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Project Magenta Announces pmSystems Video

Last updated Mon, 25 Mar 2019 15:36:12 GMT
Originally posted on Mon, 26 Apr 2004 00:33:21 GMT

Project Magenta is making videos to show off their upcoming projects. pmSystems will add a new dimension to current flight management software, integrating the overhead panel with the other components. For details, click on Read More.

We're back to making videos again...

pmSystems will add a new dimension to our current flight management software, integrating the overheadpanel with the other components of our product range. One software will be able to drive and interface many different aircraft types, irrespective of the manufacturer.

Project Magenta has started work on their next version of flight management software called the pmSystems. They also have started making videos of their new developments that they are doing on the flight management software.

One of the main objectives of this effort by Project Magenta is to integrate the over head panel operations with the other systems in the simulation software.

pmSystems helps the users in simulating the complex process flows that are found in the heavy air crafts. The system uses special configuration files for both the logical connections and the graphics that are required to represent the overhead and its associated systems.

pmSystems is compatible with the different version of Microsoft Flight Simulator software including the FS 2004 and the FSX. It is also compatible with Prepar3D and X-plane.

pmSystems has the capability to support different aircrafts including Boeing 737, 747, 777 and Airbus A320 series of air crafts. The system has cut, copy and paste facilities for the different graphical elements that are present in the system. Using this system, any developer can construct their own version of the overhead control panel systems.

The system comes with a design and run time environment making it easier for the developers to test their different design versions. They also come with an extended touch screen support capability. pmSystems comes with in built capabilities that would help them to run on different kinds of overhead hardware solutions. Some of the popular hardware solutions, where it finds it’s use include Flight Deck solution’s InterfaceIT, overhead panel of the precision flight controls, Phidgets, Over head panel system by the name FSBUS, the over head panel of CPFlight systems, and over head panels of Cockpitsonic systems. Using this system, end users, who don’t have access to the real cockpit environment, can interface with the other systems in a flight simulator.

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