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This was initially conceived as a genuine 'test-plane' for the mighty R&D department at Laminar (Ben Supnik) but as the days passed it grew steadily more elaborate and twisted until finally assuming it's present form. It's seemed too much fun to not publish it, so I've smartened it up a bit and - here it is!

It's a - thing to noodle around with for a bit. And it may be helpful if you're interested in finding out a bit more about manipulators and other new version 920 cockpit features.

Note: Do not attempt to make the test bench fly - it would be a futile endeavour. Although to the keen observer it may appear beneath the surface to possess certain aircraft-like qualities, this impression is misleading. It is not a form of transport : it is a large piece of laboratory furniture and as such performs with optimum efficiency while at rest.

Many thanks to the Swiss coiler Kurt Schraner for kindly allowing me to use his amazing Tesla spark images as part of this project.

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The archive Test_Bench_920.zip has 174 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Test Bench 92007.09.080 B
__MACOSX07.09.080 B
Test Bench 92007.09.080 B
cockpit06.23.080 B
-PANELS-07.09.080 B
cockpit07.09.080 B
-PANELS-07.09.080 B
panel-1.png07.09.0811.08 kB
panel-2.png07.04.082.06 kB
panel-3.png07.03.083.38 kB
panel-4.png07.03.083.38 kB
panel.png07.09.081006.08 kB
generic07.09.080 B
generic07.09.080 B
BBC_clock_background-1.png07.09.0834.33 kB
BBC_clock_background.png07.06.082.78 kB
BBC_globe_background-1.png07.09.0844.07 kB
BBC_globe_background.png07.05.08377 B
BBC_globe_center-1.png07.09.0824.49 kB
BBC_globe_center.png07.05.084.43 kB
BBC_globe_logo-1.png07.09.0861.98 kB
BBC_globe_logo.png06.26.082.76 kB
BBC_globe_mask-1.png07.05.089.03 kB
BBC_globe_mask.png07.05.081.60 kB
BBC_screen_glow-1.png07.09.08154.57 kB
BBC_screen_glow.png07.05.082.76 kB
bellpush-1.png06.29.0814.38 kB
bellpush.png06.29.0811.75 kB
black_knob-1.png07.07.082.93 kB
black_knob.png07.07.085.72 kB
blank-1.png01.11.082.75 kB
blank.png06.26.082.76 kB
bronze_one-1.png06.29.0817.19 kB
bronze_one.png06.29.0811.42 kB
bronze_zero-1.png06.29.0816.59 kB
bronze_zero.png06.29.0811.65 kB
eyelid_straight-1.png07.06.08604 B
eyelid_straight.png06.26.082.87 kB
flip_display-1.png07.07.088.25 kB
flip_display-2.png07.07.084.10 kB
flip_display-3.png07.07.084.10 kB
flip_display.png07.07.084.22 kB
gold_rotary-1.png07.07.086.00 kB
gold_rotary.png07.07.088.67 kB
gold_rotary_mask-1.png07.07.082.75 kB
gold_rotary_mask.png07.07.086.05 kB
hour_hand-1.png07.09.082.96 kB
hour_hand.png07.06.082.76 kB
left_panel.png06.29.08942 B
minute_hand-1.png07.09.082.81 kB
minute_hand.png07.06.082.75 kB
nixie_50.png06.29.089.09 kB
nixie_rolling-4.png07.09.0864.35 kB
nixie_rolling.png07.08.082.77 kB
no_1-1.png07.03.0810.51 kB
no_1.png07.03.089.81 kB
pupil-1.png07.09.083.50 kB
pupil.png07.06.08662 B
second_hand-1.png07.09.083.73 kB
second_hand.png07.06.082.75 kB
smiley-1.png07.09.0813.12 kB
smiley.png07.06.089.78 kB
text_four-1.png07.09.08102.45 kB
text_four.png07.06.083.20 kB
text_one-1.png07.06.0895.35 kB
text_one.png07.06.083.20 kB
text_three-1.png07.09.0864.22 kB
text_three.png07.06.083.21 kB
text_title-1.png07.06.083.82 kB
text_title.png07.06.082.79 kB
text_two-1.png07.06.0871.49 kB
text_two.png07.06.083.20 kB
VDU.png06.29.083.52 kB
VDU_mask-1.png07.03.08332.00 kB
VDU_mask.png07.03.08337.85 kB
VDU_raster-1.png07.06.0813.04 kB
VDU_raster.png07.02.083.58 kB
VDU_screen_black.png07.05.088.45 kB
VDU_screen_OFF-1.png07.05.08176.78 kB
VDU_screen_OFF.png07.05.083.52 kB
white_dot_pointer-1.png07.09.08504 B
white_dot_pointer.png07.07.082.75 kB
cockpit.png07.09.082.05 MB
cockpit_LIT.png07.09.08922.40 kB
Read ME, read ME!.rtf07.09.082.16 kB
testbench.acf07.09.082.46 MB
testbench_cockpit.obj07.09.081.03 MB
testbench_icon.png07.09.0873.99 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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