Airbus A320 Crashes into Trees at 1988 French Airshow

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Air France Flight 296 was a chartered flight of a newly-delivered fly-by-wire Airbus A320 operated by Air France. On June 26, 1988, as part of an air show it was scheduled to fly over Mulhouse-Habsheim Airport (ICAO code LFGB) at a low speed with landing gear down at an altitude of 100 feet, but instead slowly descended to 30 feet before crashing into the tops of trees beyond the runway. Three passengers died. The cause of the accident is disputed, as many irregularities were later revealed by the accident investigation. This was the first ever crash involving an Airbus A320.
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DefibriltaorMon, 08 Apr 2013 12:35:40 GMT

The three casualties were two children, and a women who attempted to help unfasten the seat belt of one of the latter (a young boy). All threr died of asphyxiation, and not the impact of the crash. The crew were unable to pull up as they stalled due to the fact that the flaps were fully deployed and not retracted in time.

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