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You can fit a big flight simulator into a small space.

The DIY Roll-Away Flight Sim is versatile, mobile, and doesn’t take up much room.

It’s a self-contained flight simulator with airplane controls, a modified keyboard, monitor, speakers and more

You can build it with a joystick and throttle, or yoke and throttle quadrant

Add a modified keyboard, sold separately, or add standard switch panels.

Build in wheels for maximum mobility, or simply move it with a two wheel hand truck

You can install a 24” or 27” monitor and still move it through hallways and doorways

You can even leave off the monitor, and plug it into your living room TV. Simply fold it up and roll it away after your flight.

We can show you how to build a Roll-Away Flight Simulator. Start by downloading the Do-It-Yourself videos and instruction manuals.

Build the frame from PVC pipes and wood boards. Simply buy the materials from your local home improvement store. You can find the controls and computer system at a variety of retailers.

Do you ever find that putting together a true home simulation system is a lot harder than it should be? If you do, then you might be happy to know that this DIY roll away flight simulator is so easy to build, you can do it in a matter of hours. There’s no need to have excesses of space to do so, as with this you can make a really comprehensive simulation product come to life whilst sill having plenty of room to move around with.

This self-contained flight simulation mod comes with plenty of adjustments and changes with airplane controls to ensure you can use your keyword etc. with ease. You’ll also find that fitting in the monitor and speakers into the space is a piece of cake.

With everything you get in this package it will never have been easier to enjoy the usage of a new, fresh and rather exciting flight simulation add-on. You’ll see how to do it yourself and add that real sense of realism to the simulation event, and you can follow a range of different patterns and formats to make it the size that you wish.

Everything you could need to have a proper flight simulation factor into your home can be done by following this mod. You’ll get to see how to build your own flight simulator using the DIY ideas put forward here – all it takes is the time to make it and some easy to find equipment you can get from any DIY or home improvement store! 

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