Lago AMX - Ghibli On Approach

Coming later this week from Lago is the AMX for FS2002 and FS2004. The AMX is a high subsonic, very low altitude night and day capable combat aircraft that will be available in three versions. For details, click on Read More.

After two months of silence the AMX is getting ready to fire up its RR Spey engine and roll out the hangar for its virtual maiden flight on the 1st of August. The whole project has been postponed until now to allow a better development and to test thoroughly all aspects of this small subsonic fighter, compatible with both FS2002 and FS2004. The AMX is a high subsonic, very low altitude night and day capable aircraft that has proved its characteristics during the Kosovo War. This aircraft currently serves three nations, Italy, Brazil and Venezuela. In this pack you'll find visual models from the AM (Italian Airforce) and from FAB (Brazilian airforce) and can all be flown with an array of six different configurations, giving you the opportunity to experience the immense differences in flight pilots have to endure when leaving for different missions. The AMX has been developed with the collaboration of real Aermacchi test pilots who know this aircraft inside out and have contributed in bringing a very high level of realism, this means it's not an easy plane to fly!

Like in past Lago military aircraft, the refueling module will be included in the coming weeks for the FS2004 version, allowing all of you to test your skills in finding and refueling with the KC-10.

Male - Maldives Scenery Upgrade

The updated 1.10 version is now available for you to download. This version will solve all open issues in the scenery. Here are some of the fixes that have been addressed:

  • fixed textures loading problems
  • fixed AI traffic taking off from the right shoulder of the runway
  • full automatic AI traffic installation on non-English versions
  • added more frame rate optimizations
  • added missing islands name billboards
  • fixed amphibian taxi and landing problems
  • tree textures updated and now in higher resolution
  • updated the flight model of the Budulm
  • added more interesting weather to the startup FLT's
  • change the FLT with the 777 that blocks AI traffic to start

Great Screen Shots Of What's To Come!

Go visit our forum where you will find some stunning new pictures of our future release. You will find some incredible pictures of the S79 (Savoia Marchetti), which is just one of the aircraft featured in the coming "The Crossings" add-on, always part of our "Century of aviation" series. And Further, on our forum some exclusive pictures of the beta of Florence Scenery still in the making.

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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