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PVI Announces National Airshow 2003

Posted on Wed, 17 Sep 2003 22:07:30 GMT

PVI association announces the national Airshow 2003 at Ostia (Rome). It will include virtual flight exhibition, flying and pilotage tests for the public, acrobatic team competition, simulation of missions and more. For complete details, click on Read More.

PVI association, is very glad to announce that in Ostia (Rome) on September 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st 2003, will take place the traditional airshow that this year is going to be really great and full of events.

In advance, we can only announce that this year is expected every kind of air show, parades, exhibitions, airplane's low flighit on Ostia Lido Beach, and - of course - the traditional challenge match, between Italian Acrobatic Team - "Frecce Tricolori" - and the French Acrobatic Team. Actually this year at the Ostia Air Show, that will take place from sept. 18th to 21st, the French Acrobatic Team, composed by "Cartouche Dorè" and "Reva Patrouille", will give battle to the "Frecce Tricolori". Even the pilots of Yak Italia and the Rusty Angels, will be part of the competition. And more, there will be Irene Pasini, italian champion of "manoeuvre" on Sukhoi 26. Among the many exhibition there will be the simulation of a forest fire, to get under control and to put out by AB- 412 planes of Forest Guard. Also Military Air Force will realize its owns show, simulating a sea rescue operation with scuba divers and helycopters. Even Alitalia airline and other's foreign companies airplanes, will perform with low flighs. PVI will strongly attend the meeting, and the following plan, will be, more or less, the program:


The group of the civil pilots, will simulate some of the most important flights distance (e.g. Rome- Turin, Milan - Munchen, Chigago - New York ecc.) with the assistance of ATC air traffic controller. Anyway, during the flights, every phase of the flight will be illustrated to the public, with a projector.


PVI in its stand, will show to people the way of pilotage, on civil airplanes (747/777/737), on touring airplanes (CESSNA/BEECHCRAFT) and on military airplanes (F16, Tornado, ecc.). People will be able to try flying experiment, on every available position, and PVI pilots will stand right by people position, to explain and give information about the most important manouevre, as take off, landing and cruising.


Everyone, beginners and experienced, will be able to take part on virtual flight ability competition organized by PVI "combat" section. For example, one of this competition is called "DECK LANDING COMPETITION" (in ita: "gara di appontaggio"): competitors should take off on a military airplane from an aircraft carrier, then make a closed route, and finally carry out the "deck landing" on the aircraft they had left at the beginning.


PVI acrobatic team is called "P.V.I. Angels" , it will take part of the OSTIA AIR SHOW 2003. Lot of acrobatic manouevre realized by PVI will be projected on a wide screen.


"PVI combat" will organize military missions simulations with fight airplanes, using different flight simulator, taking place in different historic period since II world war to our days. All of this, will be projected on the wide screen with a speaker comment to add spectacularity and comprehensiveness to the mission taking place.

We look forward to seeing many of you.

Luca Giusti
Italian Virtual Pilots
Public Relation and Press Office Coordinator
00193 ROME - ITALY
Via Federico Cesi 44
Tl. +39-06/36.000.597 (pabx)
Fax +39-06/32.16.066 (24h)
msn profile:


This association was founded on february 1995 by some italians keen on simulation. It's particurarly oriented on flight simulation, but it doesn't exclude "combat fight sims" realized with fight airplanes.

It is a "no profit association", and all earnings are totally assigned to improve other activities and initiatives that the members decided to carry on. Passion and interest hold all the members of the association together, and are clear signs that the association wants to be a point of reference for all italian simmers.

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