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eDimensional Releases trackIR Software 2.0

Last updated Mon, 26 Nov 2012 20:30:04 GMT
Originally posted on Thu, 27 Feb 2003 00:00:00 GMT
eDimensional has just released the latest trackIR profiler and driver software for use with their trackIR point of view controller. The new software enhances functionality with auto-panning, motion profiling, precision aiming and other features that users have asked for. For full details, click on Read More.

Improved Support For Ultimate Point Of View Control

eDimensional is proud to announce the latest release of the trackIR Profiler and driver software for Microsoft Windows versions 98 through XP. Our customers have spoken, requesting enhanced functionality to provide ultimate flightsim control and improved first person shooter capability. The latest version, known as trackIR Software 2.0 answers the call and brings a number of new features to the trackIR including auto-panning, motion profiling, precision aiming and an enhanced mode with absolute positioning built into a variety of popular titles.

Imagine taking a seat at the controls of your fighter, checking your gauges with a quick glance down, then looking out at the wide horizon in front of you. As you take to the skies, you intuitively track bogeys by staring right at them until you line up a clear shot and blow them out of the air. The trackIR is a one of a kind gaming controller designed to allow accurate control of characters and environments through natural head movements. The user-friendly interface allows for easy sensitivity scaling and realistic head-movement panning without having to ever take your eyes off the monitor. The trackIR is currently an indispensable tool in flight and driving simulation games. Computer Gaming World Magazine : "If you play a lot of flight sims, the product is definitely worth the price because there's no more cost-effective way to get the situation awareness it delivers. The trackIR gets you closer to the feeling of flying." The trackIR can easily be combined with the E-D 3-D Glasses, providing the highest level of situational awareness and realism possible in a simulation experience.

"The trackIR software 2.0 adds so many new capabilities and enhancements, it brings the trackIR to a whole new level" says Jim Richardson, the President of NaturalPoint. Mouse emulation mode adds an auto-panning feature that allows the user to define variable speed regions for smooth, continuous panning at a speed that you control. Enhanced Mode utilizes absolute positioning of the device. Select from one of the many predefined settings or set your own, but you only need to set it once and walk away. Your preferred configuration will remain precisely as you left it. New motion profiles allow the user to set non-linear scaling based on preferred areas of the screen and demonstrate absolute control of system behavior within the simulator. Additionally, FPS control is dramatically improved with the addition of precision mode. By quickly toggling it on, sensitivity can be increased up to a factor of 10 for ultimate control with scope weapons.

trackIR software 2.0 will be made available free of charge after 1:00 pm on Tuesday, February 18th.

About eDimensional

eDimensional, Inc. is a Virginia based technology company with offices in both the United States and United Kingdom whose mission is to provide the latest in virtual reality technologies to all consumers at a very affordable price. The company has been featured at various trade-shows, on television, in magazines, on Internet web sites and more.

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