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Last updated Sat, 31 Dec 2011 12:06:19 GMT
Originally posted on Tue, 27 Jan 2004 23:22:23 GMT

Lago has released news on a variety of subjects, including the transition to a new development team that will affect the release of Mad Dog. Also included is news about FS Enhancer 2004, Frecce Tricolori, Emma Field's upgrade, Punta Cana scenery and more. Read all about it by clicking on Read More.

After a number of speculative messages in the flightsim community, we feel that Lago needs to clarify some points which have been brought out of perspective. First we would like to inform all of you out there that Lago is still working on future projects and is in fact growing stronger each day that passes, thanks to its new site and collaboration with professionals such as the Italian Airforce and many virtual associations.

As from the beginning of this year, Lago has gone through some fundamental changes. Mathijs and the whole ConDev team has been replaced by a new development team headed by Ugo Grandolini, whose long experience as founder and director of Lago till 2000 will surely bring out all the qualities Lago has offered throughout its long existence. This new development team is also flanked by Alberto Sangalli and his team of developers, who have a vast experience and knowledge in the world of simulation and aviation.


  • The Mad Dog has come to a critical point in its creation. As you all know LAGO's development staff has changed hands and therefore also the unfinished products have gone through the same process. The handing over of the project has caused a serious delay as most gauges still need work to be done. This part of evelopment is crucial to the success of the project and we are doing what is possible to make the best of the instruments. The Mad Dog is the height of our product range and LAGO is not prepared to jeopardise this project simply because it was due for January. In order to overcome these issues, we are delaying the project till further notice, until the standard we request is reached also for the instruments. This decision has not been taken lightly, but we feel that it is the right one. All of us at LAGO don't want to let any user down.
  • Further future releases, such as the FS Enhancer 2004 exchange module, will allow all users to exchange freely their creations by uploading their files onto our ftp. The expected release date for this upgrade should be available by the end of February. When defining how FSE Exchange will operate, we decided to go for the "save user connection time and hard drive space" option. This will make our work somehow more difficult, but we are sure that it will be appreciated by all our users. FSE Exchange will be an external program. You move files you want to import/export in predefined folders and launch the program. FSE Exchange will then take care to manage exchange files, compress/decompress data and repare a document with a list of links of all files needed to be uploaded/downloaded (objects, sounds, etc.).
  • Frecce Tricolori, is the add-on representing the Italian aerobatics team which will give all simmers the chance to taste the rush of being an aerobatic pilot. Follow your team and see if you can keep up with the formation. In this package, created in collaboration with the Italian Airforce and the pilots of the Frecce Tricolori, includes a great deal of material, from the display manoeuvres to original footage unseen before. The release date for this innovative software is for the end of March, just in time for the start of the Frecce Tricolori's world tour. On the first of May the Frecce Tricolori team will be flying in Rivolto (their home base) to inaugurate the kick off of their new aerobatic world tour. On this occasion Lago will be participating on the spot to present how closely this sim compares to reality.
  • After a great deal of requests, we can finally confirm that Emma Field's upgrade is in the pipeline. Maurizio Gavioli will be working hard on updating the IntelliScene module, right after the Frecce Tricolori's release. The IntelliScene software must be totally rewritten and will take some time. We expect to make this upgrade available by the end of May, if not earlier.
  • Also coming in the next few weeks is Punta Cana Scenery, part of our Holiday Resorts Scenery collection. Punta Cana is one of the most popular destinations for holiday makers who seek white beaches and an exotic backdrop. This scenery includes features such as custom AI traffic, detailed photoreal airport, seasonal extures, animated tracks and much more.

Lago's two awards, received for best customer support (Simflight and Vflight), proves that we are the publisher that puts customers before anything else. Our main concerns to delay projects is to assure all customers the best in simulation software. The transition period that LAGO is going through has caused some delays, but our main aim is to get back on track in the shortest time possible. We feel confident that all enthusiasts can understand these motives and that you will keep on supporting us with your enthusiasm for this magnificent hobby.

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