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Lorby-SI Release Where Are My Aircraft (WAMA) for FSX/P3D

Last updated Sun, 17 Dec 2017 13:28:58 GMT
Originally posted on Sat, 24 Jun 2017 13:00:00 GMT

Every now and then, something comes along on the simulation marketplace with a bit of a difference to it. With Lorby-SI’ Where Are My Aircraft add-on, you have a rather excellent starting point for seeing something new and fresh. This new application, known as WAMA to most, has hit the market in a big day. What it does is it provides a unique way to memorize where you left all of your aircraft in the simulated world we fly in.

When you connect this up to the simulator of your choice, this does everything that you would have expected. Made for FSX and P3D, this is a fine choice for simulation fans looking for something that helps add a bit more realism to every flight experience.

Parked aircraft.
Parked aircraft.

One of the main reasons that picking this up makes sense stems purely from the realism aspect. Let’s say that you parked up your aircraft yesterday on a fantastic but hard to reach airport. When departing from that airport on another flight, you want to be able to see your old aircraft sitting there, waiting, ready to go. It’s a small but essential piece of realism that can be so nice to have.

With WAMA, you can literally ensure that all parked-up aircraft stay parked up. Nobody is going to be hopping into your aircraft and taking it for a jolly around the world – not anymore!

While a small change to the simulated world, it’s an essential one for those who are fans of more realism. Now you can begin to leave your little fleet of aircraft all across the world, providing little landmarks of where you’ve already been and conquered. It’s a great choice for getting some nice screenshots of your favorite aircraft sitting together if it does not provide anything else!


What’s New?

In this mod, then, you can be sure that you finally have a simulated memory. Now, aircraft maintain their original parking position which is such a nice touch for those who enjoy realism, artistry, and impressive hardware changes. While by no means necessary, it’s a nice touch!

Also, all of your aircraft will be displayed in the simulation. It’s going to ensure that they are seen anywhere that you fly to. Give yourself easy little mementos of all of those flights that you have enjoyed, as you come across the parked up aircraft from our previous visit.

Everything can then be uploaded and viewed on Google Earth, too. It’s a very impressive way to look at improving and changing your overall grasp over where you have reached. If nothing else, it can make a rather impressive landmark to look back on and see how far you’ve come.

If you want, you can even hop into the parked up aircraft through the WAMA dialogue chain. This is so easy to do, making sure you can easily improve and amplify every experience and sense of enjoyment that you can get from your simulation, really improving your overall ease of swapping from plane to plane.

Edit aircraft database.
Edit aircraft database.

However, you can even exchange some of the parked models for something different, so long as it sits in the same class of aircraft. That’ a very useful solution, making sure that you can easily make adjustments to help fit a certain theme or image you’ve planned on taking.

Start by building up your database, importing in saved flights. It’s so easy to do and allows you to make sure that every previous flight that you upload can get a fair and accurate reflection. Overall, it’s a very easy and effective way to make an impression.

Lastly, you can place down any SimObject that you like when running the simulator, so you could throw in some nice props and extras. Overall, this makes it even easier for you to put together a nice little artistic image that perfectly portrays your love of certain locations, aircraft styles or whatever you wish!

An editor’s dream, really, as you can now add in hoistable objects that you can eve pick up with the right kind of chopper. With WAMA remembering where everything is, this makes it much easier than ever to make your simulation experience even more engrossing. 

More information over at the Lorby-SI website here

Ian Stephens

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