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The Fly Away Simulation downloads directory is one of the biggest and most well organized file libraries there is.  The library covers aircraft addons, scenery expansions including mods and downloads for Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, X-Plane and many earlier versions. Jump straight to the downloads here.

Most of the expansions include installation instructions to help you install them, however if you are having trouble installing any aircraft or scenery, feel free to visit our forum - you don't even have to be a member to post.

You can download the files free of charge, however there is a speed limit applied to free users. Pro accounts have no download speed limit.

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New Downloads

FSX RDAF Pilatus PC-21 RDAF Pilatus PC-21

Download added on Wed, 17 Jun 2015 16:35:27 GMT

A repaint for the payware Iris PC21, in a fictitious Royal Danish Air Force training aircraft livery. The package contains 32 bit 4096x4096 (65mb) and 32 bit 2048x2048 (16mb) Textures. By Dirk Hueschelrath. Screenshot of RDAF Pilatus PC-21 in flight. Installation: Simply move the texture-folder/s (after unzipped them!) into your Flight Simulator X/SimObjects/Airplanes/IRIS PC-21 folder. Then edit the aircraft.cfg and add the below section. Change fltsim.xx to the next available...

FSX Beechcraft AT-6B N610AT Beechcraft AT-6B N610AT

Download added on Wed, 17 Jun 2015 16:33:45 GMT

A repaint of the payware Iris Beech AT-6 B (part of the T-6A Texan II package). It is painted as the AT-6B light attack aircraft prototype and concept demonstrator N610AT. Repaint by Jens-Ole Kjolberg. Screenshot of Beechcraft AT-6B N610AT in flight. Installation: This zip file contains only the textures. You will also need to buy the IRIS Beechcraft AT-6. The intended method for installation is as an optional set of markings. Extract the texture files (*.bmp) in this zip...

FSX Fairey Gannet AEW.3 "XL502" Fairey Gannet AEW.3 "XL502"

Download added on Wed, 17 Jun 2015 16:31:05 GMT

Fairey Gannet AEW.3 "XL502" (textures only). Repaint of the Fairey Gannet AEW3 by Robert Richardson. It is painted as XL502 "041" from B flight 849 NAS, flying from the carrier HMS Ark Royal in 1970. Repaint by Jens-Ole Kjolberg. Screenshot of Fairey Gannet AEW.3 "XL502" in flight. Installation: This zip file contains only the textures. You will also need to download the Fairey Gannet AEW.3 by Robert Richardson from "" . The...

FSX HUNAF Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-21 HUNAF Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-21

Download added on Wed, 17 Jun 2015 16:27:53 GMT

HUNAF 5531 (textures only). Repaint of the MiG-21MF by Ivan Jurcaga. It is painted as MiG-21Bis "5531" from "Griff" Squadron of the 47 Fighter Regiment, Hungarian Air Force, based at Papa AB as it looked in 2000. 5531 did the last Mig-21 flight in the HuAF on 24 August 2000. Repaint by Jens-Ole Kjolberg. Master textures by Dag Roger Stangeland. Screenshot of HUNAF Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-21 in flight. The Hungarian Air Force flew the Mig-21 for 40 years, retiring...

FSX Projet Noratlas Upgrade 2 Projet Noratlas Upgrade 2

Download added on Wed, 17 Jun 2015 16:24:28 GMT

Projet Noratlas Upgrade 2, for use with PROJET_NORATLAS_BASE_PACK.ZIP. This second upgrade fixes some problems, provides a new paint kit, new contact points and the repaint for a Noratlas at the end of the Indochina War. By Jean-Francois Martin and Gilbert Millas. (See also PROJET_NORATLAS_FIX1.ZIP) Image of Noratlas model. With this second upgrade: A new paint kit. Fixed the asymmetric displacement of the rudders. Fixed the mapping of the wings. Fixed the wrong...

New Comments on Downloads

New to flight simulation?

Welcome to Fly Away Simulation. We cover many aspects of flight simulation on this website including the popular series released by Microsoft: Microsoft Flight, Flight Simulator X, FS2004 and of course X-Plane by Laminar Research.

Getting Started

Before you are able to become a virtual aviator, you need a package for your PC or Mac. We feature some great free flight simulation packages that users may download including X-Plane, FlightGear and Orbiter. However, for a true simulation experience with maximum features and expansion options, we currently recommend Microsoft Flight Simulator X or X-Plane from Laminar Research; both can be purchased from our store, SimShack with worldwide delivery.

Before you can enjoy virtual aviation, you will need to get yourself a flight sim package.  There are many out there, but currently the best and most expandable are Microsoft Flight Simulator X or X-Plane.


Microsoft's flight simulation packages have always been the most popular, and not by chance.  They feature complete world scenery and many stunning aircraft out of the box.  Microsoft FSX is the latest of their simulation series that offers "full world" simulation with a complete experience.  This differs from the newer 2012 "Microsoft Flight" game, as this is not a complete package out of the box; it's more of a quick, fun game with no third party add-on support - so for those who want the full experience, we recommend FSX.

Order X-PlaneX-Plane 10

X-Plane has always been the professional's choice, it features many advanced functions and ultimate realism.  Just released is X-Plane version 10, which is quite possibly the ultimate package there is available.  X-Plane runs on Windows and Mac so you don't have to worry about what operating system you run.  Out of the box, over 20 aircraft are included and highly detailed world scenery with thousands of airports and airfields.

Joining the website and interacting socially

You may use the entire website without registering. You can comment, post in the forum and of course download any of the thousands of files we have available here. However, a speed limit is applied to file downloads if you are not registered for a Pro account. A Pro account gives you uncapped speed along with many other great features. For more information, click here.

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Latest News & Editorials

Review: USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier for FSX/P3D by Team SDB Review: USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier for FSX/P3D by Team SDB

Posted on Tue, 16 Jun 2015 13:40:15 GMT (1435 reads)

For many years, aircraft carriers have played a key role in military aviation. It’s been the stopping point and starting point for many aircrafts over recent decades, giving them an easy place to take off from when they were low on fuel or in need of repairs. Aircraft carriers alone have completely revolutionized the way that we fight and take the battle to other parts of the world, and for that reason it’s become one of the most prominent parts of military planning for quite some time. 

Another FSX: Steam Edition Update Another FSX: Steam Edition Update

Posted on Fri, 08 May 2015 21:43:57 GMT (6502 reads)

If you have never used Flight Simulator X before then you will no doubt be anxious to try it at some point; it’s one of the most comprehensive flight simulators ever created, and provides people with the perfect choice between realism and enjoyment through a highly diverse flying experience that has been optimized and improved multiple times through the addition of new features and patches over time. 

AI Traffic for FSX: Freeware & Payware AI Traffic for FSX: Freeware & Payware

Posted on Wed, 06 May 2015 12:21:24 GMT (9515 reads)

When using a flight simulation product, you always want to get the most realistic possible response. After all, the majority of users will be using as either light training for their piloting career, or as a chance to get as close to the real thing as possible. Therefore, it’s vital to make sure that you have the right kind of realism around you at all times – of course, as any flight simulation fan will know, the realism that you experience goes far beyond just the aircraft that you are flying. The type of aircraft is always important, but the world itself has to feel realistic.

Aerosoft Mega Airport London Heathrow Xtended Review Aerosoft Mega Airport London Heathrow Xtended Review

Posted on Wed, 06 May 2015 11:53:23 GMT (2251 reads)

As you might imagine, when you first start using a flight simulator you will want to be able to fully understand everything that is has to offer you. It needs to look realistic, authentic and truly responsive to what you are asking for. As you may have noticed yourself, though, this is pretty hard to do. With the entire world effectively being covered by flight simulators today, it can be hard for the developers to find the manpower, resources and technology to make the entire world look as realistic as possible.

Using ATC in FSX Using ATC in FSX

Posted on Mon, 27 Apr 2015 18:12:58 GMT (6856 reads)

For many of us taking part in flying an aircraft in FSX can be hard work. With so much to consider as you go through the day, it can be hard work just trying to put everything into place whilst ensuring that you are going to get some kind of long-term benefit. This can start to affect your ability to fly with confidence, making it harder to get through the most difficult parts of the flight process. This is why so many people tend to turn to some of the extra features that are provided in FSX these days – things such as Air Traffic Control can be the extra tool needed to make sure that you can get a bit more success when flying through your aircraft. 

Using the FSX Flight Planner Using the FSX Flight Planner

Posted on Mon, 27 Apr 2015 15:11:01 GMT (5668 reads)

For many years, the ways in which people take to the skies through a flight simulator has been changing. From the early '90s simulations that we witnessed that were short on features and realism to the super realistic service we have today in 2015, using flight simulators has been something that many people have enjoyed for quite some time. However, like every other aspect of flight simulation, the features that are on offer and display have changed entirely and require you to have a strong understanding and knowledge of what to do and when.

Using The HIGHMEMFIX Tweak for FSX Using The HIGHMEMFIX Tweak for FSX

Posted on Fri, 17 Apr 2015 08:46:01 GMT (15881 reads)

Although FSX has always been well regarded as one of the most impressive flight simulators to date, there have always been a few kinks that have made things a bit tougher for modders and users of the simulator that want to change things up. For example, FSX tweaks that involve fsx.cfg edits are quite commonplace throughout various modding communities but they can be typically quite a difficult thing to install properly, whilst getting them to work. 

Aerosoft's Mega Airport Lisbon v2 Scenery Add-on: A Review Aerosoft's Mega Airport Lisbon v2 Scenery Add-on: A Review

Posted on Thu, 16 Apr 2015 20:51:40 GMT (2774 reads)

As one of the most prominent cities in Europe, it’s no surprise that plenty of people want to fly to Lisbon – having been myself in reality, I’ve always wanted to see the stunning Lisbon airport done up to its full grandeur and capacity in a flight simulator. It’s a truly awesome city to be in, and the quality of the airport there is absolutely awesome as well. Well, having been a huge fan of this location for many years you can imagine that there was plenty of smiles when the Mega Airport Lisbon v2.0 package was released.

Accu-Sim Cessna 182 Skylane by A2A Simulations Review Accu-Sim Cessna 182 Skylane by A2A Simulations Review

Posted on Tue, 14 Apr 2015 16:14:59 GMT (4870 reads)

When it comes to flying specific aircraft in a simulator, it’s very important that you can turn to the most unique representations out there on the web. After all, without authenticity there really isn’t much point in getting involved. This is why being able to access the various creations from across the web, made by simulation fans as well as modding professionals and aviation specialists, 

Do You Recognize This Aviation Pioneer? Do You Recognize This Aviation Pioneer?

Posted on Fri, 10 Apr 2015 12:03:56 GMT (2432 reads)

This British aviation pioneer was born near Manchester, England, in 1877, the son of a doctor.  After quitting school at age 14, he travelled to western Canada for a year. Upon returning to England, he worked in railway locomotive shops. He became interested in aviation while observing albatrosses during a stint in the British Merchant Navy.

AVSIM Founder Tom Allensworth Passes Away AVSIM Founder Tom Allensworth Passes Away

Posted on Tue, 07 Apr 2015 15:10:00 GMT (5265 reads)

We understand that we are privileged to have such an open, friendly and diverse community around us. With so many great innovations and ideas brought to life by the experts of the community, we love spending time working with others and seeing what the general consensus is throughout. Our main aim is always to provide a service that can be trustworthy and easy to use, but we also spend a lot of time working with other flight simulation websites.

Germanwings Alps Plane Crash: Possible Causes Germanwings Alps Plane Crash: Possible Causes

Posted on Thu, 26 Mar 2015 10:13:53 GMT (13760 reads)

Unless you have totally managed to avoid the media for the last two days, you will no doubt have witnessed the atrocious scenes that have taken place nearby Nice, towards the French Alps. An Airbus A320-200 aircraft flying under Germanwings, Flight 9525, was taking 150 people (including 6 crew) across from Barcelona, Spain to Dusseldorf, Germany. The aircraft, however, never made it to Germany as it crashed 100 km to the north-west of Nice. 

Do You Recognize This Pioneer Who Dominated Early 20th Century Aviation? Do You Recognize This Pioneer Who Dominated Early 20th Century Aviation?

Posted on Wed, 25 Mar 2015 14:55:03 GMT (3149 reads)

Born in 1882 to a clergy family in Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England, this aviation pioneer formed a long-standing aircraft manufacturing company that designed and produced legendary military and civilian aircraft.

Announcing FlightSimCon 2015 Announcing FlightSimCon 2015

Posted on Fri, 20 Mar 2015 11:50:04 GMT (3391 reads)

As one of the flagship events of the year, FlightSimCon has become a genuine smash hit amongst fans of flight sim and aviation. It’s constantly changing list of exhibitors that are on offer, mixed in with the massive new showings and features that you will get to experience makes it one of the absolute must-see events. 

Carenado Release Cessna S550 Citation II HD Series for FSX/P3D Carenado Release Cessna S550 Citation II HD Series for FSX/P3D

Posted on Tue, 17 Mar 2015 07:36:49 GMT (4047 reads)

The Cessna Citation II was recently released by Carenado, and was part of the HD Series released by the group. As one of the most prominent names in the modding world for flight simulators, the S550 was much anticipated prior to release, with the bar set so high with the original release.

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