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Stories for April 2004

Archived news articles, stories, reviews and editorials for April 2004

RealAir Simulations Announces Spitfire585432004-04-30
AlphaSim Releases Hughes MD500 Helicopter1214302004-04-30
PMDG Releases Boeing 737-8001215452004-04-30
MoTIS Announces Lifting Body Project377252004-04-30
Flight Factory Simulations Hires Full Time Painter418302004-04-30
MGsim Releases Mxp Departures Pack 1379402004-04-30
Tel Aviv Photoreal Scenery Released1140202004-04-30
Update On Weather Maker Professional349202004-04-30
Fly Dubai Released1090332004-04-28
Razor Publications Releases Boeing 737-400 Manual With Cats Exam2037642004-04-28
B767 CPT Project Announced477002004-04-27
Fly Away In-Flight Kneeboard308502004-04-26
TweakFS FS2004 Engine Failure Challenge695002004-04-26
Project Magenta Announces pmSystems Video431802004-04-26
FSGenesis Releases Mideast Terrain335102004-04-26
Tokyo Photorealistic Scenery Released916402004-04-26
Shigeru Tanaka Releases Sky Mini925202004-04-26
Northwest Sceneries Releases PDX2004756032004-04-26
Dauntless Software Offers Special SimPlates Bundle645002004-04-23
Jetstar Virtual Airline Sues Qantas Over Trademark Infringement248124.272004-04-22
Announcing South African Virtual Pilot 11th Edition363102004-04-20
Netherlands 2000 Design Team News527302004-04-20
SCFA Connie Nears Completion761152004-04-18
Airbleed Simulation Software Announces DC-10 Previews504502004-04-18
RealAir Simulations Releases American Champion Scout449502004-04-18
Perfect Flight Releases Fly The MD-11833602004-04-12
ARNZ Releases BAe 146-200 STA1147202004-04-12
MegaScenery Volume 3 Screen Shots And Demo Video Now Available335602004-04-12
Flight Simulator Widows347802004-04-10
Cloud9 Opens New Web Site1026912004-04-10
Abacus Releases EZ-GPS929902004-04-09
Announcing Fly! The London Air Show452302004-04-09
MGsim Announces Free Real ATC1274552004-04-09
IVAO Releases New ATC Client478402004-04-04
RealAir Scout To Include Bush Scenery545042004-04-04
Jet City Aircraft Releases DC-9 Series 50124064.52004-04-04
Doherty's Difficult And Dangerous Approaches Announced916152004-04-04
New From SimSoftWorkshop625702004-04-01
Spain VFR-Ortophotomesh Catalonia Available655252004-04-01
Announcing Horizon Flight Simulation640602004-04-01

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