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VATSIM NY Artcc Fly-in Event

Last updated Tue, 03 Oct 2017 13:53:09 GMT
Originally posted on Sun, 22 Mar 2009 18:00:00 GMT

The Major League Baseball All Star Game Fly-In is hitting VATSIM on July 13th from 2100-0100Z. This is a Real Ops based event and pilot slots are running out!

The New York ARTCC has been a major and successful section of the flight community for many years now, pairing up professional management and enjoyment of simulation with strong community ties.

As a community, they really are one of the most enjoyable to be in as they offer a free, honest and fair way to have some fun within the New York area.

They hold many events and systems over the years and for that reason alone, people keep flocking back to see the wonderful range of events that they can host over the year for fans to enjoy.

One of the most important features of the group has been the introduction of their own planning and help systems. The ARTCC website is loaded with great pilot details and information to help you understand how to best manage the flights and how you can most effectively stay within the realms of the rules set by the flight groups.

It’s a huge amount of fun to get involved in as the various challenges associated with the flights will come to the fore, helping you see first-hand the massive levels of enjoyment you can have in flying this particular kind of aviation.

2016 looks to be a busy year for the New Yok ARTCC group; various events are going to be held throughout the year and you can join in with ease. When you sign up you’ll be given all the information that you need so if you are unsure or nervous about how to take part, the experts will show you what to do with ease – don’t worry!

It’s a simple and effective process to sign up and when you are there, you can easily join up with the popular community forums. In here, you’ll find lively debate about the group as well as general aviation. You’ll learn plenty from the posters on here and will likely many some new friends, too.

The people who run this community are exceptionally friendly people who have plenty of time for both newcomers and veterans, so join the New York ARTCC group today! 

Visit to sign up. If you fly to LGA you are eligible to win free Imaginesim LGA Scenery. If you fly to EWR you are eligible to win free Imaginesim EWR Scenery. The winners are picked randomly.

Your Friendly ZNY Events Coordinators!
James Hudson, Michael Empinada, Stuart Schechter
Happy Flying!

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