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FS2004 Splash Screens

Splash Screens for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight
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F-18 Splash Screen

F-18 Splash Screen for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. This splash screen is copyright. Neil Angus 05.  Use and distribute freely, but do not sell or include in any payware package. For further screenies, splashes or questions contact via To use, open your UIRES folder in the main FS2004 folder, backup your original dlgsplash then add mine, alternately you can use the splash screen randomize. ...

File size: 418.51 KB | Download hits: 944

Maule M7-260 Splashscreens

for use with the FS9 Splashscreen randomizer, created by George A.Arana (THDRG) using a splashscreen template. ...

File size: 1.24 MB | Download hits: 501

Splashscreen Australian Dream

This file contains 4 splashscreens of an RAAF P-51 called 'Australian Dream'. The texture is by Garry Smith. By Pat Cox. ...

File size: 2.35 MB | Download hits: 1022

splash screen F-16

(Long Range configuration) in full afterburner as the moon rises behind the mountains. Screenshot and Splash Screen created by Brian Oblinger. ...

File size: 270.86 KB | Download hits: 1189

FS2004, Monarch Airlines splash screen

you see it when you start fs. By Thomas Moger Aviation Zone....

File size: 195.87 KB | Download hits: 550

F-16 Splash Screen Full Load out for the F-16 Flying into Baghdad

Splash Screen & F-16 Both Done By Robert "Hawk" Instructions- Simple, Locate Folder Named UIRES, open it & copy & Paste file Named dlgsplash in the folder & save it to any folder You like, then copy & paste the F-16 Image to UIRES folder & You'll be propmpted to overwrite just click ok- Simple :). ...

File size: 368.21 KB | Download hits: 1369

Splash Screen Two screens from historical facts

the first airplane that flew (without any external helps, like winds, rail etc.) and the first airship, both powered, able to take off, cruise, and landing only with own engine, as we know today. by Ralph Cafure Bolssonaro....

File size: 394.49 KB | Download hits: 227