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Jet City Aircraft Now On The Horizon

Last updated Sun, 17 Jun 2012 12:58:29 GMT
Originally posted on Tue, 27 Jan 2004 23:20:46 GMT

Jet City Aircraft is a new development group that has announced that their first release with cover all models and variants of the classic Douglas DC-9 jetliner, starting with the series 10. Teaming with Flight One, customers will be able to use many Jet City DC-9 features with Flight One's "Iron Knuckles" DC-9. For full details, click on Read More.

Jet City Aircraft is pleased to announce its introduction to the Flight Simulator world with the upcoming availability of their suite of releases covering all models and variants of the classic DC-9, starting with the DC-9 Series 10.

The Jet City DC-9 project goals are to bring you the highest DC-9 model accuracy for Flight Simulator while maintaining the highest levels of value, courtesy, responsiveness and support. Teaming up with Flight One Software, and using a special merge utility, Jet City DC-9 customers can use many features of Flight One's "Iron Knuckles" DC-9 release with the Jet City DC-9's.

This release contains all models, variants, and engine configurations of the Series 10, including the DC-9-11, DC-9-14, DC-9-15, DC-9-15MC and DC-9-15RC in passenger, freighter and combi configurations. All aircraft feature customized visual details and flight dynamics specific to each model and variant, along with individual options on each aircraft as specified by the original delivery airline.

The airplane is accurately modeled in shape and scale, and uses all of the advanced features that today's design tools have to offer. Great care was taken to make best use of display resources to ensure that the frame rate hit remains minimal.

Featuring full animation, custom flight dynamics, reflective textures, dynamic shine, full high-resolution and high-color day and night texturing, complete compatibility with the Iron Knuckles DC-9 panel, sounds and virtual cockpit (available seperately from Flight One Software), affordable pricing, dozens of free airline liveries to choose from, a generous third-party repaint policy and friendly support forums to share information, screen shots and stories, you'll undoubtedly be pleased with the Jet City Aircraft DC-9 Series 10.

What's more, when you buy one, you get them all! All purchasers of the 10's will be able to download all future DC-9 version releases at no additional cost. The first of which will be the Series 20, coming soon after the Series 10 release.

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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