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New Freeware Scenery - Creuse 2008 for FS2004

Last updated Wed, 01 Jun 2016 07:53:49 GMT
Originally posted on Sun, 08 Mar 2009 08:10:55 GMT

Emmanuel Parot is proud to announce the availability of his latest scenery Creuse 2008 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. This freeware scenery presents all airports from Creuse (French department): Montlucon-Gueret (LFBK), Gueret Saint-Laurent (LFCE) and two private airstrips: Evaux (LF2321) and Le Pommier (LF2351).

Emmanuel has released many unique pieces of scenery and additions for FSX over the years, with a wide range of excellent airport additions and changes for various simulators. His skill and talents are widely recognized as he has been held up as one of the most talented designers in the circuit for quite some time; however, the thing that really gets peoples interest is the fact that this package manages to capture the Creuse airports in all of their glory through the eyes of someone who genuinely knows a lot about each and every one of the airports.

From the LFCE and LFBK airports which are large, public airports to the private strips in Evaux and Le Pommier you will find that this package manages to throw in a real punch; it uses the detail and skill of an innovator, mixed with the passion and the attention to detail of a true fan.

The Gueret – St. Lawrence Airport (LFBK) is a very well respected airfield and is used for public air traffic quite regularly. Located roughly 6km east of Gueret, it’s used for various recreational activities as well as tourist activities like parachuting, model aircraft and light aircraft shows. The area, then, is a great place to come and visit in FS2004 and in this package it’s more or less completely as it should be in terms of detail.

The Montlucon-Gueret Airport (LFCE) is another respected airport as it offers a simple form of transport in the area. However, it’s not used anywhere near as commonly as the St. Lawrence airport in terms of things like air shows and other flight related events and features. The airport, located 22.5km southwest of Montlucon, is a very commonly used airport within the region as it’s so simple to access and leave.

This freeware scenery package provides you with incredibly depth and detail in that it manages to truly capture the look and feel of the entire region unlike never before. As it’s not the most populous part of France there are many areas here that can feel generic or under whelming, and this manages to really capture the look and feel of the area perfectly.

The idea here is to try and freshen up this entire part of France so that it looks more authentic and more unique, rather than just looking like a large scale continuation of more of the same.

This package, then, makes perfect sense in that it allows you to get the help that you need in making France look a bit more lively whilst also adding in a fresh and engaging perspective on a whole range of things such as the scale and size of the airports in question and even the kind of greenery that you would find in this area.

To take Creuse and make it look far more impressive and far more detailed the next time you fire up FS2004 you should really consider adding this package in for an easy, effective scenery solution. 

This scenery uses high-resolution photorealistic pictures for buildings and ground.

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Ian Stephens

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