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Stories for August 2004

Archived news articles, stories, reviews and editorials for August 2004

FSGlobal 2005 On SimMarket595222004-08-28
Airliners Crash In Russia421802004-08-28
FSCHARTER Announces Turbo Commander 690785252004-08-27
Eastern Virtual Airlines Northeast Convention This Weekend1484152004-08-27
Add-ons For Japan Scenery1017602004-08-25
California Airlines Releases FMS For X-Plane1529152004-08-25
FS Event In Holland In October323502004-08-24
New FS2004 Downloads704952004-08-24
SkyFilm Productions News305402004-08-23
FS2004 Downloads Update692042004-08-23
Stealth B2 Spirit full package839102004-08-23
Free Update For Orcas Island Coming362902004-08-22
FSD International Releases Aerostar Superstar Patch698252004-08-22
Pureflight Simulations Releases Screen Shots Of Pitts S2A822602004-08-22
DSB Design Releases F-20 Tigershark212833.282004-08-22
VA Administrator v4 Now Freeware77714.52004-08-22
FDC Live Cockpit Released1460702004-08-20
FsFrance Releases New Scenery1629202004-08-20
AlphSim Releases De Havilland Sea Vixen1001322004-08-20
FS Global 2005 Has Gone Gold473252004-08-20
Military AI Planes, Vol. 1669102004-08-19
Simkits Releases New Software402002004-08-19
Icarus Releases P-51D Mustang Megapack389152004-08-19
Aerosoft Releases its A-10 Warthog2056152004-08-17
Popular Flight Sim Manual Updated430902004-08-17
Announcing SkyFilm Productions300202004-08-17
Friendly Panels Releases Piper Navajo84632.62004-08-17
ComPilots Photo Contest - Winner Announcement346252004-08-16
AlphaSim Releases Dassault Mirage IV564102004-08-14
Breaking News From FSAddon.com430202004-08-13
Voice Buddy v2.0 Released174823.162004-08-12
Flight One Software Releases FS Water928802004-08-11
Weather Maker Pro Checklist To Release Now Available411402004-08-11
PC Aviator Announces MegaScenery Pacific Northwest436402004-08-11
FlightCraft Simulations Releases Vulcan Tanker1026312004-08-11
MelJet Opens New Web Site749252004-08-11 updated536902004-08-09
FlightGear 0.9.5 Now Available354442004-08-09
Lago Releases MiG 21-bis1462532004-08-09
Jodel D9 Released589202004-08-09
X-Plane Photographic Scenery Volume 1 Update Released507552004-08-09
HRW Adventure One Year Anniversary552602004-08-09
Announcing FSCOM 2004686852004-08-04
Bremerton 2004 Released331102004-08-04

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