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Stories for October 2004

Archived news articles, stories, reviews and editorials for October 2004

Piper Cherokee 180F By Carenado - Soon!918952004-10-31
LTU Screenshots276602004-10-01
FSHeli Releases Aerospatiale SA315B Lama847052004-10-31
Captain Sim Releases 707 Service Pack829302004-10-31 New Releases410802004-10-31
Munch Brothers Releases Alaska Oil Rigs Pack508602004-10-29
Australian World Flight 2004 Prepares For Departure340802004-10-28
MSFS Back Stage Tour315102004-10-27
Virtual Aerobatic World Championships 2004415202004-10-27
Fly To Hawaii 2004 Goes Gold413102004-10-27
Announcing The Tomaflex Calculator935402004-10-25
UK2000 - North 1 From Garry Summons626302004-10-24
Pureflight Simulations Announces Pitts S2A815102004-10-24
Korean Air Virtual Opens960902004-10-24
Skyhawks Volume 2 Released550602004-10-23
NASA Offers Engine Sim656452004-10-23
Aerosoft Online goes back to Germany324702004-10-23
eDimensional Announces LCD Support For 3D Glasses1369642004-10-23
FS Quality Announces Streets Of Europe650552004-10-22
Lago Announces New Partner754502004-10-22
SimFlyer Now Using Flight1 Wrapper System559002004-10-22
Flight Sim Bursaries in the UK338502004-10-21
Puerto Plata Scenery Released627202004-10-21
Pacific Fighters Begins Hitting Retail Shelves387802004-10-21
Announcing South African Virtual Pilot 23rd Edition321202004-10-21
ActiveSky2004.5 Released351702004-10-21
Announcing Fly To Caribe #7325302004-10-20
FSGlobal 2005 Scenic Flights Available360002004-10-20
Falcon Voodoo100414.52004-10-18
ADS Releases Boeing 7E7 Dreamliner424652004-10-18
AlphaSim Releases Lockheed U-2S2326152004-10-17
FlightDeck Solutions Update584802004-10-17
DSB Design Announces CD Releases714442004-10-17
Icarus Releases Brewster 239/439 Megapack333902004-10-17
Lago Releases FSE Patch845702004-10-17
Simflight experience site glitch291302004-10-17
Scotflight Announces Version 2 Preview322002004-10-13
Short Notice Flightsim weekend 16 & 17 October in the Netherlands322012004-10-11
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 Update1369342004-10-09
SGA Releases New Douglas DC-10-40898802004-10-08
Overland Releases Freeware MD-112107502004-10-08
FSRoads Denmark Released343702004-10-08
New Eindhoven Scenery Web Site723302004-10-08
Abacus Releases FS Flight Ventures458702004-10-08
AlphaSim Releases EE Lightning1073632004-10-06
Announcing South African Virtual Pilot 22nd Edition306752004-10-06
Navigraph Releases nDAC Base Pro423702004-10-06
DSB Design Releases F-5E Tiger II Expansion Pack1082002004-10-03
Bear Studios Releases Advanced F-7 Skybolt910502004-10-03
Weather Maker Professional Update313302004-10-03
Aeroworx Releases Super King Air B200 Tutorial Flight1023052004-10-03

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