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Watch movies of peoples flights in Flight Simulator 2004.
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United States Navy Movie

A 5 minute short film based on the United States Navy's Ships and Aircraft. Contains Exciting Aircraft takeoffs and landings as well as in flight scenes. EnjoY by FC2(SW) Matt Warren ( Goose ). ...

File size: 29.81 MB | Download hits: 2325

My FS2006 wishlist movie

A short film of my wishlist for FS2006...

File size: 5.13 MB | Download hits: 3405

Landing at Mikonos

A short 3 min video of me playing with fraps and fs9 A iFDG Hellas Jet A320 landing at Mikonos (Greece) Wing views and spotter views....

File size: 6.09 MB | Download hits: 4062