great Silver Fleet replacement photoreal textures only for Microsoft's default Douglas DC3. Eastern Airlines texture work by William C. Schulz. Eastern Air Lines Logo. Unzip the texture file under the Stock DC-3 aircraft file. Backup your Aircraft CFG file, and replace with the one enclosed. Enjoy. Microsoft artists did a fine job with the base textures. I tried a bit of photoreal mapping, and, given the limitations of the process, am happy with the...

File size: 2.71 MB | Download hits: 28

Braniff Douglas DC-3 Circa 1940Repaint for Payware Model

Braniff started operation in Oklahoma, and by 1940 they had a fleet of five Douglas DC-2s and ten Douglas DC-3s. Unfortunately with the start of World War II their fleet of DC-3s were taken over by the military for war use. Textures only for use with the MAAM-Sim DC3. Texture templates by Mark Beaumont. By Dale De Luca. Screenshot of Braniff Douglas DC-3 on the ground. In order to use these textures, you must already have the MAAM-SIM DC3 Payware installed in your FS2004...

File size: 4.95 MB | Download hits: 22

Olympic Airways Douglas DC-3 SX-BANRepaint for Payware Model

Textures only for the MAAM-Sim DC3 model. Repainted by Leonidas Theofilopoulos. Screenshot of Olympic Airways Douglas DC-3 on runway.   ...

File size: 2.43 MB | Download hits: 45

Invicta International Vanguard 952Repaint

This aircraft was one of the Air Holdings stock and had been on lease to Air Trader. After its return it was leased to Invicta International in March 1973 still in the Swedish operator's livery. It was sold to Invicta in October of that year. Starting life as CF-TKB with Trans Canada Airlines, this aircraft like so many of the type 952 ended its career with Europe Aero Service and as F-BXAJ flew its last service on 27th July 1979. Requires the FSDS Vanguard model by Rick Piper. By Garry...

File size: 581.08 KB | Download hits: 21

South African Airways Douglas DC-3Repaint

Textures only. This repaint of the default DC-3 represents the SAA Dakota 'Zwartkop' (ZS-BXJ) as flown in the late 40s/early 50s. Currently awaiting restoration for the SAA Historic Flight, it is the sister aircraft of the famous 'Klapperkop.' Repaint by Grant MacLean based on Mark Beaumont's paint templates. Screenshot of South African Airways Douglas DC-3 in flight. The DC-3 'Dakota' has enjoyed an illustrious South African career. Like many...

File size: 539.97 KB | Download hits: 82

Globe Air Bristol 175 Britannia 313Repaint

Real livery for this aircraft. Globe Air is a little Swiss airline based at Bale-Mulhouse between 1959-1967. This aircraft entered the fleet 3 April 1964 and crashed 20 April 1967. Serial number 13232. Textures only, requires original aircraft by Mike Stone (SBRITANN.ZIP). Repainted by Jean-Jacques Parel. Screenshot of Globe Air Bristol 175 Britannia 313 at the gate.   ...

File size: 284.56 KB | Download hits: 40

Silver City Airways Vanguard 952FRepaint

On return from lease with Air Trader of Sweden G-AYLD found itself again without immediate placement so Air Holdings set about using the machine again. This time the name Silver City was resurrected. Air Holdings owned the name as it was owner of British Air Ferries who had acquired the name in the merger that formed British United Air Ferries. The days of mass Bristol Freighter flights was not to be repeated as the lone Vickers Vanguard plodded about from February to November 1973. It was...

File size: 497.57 KB | Download hits: 25

Air Canada Cargoliner Vanguard 952FRepaint

Air Canada modified only one Vanguard to a pure freighter. Called the Cargoliner it was converted at the end of 1966. Both Air Canada and BEA saw the potential of using Vanguards for pure freight. Air Canada did not go beyond this initial conversion and did not fit a freight door although all the windows were deleted. Later this became the final Air Canada Vanguard when, seven months after the cease of passenger flights by the airline it was retired in May 1972. Sold to EAS as F-BTYB in...

File size: 653.03 KB | Download hits: 29

Air Holdings Vanguard 952FRepaint

With quite a few unplaced Vanguards on their books, Air Holdings decided to operate some the aircraft in their own right. This aircraft had been converted to "Merchantman" standard by the company so was pressed into service wearing the livery of British Air Ferries who at that time was owned by the group. Carrying Air Holdings titles, its career as such was brief lasting from August 1971 until January 1972 when it was sent off to join Air Trader of Sweden as SE-FTH. Later it served...

File size: 499.15 KB | Download hits: 29

Air Viking Vanguard 952Repaint

The ex Air Canada Vanguards acquired by Air Holdings were flown by many airlines in the early days. Many of them were only for a short time as startup airlines took them on with high hopes only to fail or change direction. Air Viking was one of two Icelandic airlines leasing Vanguards in 1970-71. Operating this single Vanguard from a base in Keflavik it flew to many destinations even flying as far as the Canary Islands. Delivered in June 1970 it was repossessed by Air Holding when the...

File size: 685.5 KB | Download hits: 16

U of I C-45HRepaint

This repaint is from a photo of a 1953 University of Illinois C-45H that the author's great grandfather co-piloted in 1960 with the Illinois State Water Survey doing thunderstorm research. This repaint is for Cliff Presley's redesigned simTECH Flight Design's freeware Beech 18 Pack. Textures only; requires CP-C45G.ZIP. Repaint by Joshua Nyhus. Screenshot of U of I C-45H in flight. Installation: Unzip the "" folder. Copy the folder...

File size: 1.77 MB | Download hits: 20

Capital Airlines Douglas DC-3 NC25689Repaint for Payware Model

These textures are for the MAAM-Sim (payware) DC-3 and the use of texture template by Mark Beaumont. Capital Airlines was a regional airline serving the central and eastern portion of the United States. It was merged with United Airlines in the early 1960s, forming the largest US airline of that time. These textures are by Dale De Luca, with help from Wayne Tudor. Screenshot of Capital Airlines Douglas DC-3 in flight. Capital Airlines started as Pennsylvania Airlines...

File size: 1.69 MB | Download hits: 27

Northwest Airlines Lockheed ConnieRepaint

Textures only; requires SCONNIE.ZIP. Connie model by Mike Stone. Repaint by Garry Kentzell. Screenshot of Northwest Airlines Lockheed Connie on the ground. Replace the 'x' with the next number in your aircraft.cfg file. [fltsim.x] title=Lockheed Super Constellation Northwest Airlines sim=connie model= panel= sound= texture=nwa panel_alias = sound_alias...

File size: 91.32 KB | Download hits: 15

TAC Colombia Viscount 837Repaint

One of the later Viscounts to be built, this one first flew in May 1960. Delivered to Austrian Airlines as OE-LAL it served until October 1971 when sold to Shackleton Aviation. The following month saw it off to Colombia to join TAC. Spending its first year on lease to L'Uracca it returned to TAC at the end of September the following year. Reported as written off in December 1977 at Bucaramanga, Colombia it remained in store in a derelict condition until at least the 1990's. Requires...

File size: 487.3 KB | Download hits: 9

TWA Douglas DC-3 NC34983Repaint for Payware Model

Textures only for use with the MAAM-Sim DC-3. The DC3 was probably the most widely used propliner ever produced. It was the flagship for most airlines in the world, until the introduction of new planes after World War II. After 70 years it is still flying in various countries around the world. This repaint is by Dale DeLuca, using templates by Mark Beaumont. Screenshot of WA Douglas DC-3 on the ground. These textures are for TWA. The DC-3 was developed from the existing...

File size: 4.45 MB | Download hits: 31

Eastern Airlines Douglas DC-3Repaint for Payware Model

Textures only to be used with the MAAM-Sim payware DC3. Painted using the DC-3 templates by Mark Beaumont. This livery is for Eastern Air Lines "Great Silver Fleet". There is a restored DC-3 in Eastern Air Lines livery now on display at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC. This livery is by Dale DeLuca and Wayne Tudor. Screenshot of Eastern Airlines Douglas DC-3 on the ground. In order to use these textures, you must already have the MAAM-SIM DC3...

File size: 3.56 MB | Download hits: 51

FAV Douglas DC-3Repaint

A repaint of the default DC-3 in Fuerza Aerea Venezolana actual camouflage. Textures only. By Juan Ernesto Oropeza. Screenshot of FAV Douglas DC-3 on the ground. This repaint was made using the basis of excellent Ed Knapp's Douglas Dc-3 Greek Air Force camouflage pattern, to which I made the needed changes to repaint this file. A lot thanks to Ed for his permission to release this file! Instructions: Copy the texture.fav to your Douglas_DC3 main folder....

File size: 1.5 MB | Download hits: 82