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Madagascar Lakes Flatten

Many lakes of Madagascar still appear in FSX as FS9 "tyre-like" walls or moon craters; this pack will fix elevation for 137 lakes in Madagascar; previous similar files for FS9 fail in FSX; all older SCA flattens have been reworked into FSX flatten polygons (thanks to FSX-KML program). Flatten lakes in FSX. Difference with FS9: - Ranofotsy coast redraw not yet done for FSX - all large streams (slopy hydropolygons) not yet fixed; previous FS9 bgl used many...

File size: 54.62 KB | Download hits: 229

Province of Quebec Scenery (All Parts)

Lakes, shorelines and rivers of the province of Quebec, Canada (for FSX only). For best rendering, use terrain mesh of the province of Quebec (Canada) in LOD10 (38m).  Part 1 to 5. Installation: 1) Extract the zipped files to a temporary directory, making sure that the "use folder names" option is enabled. When the files are unzipped to the temporary directory you should see a folder, called "Quebec_Lacs_FSX", with three subfolders :...

File size: 114.34 MB | Download hits: 652

Province of Quebec Scenery Fix

Lakes, shorelines and rivers, Province of Quebec, Canada fix; missing exclude file for part 5. By Gilles Gauthier. LAKES, SHORELINES and RIVERS - PROVINCE of QUEBEC, CANADA - UPDATE Author : Gilles Gauthier Date : February 2007 Version : 1.0 Exclude file missing in "" to be added to lakes, shorelines and rivers scenery of the province of Quebec, Canada (for FSX only) Installation: 1) Extract the zipped file to a temporary directory. 2)...

File size: 3.16 KB | Download hits: 141

USA Ground Textures (All Parts)

Modified Ground Textures for the USA parts 1-8. With these textures I have tried to solve three problems, in the first place, to deal with the 'desert' problem that so many people have complained of, secondly, to deal with the winter textures and thirdly and finally to deal with the autumn textures. With regard to the 'desert' problem, I have modified the default textures in tone and color to try, so far as is possible, to reduce or eliminate the barren brown color of the...

File size: 609.86 MB | Download hits: 13310

Godzone Taranaki

This is an update of the freeware Godzone Taranaki/Egmont scenery originally designed for the old NZ150metre mesh, then updated for the Red Baron meshes, and now for FSX. This version was put together as an experiment in producing photoreal scenery using the new FSX features. It utilises the full 'standard' NZ aerial imagery resolution of 2.5 metres per pixel. This particular scenery uses a simple blend mask to overcome the sharp delineation between the photoreal and default scenery....

File size: 28.32 MB | Download hits: 189

Birds Volume 6: Tieton State

BIRDS volume 6 TIETON STATE Boats and lightshouse We continue our trip to the gorgeous Washington State with Tieton State (4S6) a small airfield discovered thanks to Nigel on the forum.  I hope you will like this peaceful place with its added life and scenery.  I warmly thank Adam Mills for his great textures that make this place another paradise for the birds. Enjoy installation: the bgl files go to C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft...

File size: 510.69 KB | Download hits: 217

Descobrir Portugal

FSX, Descobrir Portugal V0.2 Description: This is my new project: DESCOBRIR PORTUGAL My intention is to create a new global scenery for the Portuguese territory, with new coast lines, roads, railroads, landclass, airports and local landmarks, lighthouses, bridges, castels and many other improvements. In this first attempt for FSX: Complete Scenery for: LPMU Mogadouro, LPCS Cascais Tires, LPEV Évora, LPPM Portimão. Incomplete scenery for: LPBR...

File size: 24.55 MB | Download hits: 1389

Descobrir Portugal Scenery Fix

Descobrir Portugal Fix, for use with DPX02.ZIP. This update will correct the "building crash" problem in LPPM Portimao and LPCS Cascais Tires Aerodromes, detected in the original version. Update for the scenery Descobrir Portugal X By José Maia Simply copy and paste this files in the respective folders of DPX scenery. The LPCS_Cascais_Tires_OB0.BGl go to Center/scenery and LPPM_Portimao_OB0.BGL go to the South/scenery folders and overwrite the original ones. This...

File size: 21.92 KB | Download hits: 446

Hardy Monument

HARDY MONUMENT for FSX with VFR Generation X NOTE: If possible please refer to the enclosed README.pdf Location 50º 41’ 12.21" North 2º 32’ 57.13" West Ordnance Survey (OS) grid reference: 361301 087601 Installation Simply copy the unzipped "Hardy Monument" folder (and its Scenery and Texture sub-folders) into the Addon Scenery sub-folder of Flight Sim. Then inside Flight Sim (FSX) select Settings > Scenery Library > Add...

File size: 455.02 KB | Download hits: 145

Kermanshah Airport

Kermanshah Airport (OICC), Iran. Includes airport vehicles and stairs, trailers, navaids, static hangars, new taxiway and runway, tower and beacon and more. By Ehsan Moradi. Kermanshah Airport Scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Installation : Copy Addon Scenery Folder in Main Fsx Directory. Copy Textutres Files to Texture Folder in Main Fsx Directory. Description Kermanshah Airport Including : airport Vehicles & stairs / Chopper...

File size: 90.27 MB | Download hits: 318

Mada Bush Airfields

Mada Bush Airfields; extra files for use in FSX. The previous three packs with a total of 150 fields in Madagascar should be installed first before adding these additional files. By Pierre Mogenet. Mada bush airfields. The 3 packs for FS9 (150 places) should be installed (with libraries and texrures). Installation: Better to unzip in a temporary folder, then copy in FSX following subfolder: madabush_exclude_flatten for instance, with only a scenery...

File size: 111.71 KB | Download hits: 174

Aeroport de Mascouche

Aeroport de Mascouche (CSK3), Quebec, Canada. Includes all the real buildings and new orientation of the runway. By Sylvain Tremblay. Cessna parked at Mascouche airport. ...

File size: 11 MB | Download hits: 229

Smithers Regional Airport

Contained is an approximation of CYYD, Smithers Regional Airport, BC, made using the fsx object placement tool. Just pop it in your fsxadd on sceneryscenery folder. Photo of Smithers Regional Airport. This scenery works well with Combat Planes Northern Adventures sampler. Notice that any xml mission file can be converted to a permanent bgl file for personal use with the bgl compiler of the SDK or Abacus Scenery Shortcut. For example, the Combat Planes Terrace Airport,...

File size: 27.49 KB | Download hits: 275

Autogen Fix For Hana And Belize

Autogen fix for Hana PHHN and Belize MZBZ. Diagram showing Hana airport fix Seems like FSX messed up the autogen exclusion area for these two airports. I did a quick exclusion bgl for a couple of folks, but got more requests so I am posting to the library in case anyone else can use these. For Hana I used photos to approximate the cleared areas. For Belize I just copied the same area as used in FS9. Simply drag and drop the two .bgl files into your Flight Simulator...

File size: 75.9 KB | Download hits: 115

European Ground Textures (All Parts)

Modified Ground Textures for Europe - Part 1 to 8. This is all of the parts combined in one easy to download file. With these textures I have tried to solve three problems, in the first place, to deal with the 'desert' problem that so many people have complained of, secondly, to deal with the winter textures and thirdly and finally to deal with the autumn textures. With regard to the 'desert' problem, I have modified the default textures in tone and colour to try, so...

File size: 608.82 MB | Download hits: 7385

Birds Volume 5

BIRDS volume 5 ELIZA ISLAND. Sea plane providing bird and wildlife tours. A few miles from Orcas island I have discovered this small lovely island and I am happy to offer you this fifth volume to continue our VFR flights in this gorgeous area.  Birds, dolphins and orcas will danse around your ol'Goose while you have a nice Bar-BQ next to the shore. Installation: the bgl file goes to C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XAddon...

File size: 467.72 KB | Download hits: 364

Des Moines International Airport

Des Moines International Airport (KDSM), Iowa (IA). Corrects runway lengths, adds overruns, adds DME to ILS 13, adds airline codes to gates, adds parking and ramps. Des Moines International Airport logo. This is my first update to FSX KDSM. There are some issues with TaxiSigns I have not addressed in this version (visibility issues) but hope to in the next. Changes made to KDSM: Runway lengths corrected, overruns added. DME to ILS 13...

File size: 14.83 KB | Download hits: 219

KDAL West Concourse

KDAL - The Dallas Love Field West Concourse, by Ignacio Villegas/BluePrint Simulations. KDAL Dallas Love Field February 16, 2007 v. 1.0.2 for FSX. Windows XP only. This release is meant to be a high-quality, high-resolution representation of the Dallas Love field West Concourse, one of Southwest Airlines main hubs. It is a partial representation of the terminal complex only. Important Notice: The East and North concourses will appear textured in...

File size: 2.07 MB | Download hits: 205

Mostar Airport

Mostar airport scenery Massive upgrade of default Microsoft FS X scenery for Mostar (LQMO), Bosnia and Herzegovina. Many features were either edited or added to this by default quite deserted airport, that now features realistic taxi signs, airport buildings placement, AFCAD, AI traffic, approaches and ATC frequencies. 1: Description: Visible scenery: more than 200 items added, mainly on the airport and it's near surrounding - realistic taxiway signs, airport...

File size: 1.04 MB | Download hits: 503

USA 10 M Terrain Project

Usa 10 M terrains Project - West Coast Version 1.1.  This package includes all parts 1-6 and the patch fix. 10m USA terrain scenery. New and Updated Version 1.1 - FSX Usa 10 M terrains Project is a freeware mesh terrains addon for FSX.  It is designed to replace elevations all over the united States - enhancing terrains from the 38 m to 10 m - providing you a far more detailed terrain to fly over. It is designed using the Latest Ned 10 m elevation models and compiled...

File size: 1.98 GB | Download hits: 1395