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Aerosoft US Cities X Detroit Scenery Released

Last updated Tue, 10 Jul 2018 18:54:26 GMT
Originally posted on Wed, 16 Dec 2015 11:20:30 GMT

Part of the latest US Cities X additions, Detroit can now be used within FSX to the most impressive level of detail possible – all of these new features, when looked at together, create a truly impressive new version of a truly remarkable part of the United States. 

As one of the most commonly recognized cities in the world, Detroit has heralded a huge amount of change in the world – now, you can go there and see it properly.

Screenshot of city

This modification of Detroit, part of the brilliant US Cities X group, will ensure that you are left with the most authentic and enjoyable creation possible when it comes to getting to see Detroit up close and personal. With every little detail along the way taken care of for your viewing pleasure, this package can be the perfect companion for travel fans.

About Detroit

Lovingly referred to as Motown, Detroit is recognized not only because of its incredible size – it’s one of the largest in the US with ease – but also its stunning history. It plays a key part within the aviation industry as well, however, and the Delta Airlines group runs from here alongside a small army of industries from across the world.

The official home of industry for just about every American, Detroit stands out as a place to be even when you can’t be bothered! The whole ideology of what Detroit brings to the table, though, is truly staggering.

Green areas

About US Cities X

With US Cities X, you now get to visit Detroit and witness it in a whole new way, unlike anything you may have expected before. You’ll see;

  • A fantastic take of the entire city, taken from a detailed aerial image which used an awesome 20cm/pixel resolution. This ensures that the world below looks truly stunning, capturing the detail and precision that you would always have hoped to have seen from Detroit.

  • This is backed up by the intense commitment to reality in the terrains – all major terrain styles are made to ensure that they capture the right look and feel, with highly detailed and excellently customized mesh terrains that look wonderful and do what they can to bring the whole city together as one.

  • The Ambassador Bridge has received specific work to ensure that it stands out as it should – as a truly monumental part of the city, this mod does everything it can to erect it in the class and the glory that it should stand with ease.

  • Need somewhere to land? Then look out for the five heliports, all of which have been added in and then improved with immense control and precision to get even the most pinpoint of detail in position. This helps it all come together and look wonderful, creating something which is incredibly simple.

  • All of the major airports have been covered within the city and this helps to bring it all together even more – now, you can make sure you are landing at the right locations. If you want to see all of Detroit, make a landing at each of the airports listed down below.

  • New sound effects which help to make the whole city sound even better – from the animated gulls which are a staple of the Detroit background to the downtown and highway traffic emanating into the night sky, Detroit is a place to live which invokes plenty of raw energy. You’ll hear that in the sounds which have been included.

  • Just about every road you see will have some form of traffic on top of it – this ensures that the city avoids ever looking like a ghost town and helps to keep up that strong sense of belief and realism which makes simulation so fun.

  • The addition of the Ford Field is a wonderful add-on, which was at one stage one of the busiest airports in the earliest days of aviation. Today, it’s a test track for cars but you can still head over and get a wonderful view of a truly historical part of the Detroit history which really makes it all come together in the most effective manner.

  • More than 1,000 major buildings are added across the city so that you feel like you are flying over more stunning textures and authentic landscapes than you are generic autogens and other similar builds. This helps to sell the positive image of the city, and will ensure that you can settle into the enjoyment of being here in no time at all.

  • The whole enjoyment of being here in Detroit comes from the fact that it’s so well represented, and the incredible detail is not spared when you take into account the great work put into the autogen objects. With 121,897 fresh objects being used you will feel as if you are looking at the real thing when you arrive at this part of America!

  • A new edition of Harsen’s Island has been completed and added in there, thrown in alongside the river delta of the ST. Clair River – these nice little touches help to sell the package even more and can make it much easier for you to land here and have some genuine fun.

Airport ground textures

Airports Included

Naturally, one of the most important things in the US Cities X package is to try and cover the style of airports which stand out so much within the cities that it covers. With Detroit, it’s more important than ever.

This package makes sure that it covers over all of the details about the airports throughout the city, although please note that no new buildings have been added to any of the airports. They have, however, been reworked to have fresh new high resolution ground textures.

All of the airports covered are in the city as well as the surrounding islands, and this means you can easily land elsewhere on top of some fresh new customized mesh terrains – this looks wonderful, and sells the package exquisitely to you.

The airports which have been added include;

  • KDTW - Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport
  • KDET - Coleman A. Young International Airport (Detroit City Apt)
  • CYQG - Windsor (Canada) Airport
  • KYIP - Willow Run Airport
  • KPTK - Oakland Co Intl Airport
  • KMTC - Selfridge ANGB Airport
  • KONZ - Grosse Ile Mun Airport
  • Z92 - Harsen's Island Airport
  • Y47 - New Hudson Airport
  • 1D2 - Canton Plymouth Mettetal Airport
  • 7D2 - Oakland/Troy Airport

You can grab your copy of this stunning scenery package over at SimShack.

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