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Aerosoft Releases Manhattan Scenery

Posted on Tue, 23 Mar 2004 21:51:49 GMT
Now available from Aerosoft is their new scenery of Manhattan, one of the most complex airspaces in the world. The scenery goes into great detail and includes the area's airports and detailed heliports and ground detail down to the smallest roads. For more information, click on Read More.

Would there be anyone in the Western world who does not recognize the skyline of Manhattan?

Manhattan and the airspace around it is one of the most complex and busy places in the world. The helicopters with tourists and the VIP helicopters are mixed with many small VFR sightseeing aircraft. Add to that a rather special VFR approach into La Guardia airport and you get an area where you need to know the rules and need to keep looking.

Using completely new aerial photographs (we don't like to use satellite images because they tend to be to blue in colour and often are done from the wrong angle) the ground is completely covered with high detail textures, showing even the smallest roads. Nearly all blocks of houses are in 3D, which gives a MUCH greater sense of depth and speed. We'll spare you the suffering of doing whole neighbourhoods in this way, it is backbreaking work and it takes weeks to get results that look good in FS. All three heliports on the island were researched and included in incredible detail. We added the now defunct Pan Am heliport on top of what is now the MetLife building.

When all was done several weeks were spent optimizing and tuning. A project with so many objects in such a confined space could make the framerates suffer. There are products with more objects and textures but there is NO product that puts them all in such a confined area. Fortunately Andras Kozma is an expert in this field and the scenery will not affect your framerate too much.

Manhattan Scenery, impressions of a city is a scenery project that we believe sets a new standard. Never before has a city been rendered in so much detail. Never before could you fly with so many objects so close to your aircraft/helicopter and not turn your flying experience into a slide show. You'll be zipping along the rivers, avoiding traffic and trying to stay on the published routes. You will be landing on heliports that define the word detail, You'll be parking your helicopter on barges that float in the river. Of course we'll be helping you get to grips with the helicopters in FS2004, just believe us when we say that they are not THAT complex to fly. You'll be flying your light aircraft over the published routes or you will be guiding your 737 in one of the world's most spectacular VFR approaches, the River Visual to RWY 13. When things get calm you take your friends up for a visit to the Statue of Liberty.

Manhattan scenery covers:

  • The whole island of Manhattan (East Side, West Side, Uptown and Downtown);
  • Ellis Island;
  • Governors Island;
  • Liberty Island;
  • Roosevelt Island;
  • Sections of Long Island East River edge.


  • KJRB, Port Authority Downtown Manhattan/Wall St Heliport;
  • KJRA, West 30th St. Heliport;
  • 6N5, East 34th Street Heliport;
  • 6N4, Pan Am Metroport Heliport;
  • All major bridges in great detail;
  • All famous landmarks on Manhattan;
  • Repaints of Bell 206 helicopter to suit the location;
  • Detailed information of the heliports;
  • Effects files for smoke and other effects;
  • Limited seasonal textures;
  • Spectacular night effects;
  • All charts needed to fly helicopters and light aircraft in this region;
  • Charts needed to fly the spectacular River Visual RWY 13 to La Guardia;
  • Flights to start on all heliports, VFR light aircraft and River Visual;
  • Online check for updates, no more browsing to find there is no update;
  • Extensive manual.

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