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FSX Scenery

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RAF Woodvale

RAF Woodvale UK Scenery for FSX and GenX. EGOW RAF Woodvale for FSX and GenX UK scenery. RAF Woodvale, near Southport, Merseyside, UK. With moving road traffic, six Grobs and a Vigilant motor glider performing circuits. Includes a considerable quantity of 'custom' autogen buildings. Designed for use with the Horizon UK GenX v2 VFR UK scenery. RAF Woodvale Scenery. Copy the 'Grob115' folder to your FSX 'SimObjects/Airplanes' folder. This folder includes both...

File size: 3.34 MB | Download hits: 920

30cm Generic Project Textures Forests

30cm Generic Project Textures Forests (All Parts). Conifer forests, seasonal forests and tropical forests are all included in the file.  This file also includes the missing patch file, so everything is included in one download here. All forest around the world are updated from 1 m to 30cm. Only summer textures are in this pack. By Aime Leclercq. 30cm Generic Project Textures Forests. Forests textures for FSX: Conifer forests updated from 1m to 30cm. Set of generic...

File size: 814.80 MB | Download hits: 1410

WWII Scenery Seaplane Aerodromes

WWII Scenery Seaplane Aerodromes. Thirteen Pacific Theater locations. Main emphasis USS Bering Strait AVD-34 at Okinawa Japan. Seven seaplane tenders at Kerama Retto with AI ships and flying boats. Water runway lit up at night. By Earl Watkins and Wayne Tudor. WWII Scenery Seaplane Aerodromes. This is dedicated to all those who served aboard USS Bering Strait AVP 34, those who plied the seas aboard all seaplane tenders, and to the crews of the many flying boats who risked their...

File size: 14.43 MB | Download hits: 976

St Louis Photoreal

St Louis PhotoReal Scenery. This is high resolution, 1 meter/pixel, terrain scenery for St Louis, Missouri (MO). This package includes all of the 30 files in one easy to download zip. A map and decriptions show the section locatons and some feature details. This photoscenery is for DAY USE ONLY and will work for any season, but shows only the USGS aerial photo data taken in March 2002. The default FSX mesh works well with this photoscenery and no additional mesh for the area needs to be...

File size: 2147.46 MB | Download hits: 32039

Project Nimitz

Project Nimitz with deck fix. A carrier for use with naval aircraft with tailhooks; the on-deck trap wires work. Project Nimitz.   ...

File size: 21.16 MB | Download hits: 1492

Mawlamyine Int'l Airport

Mawlamyine Int'l Airport (VYMM), v2.0 with Traffic-Pack 2. Mawlamyine International Airport in Burma (Myanmar), include Traffic-Pack 2. Traffic-Pack 1 comes with VYYY4TP1.ZIP. This scenery was produced based of suppositions, stories and voices. It is therefore pure speculation. If the planned Asean-Highway leads at it past, this airport should gain importance very quickly. Version 2.0 with new docks, jetways, already extended runway, taxiways and new taxisigns. First of all it corrects the...

File size: 3.56 MB | Download hits: 1176

V4 Yangon Int'l Airport

Yangon Int'l Airport (VYYY), Mingaladon v4.0 with Traffic-Pack 1. Yangon International Airport "Mingaladon" in Burma (Myanmar), including Traffic-Pack 1. Version 4.0 with new dock "G", jetways, already extended runway, taxiways and new taxisigns. First of all it corrects the airport location to the real one. With Myanmar Air Force area, helipads and even more parking for civilian airplanes. This scenery was produced based on a visit and on pictures from satellites....

File size: 11.44 MB | Download hits: 1066

German Camp Marmal

German Camp Marmal v2.0 (OAMS); a tribute to the German soldiers in Afghanistan. By Volker Giesubl. German Camp Marmal Scenery. Made with Airport Facilitator X V1.01 and Instant Scenery for FSX. 3D-objects made with FSDesignStudio2 + Gmax. Installation: 1. Unzip the file 2. Copy OAMS-Mazar-MIL Folder in /Microsoft Flight Simulator X/Addon Scenery 3. Copy all files from Texture-Folder to main-texture of Addon Scenery 3. Copy airplanes Folder in...

File size: 26.11 MB | Download hits: 540

Kansas City Int'l Airport

Kansas City Int'l Airport (KMCI), Missouri (MO). Several improvements have beeen made, including the addition of several default jetways to now include all gates as at the real life airport; assigning all gates to specific airlines using AFCAD2; the rebuilding of vehicle paths, which prevents airport vehicles from accessing the taxiways, which can result in traffic delays; and activation of the crosswind runways using the Star Runway technique in AFCAD2. By Patrick Finch. Kansas...

File size: 203.83 kB | Download hits: 1081

Chicago Midway Int'l Airport

Chicago Midway Int'l Airport (KMDW), Illinois (IL). Several improvements have been made, including the addition of six jetways to now include all gates as at the real life airport; assigning all gates to specific airlines using AFCAD2; adding on to the default terminal to include gates A4A and A4B, as this part was not included in FSX; the rebuilding of vehicle paths, which prevents airport vehicles from accessing the taxiways, which can result in traffic delays; and activation of the...

File size: 202.93 kB | Download hits: 1273

USA 10 M Terrain Project

Usa 10 M terrains Project - West Coast Version 1.1.  This package includes all parts 1-6 and the patch fix. 10m USA terrain scenery. New and Updated Version 1.1 - FSX Usa 10 M terrains Project is a freeware mesh terrains addon for FSX.  It is designed to replace elevations all over the united States - enhancing terrains from the 38 m to 10 m - providing you a far more detailed terrain to fly over. It is designed using the Latest Ned 10 m elevation models and compiled...

File size: 2032.41 MB | Download hits: 983

Scenery--Atlanta Int'l Airport

FSX Atlanta Int'l Airport. Scenery for Hartsfield - Jackson Atlanta International Airport (KATL), Georgia (GA), v1.0. By Dakota Smith. ...

File size: 140.79 kB | Download hits: 5843

Enhanced Trees

Only for FSX.  Friends and Friendly simmers, here the first version of TreeX.  It is a set of vegetable textures photorealist for FSX.  They are based on true photographs of trees of at least 1024x768 pixels.  The trees were routed with the hand and reprocess chromatically so as to keep a certain temperature of constant color.  Separately the snag trees, there are no naked trees (e.g. winter). You will keep textures of origin for these trees but without canopy*....

File size: 10.89 MB | Download hits: 34954

Airport Ground Texture Upgrade

These new textures for FSX enhance your default ground airport textures. This package contains all new high detailed taxiway textures, ground textures, and all new taxiway line textures. The new ground textures give a more realistic illusion of rocks, grass, etc. Autogen as well as taxiways, will now look more realistic and "in place"since they are no longer over a low resolution detail 1.bmp file. The new taxiway line textures ( or taxilines as I call them) make your default...

File size: 6.66 MB | Download hits: 45535

AI Carrier

This is just a demo, right, so no complaints if there are any shortcomings. There are a few issues whch I mention below but this scenery is just for fun and to show what can be done with FSX. And this is just scraping the surface! Roger Mole (Rollerball). ...

File size: 8.22 MB | Download hits: 5346


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