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Three Real Flights Price Reduced

Last updated Tue, 22 Apr 2014 13:45:20 GMT
Originally posted on Wed, 16 Jul 2003 19:23:36 GMT

Ralph Zimmerman of Real ATC Software has announced a price reduction on Three Real Flights with free worldwide shipping. For details, click on Read More.

Ralph Zimmerman of Real ATC Software in Colorado Springs today announced a price reduction of Three Real Flights with Real ATC to just $6.95 with FREE world wide shipping and a cool way to use the material contained on the CD-ROM along side FS2004 and beyond.

Three Real Flights is a piece of software that adds a new layer of depth to your flight simulator. The software does this by putting real recordings of air traffic controllers into your simulator, so you can be directed through traffic by legitimate air traffic controllers that react to what you do and how you make your final approach.

In addition to guiding you, these air traffic controllers guide other traffic, adding a layer of other chatter that shows up in the background while you fly. Without affecting performance substantially, Three Real Flights makes your flight simulator experience significantly more realistic and dramatic.

Three Real Flights takes the transcripts of three authentic flights that were actually taken by the developers and painstakingly brought into Microsoft’s programming language. These flights were saved in Microsoft’s programming language, which allowed them to be made as adventures, recreating the exact same weather conditions as the ones that were present during the flights. Then, when the player follows the predetermined flight path, the air traffic controller communicates to them in real time, giving them the feeling that they are actually dealing with the tower.

The software will run on essentially any hardware that will run a flight simulator, allowing anyone to experience these three different flights for themselves. Software like this is being released all the time, software that comes up which makes the simulation significantly more realistic. With the genius and creativity of third party developers, flight simulators are growing and expanding every day of the year. There is no telling what innovations a developer will come up with next, but they continue to push the boundaries of what makes up a modern flight simulator with each passing add on or modification.

Three Real Flights brings an unparalleled realism to the flights it offers, and is only a taste of what the future holds for modern flight simulators.

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