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Sim Pilot 2008 Calendar

Last updated Fri, 21 Aug 2015 20:53:44 GMT
Originally posted on Wed, 05 Dec 2007 10:00:00 GMT

We at Sim Pilot Magazine got together with some of the top developers in the flightsim scene (Captain Sim, Carenado, Eaglesoft, Flight 1/Scenery Solutions, FS Addon, Just Flight, Orbx, and Sim Pilot Experience) and put together a 2008 flightsim calendar with spectacular screen shots from Flight Simulator.

The calendar is in English/French/German and includes holidays from the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, France and Germany.

It’s always nice to have a new kind of calendar and for those who spend a lot of time looking for fresh and cool ways to jazz up their walls; this is the perfect way to do it. The 2008 edition of this calendar may have been and gone, but it’s still a fantastic little collector’s item to pick up if you can ever get your hands on it. The calendar itself was extremely well made, created using so many different professional teams along the way that made sure you were going to be left with a truly professional looking camera.

Covering each month, the camera managed to provide us with some truly awesome pictures of aircraft and scenery that was being used within the simulator. This made it easy for everyone who was using this to get a bit more into the whole idea, as it was easy to start spotting locations that you had been to in the past – the destinations and the images used were very unique and interesting, and probably allowed for some of the more iconic shots that many of us will have seen. After all, most of the time we are too busy piloting to really notice these little additions!

They images are taken from some of the finest add-ons out there, making it much easier for things to be prepared and put together in the right manner; the quality of the aircraft and the scenery itself all matched up in terms of attention to detail and the overall detail that they have.

The shots are made up of aircraft from various different companies across the board. Teams like Carenado, Eaglesoft, Just Flight, Orbx, Sim Pilot Experience, Flight 1/ Scenery Solution, FS Addon and Captain Sim have all taken part in creating a truly memorable piece of flight simulation memorabilia that will definitely act as a brilliant, if slightly outdated, gift for a flight simulation friend!

The HQ pictures that are used throughout are captured in the very highest detail settings so that they look spot on; there’s nothing here that could look odd or out of place, as everything matches up with what you would have expected. Each image has also been printed out in a full A3 format so the calendar is fairly large, giving you all the space that you need to see and mark down those important dates onto the calendar.

The calendar itself is loaded with information already, though! Public holidays from countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Germany, the US and the UK are all scribed onto here so that you will know when you might be getting a bit of obligatory time off to spend your time simming instead!

As far as unique flight simulation related products goes, this is one of the best. It’s classy, it looks great and it has all of the style and class that you would expect from something like this; if you can find one, pick it up!  

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